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  1. Someone could share me his clan games settings, mine isn't doing any challenge. Im check, loot challenges and ground challenges, and no 60 min events but seems is not working fine as the boot doesn't took any challenge in any of my 8 accounts... never has been a problem till today but idk if im doing something wrong.
  2. How exactly clan games purge work? i active that feature because i want to purge some bh events but if the event is for example valid 24 hours or 48 the bot doesn't cancel it it took the challenge as if he will do and of course this means 24 hours without doing real challenges i thought the purge works as bot took 1 challenge and cancel but seems to be im wrong, somebody can confirm it?
  3. dudufcb

    How exactly clan games purge work?

    Of course but i mean i thought bot took and then cancel it to wait 10-20-30min but the bot doesn't cancel itso if he took 1 challenge to purge with a timeframe of 24 hrs dont cancel it so it means bot wait 24 hours without doing challenges as is busy with purge without doing nothing.