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  1. Someone can help me to know how to test CSV in friendly challenge I tried and i receive help from a member in this forum but i can't find the attack now button in Friendly Challenge, im trying to modify few scripts to use them in th9 someone involves clone spell and freeze which are not needed in my opinion in th9 thats why i wanted to modify and test if it will works. i did that thing creating: EnableMBRdebug,txt in root folder of bot but still can't use attack now option, thank you.
  2. Solved, the file seems is not working at least just placing it doesn't work, but if you start the bot with /debug it works. very thanks to @DUC4TI helped me a lot to solve my issue.
  3. Auto upgrade walls is working? for me isn't at th10 Mine is not working fine i get no errors but never do it. if i do the test seems to work, it locate wall but in real bot work never upgrade it.
  4. Yes 7.7.3 was fine, now it gives me that error and im not running vps but im in windows 7
  5. Someone could share me his clan games settings, mine isn't doing any challenge. Im check, loot challenges and ground challenges, and no 60 min events but seems is not working fine as the boot doesn't took any challenge in any of my 8 accounts... never has been a problem till today but idk if im doing something wrong.