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  1. demen

    inactive bot functions

    Mybot is free. You are not forced to donate to use the functions. If the Start Button is disable, it is because you have not installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) on your computer. The complete guide can be found here:
  2. demen


    hit Pause button on Mybot, then manually hit Next button on CoC, then Resume Mybot
  3. demen

    Never switch

    This issue has been fixed. Please wait for next version 7.6.5
  4. demen

    Bot Dont Request Troop

    This is a known issue, fix will come in next release of 7.6.5
  5. demen

    queued Donate not working

    This is a known issue. Please wait the next release.
  6. demen

    Cannot open Army Overview window

    Hi, Does this issue still persist? Please send me the log file with debug enable. Thanks @thanhtam23, please try this fix for "Clan Chat Did Not Open - Abandon Donate". I appreciate your being patient in testing my fixes. https://megaupload.nz/wdy4G7kab9/DonateCC_au3
  7. demen

    Cannot open Army Overview window

    More detail please. Description of the case, log file with debug enabled, screenshot, etc.
  8. demen

    Cannot open Army Overview window

    Thanks for your notice. Please try replace this file at COCBot\functions\Village\DonateCC.au3 and let me know if it works. Download link: https://megaupload.nz/fdd5ibk7b2/DonateCC_au3
  9. demen

    Do not send a troop request.

    can you share the log file pls. Not the log text. and also please enable "Click" debug. Thanks
  10. demen

    Do not send a troop request.

    OK @victor pedra, you have a different issue. Can you enable debug message & debug click, then send your log file here.
  11. demen

    display, windows taskbar, etc...

    This is all you need to do. Set window task bar to the right
  12. demen

    Cannot find Army Window...

    Have you tried this fix. It is just next to your topic in this same box.
  13. demen

    Do not send a troop request.

    Hi, You can apply this fix for the "Cannot open army overview window"
  14. demen

    Cannot open Army Overview window

    @lunbabi, sorry this fix has not been added to 7.6.4. You still need to download and replace this file: COCBot\functions\Village\RequestCC.au3 https://megaupload.nz/dcAa0dj4ba/RequestCC_au3 If you run the bot with Mybot.run.exe, make sure you have recompiled the file Mybot.run.au3 in advance.
  15. demen

    Cannot find army window

    Hi, you can download the latest 7.6.4 that fixed this issue. If problem still persists, please report with debug log. Thanks