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  1. Hi alistair, I once made this mod feature. But personally I don’t think it is worth to add to official MBR. When you’re botting, after 3 attacks then shield will gone out. Why we need that feature seriously?
  2. demen

    Donation train army problem ..

    Custom train + double train army + set train order to train the donated troops first + donate queued troop only.
  3. demen

    Modification of func "IsQueueEmpty"

    There's a case that the func "IsQueueEmpty" works without opening troops/spells tab. This case, the bot cannot check for the red minus.
  4. demen

    Some suggestions, ...

    For number 1 & 2, you can try double train army that has "making donated troops".
  5. demen

    switch accounts lab times

    Hi @ch4qr1, Getting lab time and showing it on stats tab or elsewhere is simple to make. But I have no idea how this would work for lab upgrade.
  6. demen

    inactive bot functions

    Mybot is free. You are not forced to donate to use the functions. If the Start Button is disable, it is because you have not installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) on your computer. The complete guide can be found here:
  7. demen


    hit Pause button on Mybot, then manually hit Next button on CoC, then Resume Mybot
  8. demen

    Never switch

    This issue has been fixed. Please wait for next version 7.6.5
  9. demen

    Bot Dont Request Troop

    This is a known issue, fix will come in next release of 7.6.5
  10. So now MBR officially supports Double Train. This is how it works: IMPORTANT NOTICE: Double Train will create 2nd army to stay in queue. This may cause unbalance troop of the 1st army if you are donating intensively. Update with MBR 7.6.3: With the feature of "Donate queued troops only" enable, it minimizes the chance of unbalance army. Double Train: works based on the current camp status read in the Train Troops Tab (xxx/480): Case 1: 1st army combo is perfect 240/480. Go ahead to train full combo of 2nd army. Case 2: Less than 240/480 (This case is often caused by donation). 2a: Making donated troops. If this action makes full combo of 1st army (240/480), go ahead to train a full combo of 2nd army. 2b: If making donated troops failed to make full combo of 1st army (This is added in MBR 7.6.2): - Remove all training troops - Return to Army Tab to verify missing troops of 1st army - Move to Troops Tab to fill the 1st army, then train a full combo of 2nd army. Case 3: More than 240/480, there are several possibilities: 3a: The 1st army is blocked (not full) ---> Remove all queued troops, start over with case 1 or case 2b 3b: All troops of 2nd army are correct ---> Go ahead to train missing troops in 2nd army 3c: The 2nd army has any wrong troop ---> Remove all queued troops, then start over with case 1 or case 2b Donate queued troops only: (Added to MBR 7.6.3) Since double train + donation may mess up your army, the new feature will help to reduce the case of unbalance army. If you enable this option, the bot will open train troops tab and read your queue (2nd army) before making donation. Case 1: 2nd Army is not prepared, --> Donate freely and usual. Case 2: Some troops is in queue, --> Only donate the troops which are already trained (with the check symbol). This example, it allows to donate only 3 giants & 5 archers. Case 3: Queue is training 1st-slot troop --> Allow to donate the troops which are already trained (with the check symbol in 1st slot) + the same troops that are on-going (with the training bar). This example, it allows to donate 2+18 = 20 giants.
  11. Demen's mod retirement Hi there, First of all, I deeply thank you guys all for your support and encouragement to my mod. Thanks forum's admin to consider me as "Modder". It has been a nice journey since I first shared my naive & personal mod last year when I knew nothing about coding. It couldn't imagine it would become as complete as it is now with many modified/added features, all thanks to your support with error reporting, imporvement suggestion and even the smallest fine tuning idea. Also, I am sorry I could not satisfy every single request from you guys. I am sorry but it's time I have to stop modding for personnal reasons. I will try to merge my mod to the coming Original 7.2.6 if I have enough time. Wishing you all good time to enjoy Mybot.Run and all mods in the community. Bot on! Demen