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  1. @Hotmacfunz I don't remember reading this problem somewhere Reducing the Emulator Memory below of 768 will change the graphic pixel displayed by emulator, which is to say the bot can fail in image detection. I'm testing with 768Mb and one CPU with good results , but with 512Mb happened some issues. constructor's potions???? I don't understand
  2. @MaciakPlock @Hotmacfunz @28nov94 ok. But how much ram did you set for MEmu??
  3. Send email to supercell with the title "Reducing HP for the TH in The Arena map"
  4. @BIZZLE It has options to improve get xp speed. Like Skip Drag, Fast SuperXP, Skip Zoomout
  5. @emmhor Yes. If you want to be better, it needs heroes with a high level, or if you have a Queen to use, your farm XP is much better.
  6. Definitely never added, because it will take a lot of work so bot can attack goblin map for loot & 3 star
  7. currently only attack TH on the map of "goblin picnic" and "the arena" to receive EXP MyBotRun-v7.7.6-AIO-MOD-v2.0.2 Released Added: Add empty siege support Add BB Attack Sliders Add option to ignore walls on BB Fixed: Fix Train Logout Maxtime not save config Fix get AttackBar when 11+ slots for SuperXP (no need to drag AttackBar) Improved: Improve pixel color on the attack button for Super XP Improve allows SuperXP to run when Halt Attack enabled Improve language switch for Chat Actions Improve pixel color on the buttons for Chat Actions
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