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  1. Admin has another problem: he still doesn't see any report with detailed information, log, screenshot.
  2. Thanks @Dark889. This issue has been fixed. Pls wait for next release.
  3. Thanks @darksider007. This is known issue and was fixed. Stay tune for the next release.
  4. Very nice report. Keep up that style and wait for miracle to come. Speechless.
  5. This is the known bug. Fixed in next released. Check here for solutions:
  6. Hi @MiserereDominus, With the latest version MBR 7.7.7, now we can turn off an account in switching mode when meet certain condition. This somehow works for you, like farm schedule does.
  7. Hi @Mikebazz, I cannot say if it has any benefit in this case. But I am sure it will have some risks of having unbalanced army. If you enable double train, the 2nd combo will continue to fill in the 1st army. So when your village reaches "full" camp of 12 giants + 120 archers, a giant of the 2nd combo will enter your camp in 30s and maybe before he goes to attack. In case of no double train, he will train the 2nd combo before going to attack. Then you will have the same risk as above. The only thing we can do is to set big troops go first in train order. That reduces the risk. But it is nothing when he returns while searching due to an OOS or loss connection. Let the bot run for a while then the result stats will tell. Cheers,
  8. Hi Mikebazz, Yes, you can. Proper setting for this case is: - Train setting for 12 giants and 120 archers (either custom train or quick train) - Disable double train - Forced total camp = 260 (optional) - "Full" camp = 69% (180/260) - Train order: Giant --> Archer
  9. Can't you read, the post just above yours?
  10. It is confirmed that deleting queued troops takes quite long time. But how is your setting forcing the bot to delete queue that often?
  11. No @jhayr101681, this was already outdated since SC released the Clan War League.
  12. Hi @aorsole, Firstly for safety purpose, edit your screenshot and hide the in-game village name and clan name. For quick train, there is a current bug reported and confirmed. There is a work around solution if you still want to experience quick train while waiting for official fix in the next version: - Set custom troops & spells to be exactly what you have in quick train army. - Set your quantity of your quick spell to entirely fill the spell camp. E.g. if your camp has 11 slots, you need to set quick train spell = 5 lightning + 1 earthquake. For your 2nd issue about wrong troop quantity, I tried with 75 archers, 75 barbs & 26 giants (my camp has 280 slots :P) and observed sometimes it missed some archers and barbs. The missed quantity is about 3-5. Have you tried increasing train click delay?
  13. Please read the 1st post in this topic for solutions:
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