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  1. Sorry everyone. But maybe I should close the work on this project Although I know you guys are looking forward to it, watching me every day, expect information from me. But my personal work is very busy, there is really no time for MyBot work. Perhaps, maybe, and I’m also thinking this project will stop here R.I.P AiO Team...........
  2. @Exorth Currently the default is random, not customized as before
  3. @OlegD Having received the permanent ban, there is no way to restore it. Except create a new account and play from the beginning
  4. please wait for new version
  5. Cái này mình chịu à, chưa biết SC nó quét dựa vào cái gì.
  6. It is true that CoC is preparing for a new update, and if Supercell has a big change, the current version will be useless. But the reason I haven't released AiO v2.0.4 is because I'm waiting for the official version v7.7.8(or v8.0)
  7. Group Facebook Hỗ trợ MyBot cho ACE Việt Nam https://www.facebook.com/groups/MyBot.Support.VN/
  8. Trong %AppData% C:/User/Name User/App Data/Roaming/... tìm MyBotrun-Profiles và xoá nó Nhưng shared_prefs chỉ lưu thông tin tài khoản, dữ liệu cài đặt chế độ trong setting game, zoom out,..... Lúc bạn định vị, bạn nên zoom in/out cho mất viền đen trên dưới rồi mới định vị. Và xây base thì cho hero, lab, CC tránh vật cản nào đó.
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