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  1. it doesn't mean you won't be banned, i tracked a random chinese using bot he was safe like 4 months, i search his tag yesterday, he is banned now.
  2. glad to know last 4-5 ban waves im still safe, but sorry for you guys. it means our theory is true. Be wise using bot, don't abuse it.
  3. ban wave? im still safe ban wave? im still safe
  4. Its working, if somebody apply the changes and doesn't work it's because the unzipped folder create a nested folder so when you past the paths are not the same as needed, so after unzip it go to the nested folder and copy it not the external one.
  5. can you zip your bot and share with me please?
  6. i recompiled and it does the zoom, but after it the bot try again to do zoom and then goes stuck at. that's why im asking for a whole recompiled bot if i missed something. i replaced bot folders provided here and recompiled, but not working for me.
  7. AT TH10 isn't working with me, nobody has the whole bot recompiled to try?
  8. maybe because the waterfall plus the barrel
  9. Idk if its a new way to ban, but yes happened to my friend, maybe this will be happening onwards.
  10. Nope, he left the clan and left my friend list and has no more profile so he was banned.
  11. one friend of mine got ban, but i think was by request, was banned 3 days ago and it was a weird ban as he dissapear from my friend list, not as usual when the banned friends remain. but he is banned his profile no longer exists.
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