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  1. demen

    Farming Schedule

    Hi @MiserereDominus, Farm schedule has been introduced as a mod feature. So far, feedbacks on this feature is very rare. So I suppose it is not that interesting enough to be an official feature.
  2. demen

    Attack troops

    It does work in Quick Train. See my setting & log above.
  3. demen

    Removing unexpected CC army ... why?

    Check this guide then you will understand how it works.
  4. Debug might be unnecessary, but log messages, screenshot & bot settings are helpful. Pls provide.
  5. demen

    Attack troops

    It is confirmed that the bot can train siege machines in quick train mode. You need to input number of siege machines here: and it works flawlessly:
  6. demen

    Not Donating Troops

    Hi, Please provide more log messages, or attach your log file here. Thks
  7. demen

    Defense request troops

    If you set the expected types of troop here, the bot will delete unwanted troops in CC. This logic is far better than just to blindly dump all troops every time asking for defense.
  8. demen

    Couple quick bugs

    @darksider007, double train does not work with mixed siege machines. Because it will mess your army after deploying 1 siege in attack. E.g. you have double trained 2 wreckers + 1 slammer, after deploying 1 slammer in attack, 1 queued wrecker will jump to 1st army. Then you will have 3 wreckers in army 1. The bot will remove 1 wrong wrecker. That is waste of gold and time to build & remove repeatedly.
  9. demen

    Defense request troops

    If you need specific troops for defense, set them in the "Only take..." zone. If you find this feature pointless, you just simply ignore it.
  10. demen

    Defense request troops

    Pls check this update: https://github.com/demen10/Mybot_Mod/archive/DefenseCC.zip
  11. Spells are only used in scripted attack (csv).
  12. demen

    Donation got some problem after last update

    can you share your log file?
  13. demen

    [FIXED in 7.7.4] Siege Machines Not Dropping

    Check your setting in balance donation @Eviltoaster, Uncheck this box: If problem persists, please send back the log with debug message and debug click on
  14. demen

    My Bot didt attack any time

    1. Use the latest version of Mybot 7.7.3 2. Pay attention to the log message. Normally, after saying "Chief, is your Army ready? No, not yet!", the bot will tell what it is waiting for. And that will answer why it does not attack.
  15. demen

    [FIXED in 7.7.4] Siege Machines Not Dropping

    It seems you still have the file BattleB_100_92.xml in folder \imgxml\AttackBar\ . Pls remove it and replace by the file BattleB_100_92.png attached in my post above.