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  1. 정지 먹으면 그만둘 각오하고 합니다. 4계정 중 반 살아있고, 여전히 24시간 사용 중입니다.
  2. Dose partial training means "Using Quick Train"?
  3. Hi, I want to use super archers on MyBot. Training can be done by quick training, but deploying super archers cannot be done. Anybody can tell me how to make the bot deploy super archers, please?
  4. 점점 클오클 하시는 분들이 줄어드는거 같습니다..... 접기는 뭐하고,,,,편하게 즐기실 분들 많은 관심 부탁드립니다....
  5. Is it normal that Mybot 7.8.4 does not recognizes Level 8 Dark Elixir Drill & Level 14 Elixir Collector ? Level 8 Dark Elixir Drill recognition is needed for SmartZap and Level 14 Elixir Collector for Dead Halls...
  6. Still Erasing Queued Lightning Spells on, MBR MyBot v7.8.3.hotfix++ / AIO Mod+++ v4.0.5 / 25 June, 2020 What Can I do?
  7. It works......but unefficiently....because not training spells double
  8. The bot trains lightning spells well, but erases lightning spells witch are double trained. [오후 10:37:12] Open Brew Spells Tab (Called from DoubleTrain()) [오후 10:37:13] Checking Spell tab: 22/22 [오후 10:37:13] Checking spell queue: 22/22 [오후 10:37:13] Checking Spells Queue... [오후 10:37:14] No Spells detected! --------------------------->>>>>>>22 lightning Spells were trained !!! [오후 10:37:16] 1. RemoveExtraTroopsQueue() [오후 10:37:16] Checking Spell tab: 11/22 [오후 10:37:16] Brewing 2nd Army... [오후 10:37:17] $g_iTotalSpellValue: 11 [오후 10:37:18] CheckValuesCost|ColorToCheck: E018C8 [오후 10:37:18] - Current resources: [오후 10:37:18] - Elixir: 8 706 145 / Dark Elixir: 168 093 [오후 10:37:18] GetTrainPos($iIndex=27) [오후 10:37:18] $asImageToUse Spell: C:\Users\OS05\Downloads\MyBot_v7.8.3hotfix-master\MyBot_v7.8.3hotfix-master\imgxml\Train\Spell_Train\LSpell_100_91.png [오후 10:37:18] String: 1|50,56 [오후 10:37:19] Found: [75,431] [오후 10:37:19] $sColorToCheck: 0x1BEEFF [오후 10:37:19] $iTolerance: 40 [오후 10:37:19] Individual Cost LSpell= 7 [오후 10:37:19] Total Cost LSpell= 77 [오후 10:37:19] Spell LSpell Is Elixir Spell [오후 10:37:19] Brewing 11x Lightning Spells [오후 10:37:19] Func TrainIt $iIndex=27 $howMuch=11 $iSleep=100 [오후 10:37:19] GetTrainPos($iIndex=27) [오후 10:37:19] $asImageToUse Spell: C:\Users\OS05\Downloads\MyBot_v7.8.3hotfix-master\MyBot_v7.8.3hotfix-master\imgxml\Train\Spell_Train\LSpell_100_91.png [오후 10:37:19] String: 1|50,56 [오후 10:37:19] Found: [75,431] [오후 10:37:19] $sColorToCheck: 0x1BEEFF [오후 10:37:19] $iTolerance: 40 [오후 10:37:19] GetFullName($iIndex=27) [오후 10:37:19] GetFullNameSlot(): Spell Icon found on: 101,387 [오후 10:37:19] GetRNDName($iIndex=27) [오후 10:37:19] KeepClicks: False [오후 10:37:20] Bot was Paused! [오후 10:38:27] 2. BrewFullSpell(True) done!
  9. At Introducing page of Mybot 7.8.3 * Add Super Troops Training and Attacking (Spring 2020 Update) - Not Complete , but I cannot find how to use? The bot does not recognize SupertTroops, even after trained manually. Also does not deploy when attacking(After Manual Train) 7.8.3 Change log: After hours of debugging, image grabbing, coding and talking, Mybot.run Team finally can present you the newest Version Very very special thanks for this release go to our newest, hardworking Developers: @Chilly-Chill, @TFKNazGul, @Nytol and @HArchH. Also thank you to our active Beta Tester who tested it for days! * Add Super Troops Training and Attacking (Spring 2020 Update) - Not Complete * Fix Lootcart Position (Spring 2020 Update) * Fix Main Village Zoomout (Spring 2020 Update) * Fix Diamond Shape (Spring 2020 Update) * Fix Maintenance Detection (Spring 2020 Update) * Fix Clan Castle Request (Spring 2020 Update) * Fix Search Condition Townhall Filter. Reported by @coccolino * Fix Builder Base Attack Ending * Fix Train Siege not Working on MiniGui. Reported by @grumpyhog * Fix Bot not Switching Accounts when all legend attacks are done. * Fix DonateCC OCR Position (Spring 2020 Update) * Fix Donations from 2 Row! (Spring 2020 Update) * Fix LatinA OCR Problems (Spring 2020 Update) * Fix Royal Champion Ability * Fix Google Play account list detection * More fixes for optional update moving donate screen
  10. 클랜게임 및 클랜리그만 하는 조용한 클랜 원하시는 분들 초대합니다...........(2020년9월12일 현재 클랜원35명 입니다) 클랜 검색에서 "지천사" 검색하시면 나옵니다.......클랜 레벨 12로 클성 지원시 2단계 업그레이드된 유닛 지원됩니다 전에는 클전을 주로 하다가 현재는 클랜원들께서 클전에 부담을 많이 느껴 클전은 하지 않고 있습니다만, 클랜 리그의 경우 원하시는 분들을 신청받아 진행하고 있습니다. 클랜게임이나 클랜리그로 마법책, 물약, 보석 획득이 주 목적이시면 언제나 열려 있습니다. 오셔서 같이 클랜 최고 보상을 노려보시죠~ 대화를 강요하지도, 지원을 강요하지도 않습니다......조용히 즐겨주시면 됩니다. 규칙은 단 하나, 클랜게임 1000점 입니다....이외의 추방은 없습니다.
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