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  1. Just wondering, as i created a CSV just with superbarbarians, but i also added into the bot options (NOT CSV) smartzaps, but when my army is deployed, not the zaps. so i just wanted to know, if its normal when im using CSV smartzap don't work (or being ignored) or could be some kind of bug.
  2. There is an option there to auto boost super troops, which is not working, idk if it been added in 7.9 or later but is not working.
  3. wideness works in any version of mybot, or just in modded mybot?
  4. Sure, you just need to create in multi-drive then put in the bot command as nox_1 nox_2 and so on
  5. Is it the traditional issue after a new townhall, i think you are th14 now, no? just go to your bot folder into profiles/yourprofile/building.ini and modify LevelTownHall=13 and after that, run the bot, and cancel the th, lab, and stuff localization, and should be good.
  6. for me is working good, u should try nox Nox - last version is very stable the default android version is 4.4.2 , maybe why is so stable with Clash of Clans I tried yesterday, and it worked, first it brings me corrupted black screen, but i assigned, few aditional memory to emulator and i put fps to 30 and it worked fine.
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