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  1. Double train army

    Double train army Since Mybot now includes Switch Account as an official feature, double train army would be a good adding for botters. This little mod will enable you to tell the bot to train 2nd set of army to stay in queue. I personally see some good points for this option: - In SwitchAccount, it may take pretty long time to for the Bot to switch around and return to an account. And when it returns, yeah your Camp & Queue are fully trained. - For a Donate-Only account, you just need to fill the Camp & Queue to donate. - In case you set to wait for Heroes, CC troops or CC spells, it would be waste of time if you leave the barracks do nothing. Double Train will keep them busy training queue, then save your time. Download link: https://github.com/demen10/Mybot_Mod/archive/DoubleTrain.zip Github link: https://github.com/demen10/Mybot_Mod/tree/DoubleTrain P/S: This feature is not new. In fact the outcome is almost the same as SmartTrain mod. This is made for original version of the official Mybot. If you are using any mod version that has SmartTrain, you can ignore this work.
  2. I think it is better to keep switching to other accounts. Sometimes they loose CC troops and need to request again. To stay at donate account is meaningless when other accounts cannot request. I think FarmSchedule will come back in next release. Stay tune.
  3. Sorry I know nothing about Goblin XP.
  4. Stop bot for war

    Is everything ok now @BOLUDOZ?
  5. You can drop trophy with 1 balloon. I don’t know if this mod has already add such feature.
  6. So did it work after you unchecked Force Brew Spell? For 2nd problem, please share your Bot Configuration, and the log.
  7. Hi @darksider007, For your 1st problem, did you check "Force Brew Spell"? Make sure this option is unchecked. For the 2nd problem, try to use CheckCC option in Request Tab.
  8. Stop bot for war

    Thanks @BOLUDOZ. I fixed this bug. Also I found another issue not brewing 2nd set of spells to fix. Hope all OK now. Download: https://github.com/demen10/Mybot_Mod/archive/StopForWar.zip
  9. avoid unnecessary checks

    I think @brarkhush123's idea is not related to randomization. We can have all these actions enable in the configuration. The bot should only check all actions at first run, then skip them for a certain period. For example: - Collect Resources and Collect Loot Cart should be done every 1-2 hours. - Check Tombs should be done in every 6 hours (suppose the village is attacked in personal break time); or after checking rearm, if rearm not needed then skip checking tombs. - Remove Gem Box and Clean Yard should be done every 6 - 12 hours (gem box appears not so frequently) - Upgrade Heroes should record the upgrading time and recheck every 6-12 hours. - Going to Builder Base should be done every 3-4 hours, or based on the cool down time of Clock Tower. This action takes pretty long time, while there are not so many things to do in Builder Base. ... etc. This is not new, we have CollectFreeMagicItems once every day, Laboratory update based on actual researching time already. So we can apply the same to the above action.
  10. Stop bot for war

    I had some tests and it all worked fine.
  11. Stop bot for war

    Thanks @BOLUDOZ for great help. I have some more fixes for Train War Troops. It should work OK now for both Custom train and Quick train. Please re-download and test. https://github.com/demen10/Mybot_Demen/archive/StopForWar.zip
  12. Stop bot for war

    Thanks @BOLUDOZ! I fixed this case to detect Battle Day + In War. Please download again the full mod or replace the file here: Full Mod: https://github.com/demen10/Mybot_Demen/archive/StopForWar.zip OR replacing this file: \COCBot\functions\VillageCheckStopForWar.au3 CheckStopForWar.au3
  13. Stop bot for war

    Thanks @BOLUDOZ, I see the problem now. Can you send me that ingame screenshot by using photo button on Mybot? At least we have to wait until this feature is thoroughly tested and fixed to be perfect. Then you can download the original + StopForWar here in first post. Or you may ask a modder to add it to his mod. Thanks for waiting.
  14. Stop bot for war

    Yes, troops/spells indicating bars badly display. I have fixed it. Please download again. For config save, I have tested many times and it works perfect as below. For the collapse, I cannot locate the code error. Please run by File Mybot.run.au3 or at least provide some debug log
  15. Stop bot for war

    Which setting is not save? Can you run bot by the file Mybot.run.au3 so that I can locate the bug.