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  1. Use the Nox "Multi-Drive". There should be an icon for it on your desktop. You can't "rename" the instance names, but you can find them. The top one is "Nox". Assuming there are not gaps, the next one is Nox_1. Then Nox_2. If you press the "Create Shortcut" button you can look at the shortcut properties and see the correct Nox instance name (if you are not sure). Create the short cut, then right-click on it. Select "Properties". You will see the Target name like ""C:\Program Files (x86)\Nox\bin\Nox.exe" -clone:Nox_4". There is the instance name at the very end there...Nox_4 in my case. Once I am sure of the Nox instance names for each entry in the Nox multi-instance manager, I rename them to the Instance name followed by something meaningful. Like "Nox_4 GMail-Name" or something useful that helps me keep all 16 of the straight. Be sure to start your MBR profiles using the fully specified command line: "mybot.run.exe {ProfileName} {EmulatorBrand} {InstanceName}". I've never actually seen it "walk down" a list of Nox instance names like your picture is showing. I always use fully specified command lines. As a bonus, I always run the .au3 file instead of the .exe so that I get better crash information. I also run without the watchdog so that when a crash happens I have a chance to notice it later. But we'll leave those steps for later to avoid confusing anyone here...
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    I am pretty sure it's because you are making fun of Capt Piccard in your photo.