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  1. Wall Wrecker Problem Troups Hello when I want to make a belier but 1 but after his form I do not understand why it's not working? http://prntscr.com/ohmfli http://prntscr.com/ohmfli
  2. Problem Spell Hello I have a problem when I but my script I click on the button to apply it after I see in the logs his apply after I launch mybot the attack bot but he throw no spell I do not understand why it starts not
  3. Don Problem help Hello I would like to know when I but a csv how to do that they ask troop to the clan that corresponds to the csv?
  4. Urgent Bot Hello I have a problem when I want to change the maximum number of troup I can not look http://prntscr.com/oe9b0w
  5. zykoytz

    New Update

    http://prntscr.com/o6siq2 Its not asking me for autolt for run in 86
  6. zykoytz

    New Update

    Hello, I have a question. In fact, I have a problem with autolt that I did not understand. How could you explain to me about the discord?
  7. and if I use on my PC also need a special resolution or not?
  8. Hello, do you know on vps that I would like to do this?
  9. Hello, is there a special resolution for the bot?
  10. Hello, please check mp Hello, I have my vps except I don't have RDP so how do you do it?
  11. Hello, please check dm thank you !!
  12. zykoytz

    Risque de Ban

    Risque de Ban Bonjour à tous ! Je voudrais savoir au jours d'aujourd'hui y'a t'il des risque de ban avec quoi et comment et comment les éviter les risque on augmenter ou diminuer ?
  13. zykoytz

    Settings HDV 11

    Settings HDV 11 Bonjour à tous ! J'aimerais savoir quels et là meilleurs config HDV 11 farms et HDV 11 Rush Merci bien si vous pouvez me l'envoyez via mp je vous en remercie.
  14. zykoytz

    Communauté fr

    Bonjour y'a t'il des joueurs français encore ici j'aurais des question à propos de mybotrun si vous pouvez me mp merci bien
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