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  1. almdudler

    V7.7.2 Clanhop (fixed)

    I really don't have any time at the moment, I will be working on making it better in the next few months. If it stops working because it gets outdated, please pm me and I'll update it.
  2. almdudler

    V7.7.2 Clanhop (fixed)

    Why would an update break the older version? There's nothing wrong with it for the purpose Im using it for and I would hate to update this for every small update, even though it doesnt change anything for my version. tested the old version and it worked for over half an hour, so no idea what the problem was, but updated anyways
  3. almdudler

    V7.7.2 Clanhop (fixed)

    Send me your clanhop file and Ill have a look at your changes. Not sure whether you just dont understand what I said or you dont understand english very well, therefore: Or alternatively, right click on MyBot.run.au3 and click "compile", then run the exe.
  4. almdudler

    V7.7.2 Clanhop (fixed)

    run the .au3 or delete and recompile the Mybot.run.au3 ___________________________________________________ I probably forgot to recompile the au3 before uploading this, Ill fix the exe with a few other bugs when I get some time. ___________________________________________________ Donating normal barb takes longer to level up, if you want to level up quick dont use barbs. Trust me, lv150-200 is really hard that way. Right now, the mod doesnt allow you to use barbs. I modified it to be as efficient as possible with giants and it therefore only works with giants. I might add more functionality when I get the really annoying bugs fixed. At least it was like this in 2017, I havent really tried much yet. Ill make some tests and maybe implement barbs soon. About the donation: I also wanted to make it faster at first but even with the slow donation its alot faster than the barracks can train them, so I dont see any need to change something about it. This would probably only be neccessary if you would want to boost your barracks but Im not even sure the donation is fast enough already. Feel free to suggest, change and implement anything you want.
  5. almdudler

    V7.7.2 Clanhop (fixed)

    Well it is working at the moment for me. You need to give me more information, this isnt useful at all
  6. V7.7.2 Clanhop This is based on this thread by MantasM. I edited his code in 2017 and made it fit my own needs and now decided to revive it. Disclaimer: I have no clue what I'm doing. I am pretty decent at java and I've fixed this code based on what I know about that - I might have messed up some other MBR-related stuff (dont blame me for that) Ok so basically, this is what this mod can do: - Hops clans and donates giants/spells -> GIANTS ONLY - Keep track of when to train new giants (good enough at least) - Be quick and decently effecient What it can't do/Problems: - Losing the connection isnt handled very well - Boosting barracks might/might not work (I'm sure the bot would be able to keep up but I might need to change delays - in order to do this, i'd have to find out how I know when the boost is active and I cant be bothered to figure that out right now. If you wanna try whether it makes sense to boost, let me know how it turned out) - Switching profile when elex is empty (right now, it will will draw your elex down to zero if you let it) - It wont empty connectors (ill fix that some time soon, i promise) - Also skips open donations sometimes but thats not related to the clanhop-mod and its not like it matters Download How to get it working: The profile is preconfigured. You just need to change your army capacity and remove all troops that arent giants from your camps.
  7. Hey, I'm in the process of updating the old clanhop from Mantasm which I edited back then to make it fit my needs. I need to update the position and the colors of some buttons and add a few buttons aswell and therefore need their position and color. Back then I just enabled the Android Overlay and used a windows colorpicker for that matter, but the android overlay does not seem to work on the Memu Version I am using right now. I'd like to ask if theres a proper way to get these informations of whether Id just have to get the overlay working again by using a different emulator or version.
  8. I downloaded the latest one. Edit: It seems to work with the 7.66 version (I used this) vv
  9. I tried the recommended v2.5 bluestacks and the bot won't start it saying only 0.8.x - 1.x is supported.