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  1. You no need to save that whole file, which is like 1gb, you just need to save shared prefs folder
  2. Of course sc can know pixels, deploy speed and so on, indeed is the way they save the replays, using this data.
  3. Apply to yourself, don't write an entire discurse or excuses if you don't drop anything because it sounds like my opinion hurts you more than you said
  4. I think its a dead project, every time you post something is saying will be available in some time but never happens, as a free development i think its ok, but nothing happen if you just accept you abandoned this project, that's all.
  5. somebody should close this thread looks like a dead project
  6. Many people here is not being honest, now all the people use the bot just 2 hours a day, just to find base, and so on, its obvious you are doing raids like a beast or using the same pixel in every attack easy to ban.
  7. some people talk about before, is not the OS is the resolution, there is no IOS working with mybot resolution, indeed neither android devices run with that resolution just emulator and mybot to be more clear hehe.
  8. i can't understand im a little lost, what is the proof, is just a ban screenshot? what is the point or the proof
  9. i get 8 bans last wave, but today i didn't get any ban, but i don't know what it depends, i think is based on the resolution plus number of raids, i've seen accounts with more than 800´victories in a month which means more than 1000 raids easily and even if you are using script mostly of them start from the same side if you don't focus on some building so always use to start from the same side. i don't know if i will be this lucky next ban wave...
  10. Many options dependen on your skills and your lazyness. You can start your pc remote sending packets if have wake on lan option. If it restart random and you haven't remote control, set your bot to autostart 10 seconds later is executed. If you did the thing i said above, still won't work after restart, create a shortcut (with your emu, and profile) and place it into your "start" folder so when your pc restat the bot will start also.
  11. Just create a new profile and set it up again. If is not strictled needed for you get reinforcement, dont tick nothing beside ask reinforcement and your request text.
  12. Hey, im using the bot even without monitor, Set your bot to autostart like 10 or 20 seconds and set it autodock then just create this .bat file @echo off TIMEOUT 30 start C:\Users\BT\Downloads\MyBot.run\MyBot.run.exe YourProfile Leapdroid Vm1 <- replace this with your path and your profile and emulator TIMEOUT 30 echo Bot activado y trabajando. TIMEOUT 2 exit if you put a shortcut of this into your 'start' folder you can restart your pc and turn off your screen and the bot will start automatically then will start to work after 20 seconds and no need to have your screen on. For me works with or without screen on, but sometimes it doesn't work if i have the screen on but i have a isolated cpu just with bot and internet, no keyboard, no mouse, no monitor and works, i just do a few checks with anydesk from my main pc. You also can try if this work just programming the autostart from the bot on 20 seconds then open the bot and turn off your monitor so the bot will start to work when your monitor is off.
  13. How to send a proper log for a problem. Im facing a trouble in BH in any base i tried to place new buildings it select the new building but after it goes and cancel it. with this message: 2: L [2020-01-08 17:21:01.706] Slot without enough resources![3] i have enoug gold more than 110k and it should place a mine which costs 30k but it say the above message ^ and then switch to main base and continue... i tried to use this guide: but i never get any debug folder into lib folder, so i don't know what im doing wrong.
  14. Hi bro ty for the response, yes is how i supposed the bot should work, but it just is evaluating the first criteria and never evaluate the second, it just go to donate, untill i waste the gold. never switch to active because DE. i don't know if its a bug or something. Im setting <190000 of DE im my image im 66000 it means the statement is true right? 66k is less than 190k please help me to understand this
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