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  1. Altough I can explain the difference in the virustotal, I will not. Simply because I do not have to prove anything to you. The code is literally open-source. Download sourcetree, drag the original 7.7 in there, drag mine in there, compare the changes, recompile the exe. For the vt-test, I'd recommend you try compiling it with different autoit-versions and see what it does to the test. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/d27ba07607c91a5e706c3c323745adc854dc1f300b070603fa4d49b98aa08bc5/detection
  2. You sound like a supercell spy, except you're 12
  3. Try scanning the normal mbr, it'll give you the same output. https://www.autoitscript.com/wiki/AutoIt_and_Malware
  4. no, there is a setting for donating barbs, you just didnt read the thread.
  5. Does it click on "donate" and then click the window away again? Or does it not click the donate button at all?
  6. I hope no one ever creates a mod for that, global is already annoying enough.
  7. req is inefficient. use clanhop instead edit: why tf does the foum use a month old error as thumbnail and not the pic i provided in the main thread? xd
  8. Either your pc or your connection is slow. Set additional delay to 500. That part of the code is a bit weird, still from the people before me, ill try to improve it soon. I also need to know why the button wasnt visible... 1) Was the chat closed and thats why it wasnt visible? 2) Was the bot still in a clan and thats why it wasnt visible? 3) Did you lose your connection and thats why it wasnt visible? 4) ...? updated mod
  9. continually restarting should be fixed in 2.1, dont know about the other error. What is it saying in log before deleting queue? Well, good that you know some things but those errors don't have anything to do with clanhopping or donating after all...
  10. for what reason? bump, update to new version please
  11. depends on your cpu? I also play cs with memu in background, but my pc seems to be alot more powerful than yours. You just gotta try I guess.
  12. You can replace \COCBot\MBR Global Variables.au3 with my file and see if it fixes it for you. Credits to NguyenAnhHD This should fix smartzap for the lv5 eq account, no idea why its crashing on the other one too. If you have autoit installed, run the bot by right-clicking the mybot.run.au3 and selecting run script. This will show exactly what went wrong when the bot crashes. You ran the exe, hence your error does not help identifying the problem. I can just guess its because of smartzap. MBR Global Variables.au3
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