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  1. Its working, if somebody apply the changes and doesn't work it's because the unzipped folder create a nested folder so when you past the paths are not the same as needed, so after unzip it go to the nested folder and copy it not the external one.
  2. i recompiled and it does the zoom, but after it the bot try again to do zoom and then goes stuck at. that's why im asking for a whole recompiled bot if i missed something. i replaced bot folders provided here and recompiled, but not working for me.
  3. AT TH10 isn't working with me, nobody has the whole bot recompiled to try?
  4. maybe because the waterfall plus the barrel
  5. Idk if its a new way to ban, but yes happened to my friend, maybe this will be happening onwards.
  6. Nope, he left the clan and left my friend list and has no more profile so he was banned.
  7. one friend of mine got ban, but i think was by request, was banned 3 days ago and it was a weird ban as he dissapear from my friend list, not as usual when the banned friends remain. but he is banned his profile no longer exists.
  8. Darian said in the last interview whatever the cause the ban its, they don't wipe all the cheaters once, they wants make confuse and give not any clue about how they are detecting this. I hope you still be safe next ban waves but don't get surprised if you don't.
  9. if they tagged you as a botter you will be banned in the next ban wave even if you stop to bot they flag the accounts once the accounts are flagged they ban you in one or another ban wave but if you are flagged the ban will come sooner or later even if you stop to bot.
  10. its ban wave my friends got hit also there is a way to bot without getting ban, figure it out, of course we can't leak here neither in private darian said they are here and there, but as far as i test, it works.
  11. You no need to save that whole file, which is like 1gb, you just need to save shared prefs folder
  12. Of course sc can know pixels, deploy speed and so on, indeed is the way they save the replays, using this data.
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