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      MyBot.run continues the legacy again with release of V7.6.1!!   This release supports the June 2018 game update and has some new features hidden inside as well   Get your copy in thread below!!   Click here to get to the release thread MyBot.run v7.6.1 Release


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  1. ZAP is working in 7.6?

    ZAP is working in 7.6? Jusk wondering if for you guys zap is working fine or not, because, in past version for me it does but now seems broken, none of my 6 accounts is deploying zap i used to activate and it works i didn't need to change or modify any value but since yesterday it never deploy zaps.
  2. If im working with multi account i need to create 1 token per profile or can i do with the same token and how? someby can help
  3. Hi, somebody know how can i set different groups of MySwitch? when i open a new profile it loads MySwitch in past versions just load accounts from a group linked to a main profile, if the profile was new i mean unlinked it let create a new one group and create a new file called MySwitch1 or MySwitch2 and so on now this is not working, all are linked to the same group im talking about mod switch i preffer this switch because SC switch always give me problems with graphics it corrupt my screen and Mod switch doesn't
  4. Black Corrupted Screen with new update (idk if its coc or mybot issue) Im using Memu 3.6.9 Becuse this version allow to set directx or opengl and if i wanna read requests on chat the bot just read it with directx mode, in open gl just read partial words. Well, the thing is, before this update almost never the screen goes black/corrupted since june update it happens i just want to know if somebody else is having this kind of issues or if somebody knows wich version of memu works reading requests without goes to black screen. thank you
  5. Double train Army

    is not implemented, i loved this option for donation purposes but isn't and if you wanna suggest can make a post in sugesstion forum, regards.
  6. Troop train end time is incorrect?

    me too im using switch account and some accounts never get into the loop because their time is -1hr or so
  7. Bot always ask me to locate laboratory, th and cc castle im running th12 in one instance of memu, and th11 in another and always when gets into the account ask me to locate cc, laboratory and townhall in GUI it says has been located correctly but idk why ask for it again and again there is some way to disable it?
  8. sombody else get ocr error reading builders? for me works fine with 1 memu instance but in the second it gets broken
  9. almost all fixes just work with archers or barbarian because they aren't able to delete excess troops and so on. i can farm with giwiarch for example? because mostly times in other versions get stuck on train queue when there is a giant stucked in 257 queue for example, thank you.
  10. somebody told me this was the best version working currently, but at least for me im using giarch sometimes the queue is 257 places and a giant stuck on queue and bots dont delete excess troops, is it normal? or how can i prevent it, ty guys.
  11. Bot needs to be updated

    for me it says army is ready even if it isnt
  12. Thanks Mybot.run team

    :v i love this posts when the people wants updates but in regular season not much love for them
  13. Bro if you have the skills to code it i think you can do your own mod until that guys implemente to official it would be great!