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  1. Everything about Train & Brew system So we have the train system reworked in the latest MBR 7.7.7. It is confirmed to work for Custom Train, Quick Train and Double Train. If you guys have any issue with troops & spells train setting, please post it here. Please make sure to describe your issue with bot setting, screenshots, log and your expectation. Thanks. UPDATE: Confirmed a bug that removing troops in quick train. Fixes will come in next release. Meanwhile, please take one of the below solutions: 1. Using custom train, or 2. If you guys still want to experience quick train, please set the same troops combo in custom train, or 3. Open file TrainSystem.au3 for editing. Find the line 120: "If Not $g_bFullArmy Then" and replace it with: "If Not $g_bFullArmy And Not $g_bQuickTrainEnable Then" Thanks for your support. Cheers
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