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  1. NguyenAnhHD

    Official MyBot 7.7.3 [r04] Light MOD++

    lol, somewhere around here there is a child who likes to mess up
  2. I am wondering what is the purpose of using your Bot? Farming or trophy push? And why do you have to activate full CC waiting? If using Bot for farming => why must wait for the full CC? And if using Bot for pushing trophy => CC not full will encounter a battle that does not get good results? I think it's not necessary to do it.
  3. The update work for 7.7.4 I finished more than 1 week ago. But we are adding some new features and need more time to test it. And I am also very busy, to have a stable Bot, it takes a lot of time for checking. I think maybe we will wait for the official version v7.7.5 to be released.
  4. I think the reason is Nox version you are using. You can try reinstalling with Nox ver 5.x or any other emulator
  5. @SoNoKo I need more information. Emulator? Windows? Set ram for emulator?
  6. NguyenAnhHD

    Cannot find type of Reload error message

    Read it
  7. When does it delete queue troops? When 550/560. If you do not want Bot to delete queues, please train manually to fill 560/560. If you can't do it, please use Custom Train. I will not add or change any of the purposes linked to the Army Train.
  8. I'm very busy for personal work, and this project still has a lot of work to do. Please wait........!
  9. Please wait for v2.0.1 release Change log v7.7.4 * Fixed siege not dropping in CSV attack
  10. NguyenAnhHD

    Rage Spell Not Being Detected in AIO++

    @Lacroixe Go to MyBot/imgxml/AttackBar SkSpell_100_89.xml —> SkSpell_100_92.xml
  11. NguyenAnhHD

    [Hotfix_v2] Working after April Update

    @rbrt Can you close this topic for me? Thanks.
  12. This is not an error, please pull shared_prefs file as Bot specified
  13. With 7.7.3 Official version? It is working well? This feature I don't to interfere with it, so it's similar to Oficial. Can you give me a log of the Bot?
  14. @m3hrd4d2 Does the 7.7.3 official version work for you? What type of attack are you using?