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  1. GUI problems on Tab Troops/Spell. When you use QuickTrain, it will hide all the icon Troops, and show function Do not Remove Queued Troops. When you're not using QuickTrain, icons troops will return. In this regard it does not affect your settings Troops. It only show and hide, the parameters you have installed, it remains the same. Issue Tab Attack, will be fixed in the next version!!!! @ezeck0001 is working on this issue for it, will be in the next version Function Switch Acc of @Roro-Titi is in the time trial, and it really works better. If you still prefer function switch Acc of @demen. I will work with it.
  2. LOL I have not tested it. I'll look back on it after several trials when I have free time. to fix, you can increase the speed until it drop as you want. This problem will be fixed in the next version.
  3. You can instruct how to fix it. I try to change ScreenCoordinates.au3 like on the official version 6.5.2, then this problem can be solved. But i know, if i do that, will cause other errors.
  4. But the problem is bot being conducted Training Dragon, which is not Arch like on the log Bot And Doc.Oc version are also similar problem.
  5. Sorry, nhưng công việc gần cuối năm của tôi rất bận. Khi nào rảnh, tôi sẽ làm. Nhưng để released, có lẽ mất 1 vài ngày. Thân!
  6. Vui lòng gỡ BS, và làm theo bài viết này
  7. You add one variable "Global $ichkTrainDonated" in "MBR Global Variables.au3" It will solve your problem. Edit: @demen seemed to have forgotten it, if adding this variable, meaning want it to work properly, there must be one GUI
  8. Not work with versions 6.3.x -> 6.5.x
  9. Để chạy MEmu hoạt động nhanh và mượt. Không bị Lag, giật. Các bạn vô link sau đọc và tìm hiểu nhé http://www.memuplay.com/blog/index.php/2016/01/27/enable-hardware-virtualization/
  10. Vui lòng khởi động BS trước Bot.
  11. dococ

    I created this csv only work on the official version. I have not tried it on this new version of Doc. And I need more time to test it.
  12. Vui lòng gỡ giả lập và đọc + làm theo bài viết này