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  1. look like cannot detect lightning spell check COCBot\SamM0d\Images\Spells\ rename Lightning_94.png to Lightning_93.png or Lightning_92.png https://github.com/Samkie/MyBot7.3.1
  2. maybe emulator has some problem after running few hours, the google switch page may had some problem to open, you need to capture the emulator screen too. you can try restart emulator after botting 3-4 hours, can be select at android option there, default is 24 hours. or is that nox can support root mode? if can, try using shared_pref switch method for switch account. it would be more stable. what emulator are you using? maybe increase some RAM resource or more core for it.
  3. strange problem, i didn't face this problem before... nope, before donate will check training troops once , after donate and if donate some units, then will check training for remake the donated troops. set your MEmu resolution manually. this is official issues regarding z-order. there are some report on bug report section too.
  4. [下午 06:21:41] ===================== Start ====================== [下午 06:21:44] Zooming Out [下午 06:21:46] Removing previous village_92.png [下午 06:21:46] Previous village_92.png removed. [下午 06:21:46] Removing previous shared_prefs [下午 06:21:46] Previous shared_prefs removed. [下午 06:21:47] village_92.png captured. [下午 06:21:48] Disconnected to google. [下午 06:21:50] shared_prefs captured. [下午 06:21:50] 成功:以截獲村莊訊息 shared_prefs 和 village_92.png [下午 06:21:50] Launch Clash of Clans now... [下午 06:21:57] ====================== End ======================= should be no problems, what emulator are you using?
  5. check COCBot\SamM0d\Images\Spells\Queue rename Earth_94.png to Earth_93.png or Earth_92.png check COCBot\SamM0d\Images\Troops\Train rename Ball_90.png to Ball_89.png
  6. try rename imgxml\AttackBar "HaSpell_100_90" to "HaSpell_100_92" if like some test on MyBot7.3.1 - SamM0d v1.2.5 can download here https://github.com/Samkie/MyBot7.3.1/archive/master.zip
  7. more log, what reason cause skip? can show some log? maybe is cannot detect eq spells on bot? this is official issues....maybe report to official section. opps, v1.2.5 should be okay include profile slot number in front of each atk log https://github.com/Samkie/MyBot7.3/archive/master.zip
  8. okay guys, if got donate crash and attack now issues, can test v1.2.4 download here https://github.com/Samkie/MyBot7.3/archive/master.zip
  9. got bot log? cause i never end battle will bluestacks2 tick this option Force Pre-Brew Spell at My Spells there, not working?
  10. maybe change like above will better, avoid close when at attack page. Ok, finally updated to MyBot7.3