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  1. it works, you just need to pull the new shared prefs, i mean after sc id v2.0 is loaded, you need to pull again your shared prefs, because i think some files are differents, than before and if you don't do that sometimes coc doesn't start and the bot is stopped.
  2. i think they just ban hard in the 6-8 months after the update came, then they didn't again, maybe they will do again after a big update in the future.
  3. in attack tab, there is a schedule section, set to 10-15 a day it may be, enough, times doing 40 attacks per day has gone, don't compromise your account.
  4. boldina post a fix i think but you need to recompile it i think. ty buddy
  5. 1: just coc account will be banned. 2: don't abuse of bot, try to do just human attacks in the month, don't do 700 victories per month lol. using vps for me is a risk, as they punish account sharing, and if its not your regular ip, they may think you are sharing your account.
  6. will not work, or no have limitation? ty
  7. just wonder if i update my camps will work fine? as we can set the number of troops on our camps, but i don't know if it has any limitation?
  8. i got this error, i moved to shared prefs switch but i don't like because it gets me a lot of corrupted screen. im using 7.8.5
  9. There is a file called MyBot.run.MiniGui into the folder, it's the very light version of the bot. good luck
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