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  1. V7.7 Clanhop This is based on this thread by MantasM. I edited his code in 2017 and made it fit my own needs and now decided to revive it. Disclaimer: I have no clue what I'm doing. I am pretty decent at java and I've fixed this code based on what I know about that - I might have messed up some other MBR-related stuff (dont blame me for that) Ok so basically, this is what this mod can do: - Hops clans and donates giants/spells - Keep track of when to train new giants (good enough at least) - Be quick and decently effecient What it can't do/Problems: - Losing the connection isnt handled very well - Boosting barracks might/might not work (I'm sure the bot would be able to keep up but I might need to change delays - in order to do this, i'd have to find out how I know when the boost is active and I cant be bothered to figure that out right now. If you wanna try whether it makes sense to boost, let me know how it turned out) - Switching profile when elex is empty (right now, it will will draw your elex down to zero if you let it) - It wont empty connectors (ill fix that some time soon, i promise) - Also skips open donations sometimes but thats not related to the clanhop-mod and its not like it matters idk if this absolute mess of a mod manages to help you, drop a like Download
  2. Hey, I'm in the process of updating the old clanhop from Mantasm which I edited back then to make it fit my needs. I need to update the position and the colors of some buttons and add a few buttons aswell and therefore need their position and color. Back then I just enabled the Android Overlay and used a windows colorpicker for that matter, but the android overlay does not seem to work on the Memu Version I am using right now. I'd like to ask if theres a proper way to get these informations of whether Id just have to get the overlay working again by using a different emulator or version.
  3. I downloaded the latest one. Edit: It seems to work with the 7.66 version (I used this) vv
  4. I tried the recommended v2.5 bluestacks and the bot won't start it saying only 0.8.x - 1.x is supported.
  5. How to start the bot everytime you boot your PC! [Advanced guide] In this guide, I´ll show you how to let the bot start everytime you boot your computer. This is an advanced tutorial, but it may look way more difficult than it actually is. 1) First of all you need to create a folder somewhere where it doesnt disturb you. !! You cannot change the directory of the folder later !! Now create a .txt file. I suggest using the same filenames as I do, because it can get quite confusing with the filenames later on. 2) In this .txt file you are going to start the bots. There are commands for this, it works like this: (without all ")> start "PATH OF MBR EXE" "BOT PROFILE NAME" "EMULATOR NAME" "A RANDOM NAME" exit0 It should look like this at the end: start C:\Users\mariu\Desktop\mbr\MyBot.run.exe GiwibarbRh9 BlueStacks Bot1 exit0 For further informations and in case you want to start multiple bots visit this thread from @Fliegerfaust: 3) Now save the finished MBR.txt as MBR.bat and execute it to see if you made any mistakes. If the bot starts and everything works, you're good. 4) Create a shortcut of the MBR.bat file and change the visibility of the shortcut to minimized in properties>Shortcut. You could now just put the shortcut into the startup folder but then you would be prompted with this: Thats not what we want, but don't worry, there is an easy workaround! Open Task Scheduler and click on Action>Create Task. Choose a name, !! Tick "run with highest privileges" and choose your OS !! In the "Actions"-Tab click on "New", select "Start a program" and choose the SHORTCUT of the MBR.bat! Click "Ok" and leave everthing else blank. !!! If you are a Laptop user, untick "Start the task only if the computer is on AC power... in the Conditions Tab" Now go into your folder and create yet another shortcut. (I know it's alot of shortcuts) In here you need to paste this: schtasks /run /tn "NAME OF THE SHORTCUT OF YOUR BAT" If you used the same names as I did: schtasks /run /tn "runMBR" (with the quotation marks) Click "Next" and give it a random name. (doesn't matter) Now we're pretty much done. Press [Windows] + [R] and type in "shell:startup". A new folder will open, just drag the newly created shortcut in there. (It's the one without an icon!) Double click on the Shortcut, your bot should now load up. If not its either because you did something wrong or because of your OS (Only tested on Win10) If it works on other OS please tell me! That's it! If you start your computer the bot should now load without asking for admin-rights. This can take up to 10 secs after you login depending on how fast your computer is. When you update the bot, rename the old bot folder and give the new folder the same name as the old one had. Make sure its in the same direcory and the MBR.exe has the same name as the old one! I hope this helped, feel free to point out any grammar-mistakes I made. (Bc I propaply made alot.)