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      MyBot.run V7.2.2 RELEASED! Working with SC May 22 game update!   07/08/2017

      MyBot.run continues the legacy again with release of V7.2.2!!   This release supports the May 22 SC game update, and has some new features hidden inside as well   Get your copy in thread below!!      


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  1. Please give more information of your case. I cannot locate what is your problem.
  2. Hi @bladeoffury, this feature is built-in with SwitchAcc. You dont need to enable it. The bot will force to switch to another account when cc is not ready. priority is made to donate account if any. You will see something like this:
  3. @antrisaromi, can you share the config at Tab Search and Tab Attack under Attack Plan/Search & Attack/Deadbase... of profile 1. I think it is because you set this profile to wait for Cc troops & spell. @LoveCastle, it happens sometimes. Just close emulator then let the Bot to open it again.
  4. Hi @antrisaromi, Please share the screenshot of log when the Bot is switching account. Also 2 Tabs: Bot/ProfileStats and Bot/Profiles. Thanks
  5. Hi @Finijumper, I noticed you had a log "Trouble finding research button ..." as well. I think they are the same problem. Sometime the emulator pops up image so slowly after the Bot clicks on Buildings, i.e Townhall and Laboratory. So the Bot cannot detect image of rearm buttons and lab research button. This problem does not happen all the time.
  6. You can copy the profiles from mod version 4.4.2. Then remember to check the config at SmartTrain.
  7. UPDATE 19July 2017: Version 4.5.0 Update to MBR 7.2.2 Complete new code for Smart Train (former name is Simple Train. Sorry it is not simple anymore, so I need to rename it) Improve SmartTrain with check queue feature. Multi-click Army3 at QuickTrain (thanks to @Casex's idea) Download link is 1st post. As always, thanks for your support. Cheers, Demen
  8. Thanks, this is a great idea @Casex. I will make it in next release.
  9. Update version Demen_v4.4.2: Some improvement: •SimpleTrain: keep brewing spell when Force Brew Spell is checked. This is useful when you use lightning spells & EQ spells for smartzap. The Bot will not remove queued spells but just keep brewing anyway. •Simple Train: Make donated troops right after donating •Lab Status: Request for Locating Lab only at 1st run. Skip asking for locate lab cycle of runbot. Download link at 1st post. As always, thanks for your support. cheers, Demen Hi @Casex, Thanks for your ideas. I hope the latest fixes in version 4.4.2 are of your concerns: 1. Re-train donated troops and spells is now done right after donating CC. 2. Checking lab-status is done in a wink of time. I dont think it will borther you. In return, you will easily keep tracks of your lab by just look at it status at the bottom or at the Stats Tab. Anyway, I have made it to skip asking for locate lab from the 2nd cycle of bot run. If Lab is not located at the 1st time, the Bot will just live with it and skip updating research time. 3. Lightning spell: now the Bot will not delete queued spell if you check ForceBrewSpell. Just choose custom train, set to brew 5 lightning spells, check ForceBrewSpell. Cheers, Demen Sorry I dont intent to add this feature.
  10. Sorry I dont see any log relating to the problem you raised before (the "wait for spells warning" as quoted below). For the problem with switchacc, just restart your emulator and it should be alright.
  11. UPDATE 02 July 2017: Version 4.4.1 some Fixes & Improvement (download link in 1st post) Fix Heroes are detected as not ready when they actually are (sometimes) Fix Instant activating ability of Queen & Grand Warden (sometimes) Fix Laboratory researching time OCR Improve SimpleTrain to skip checking precise spell when Force Brew Spell Improve GUI display of multi accounts wait-time Hi, For your case with 8 active accounts, I would suggest to use normal switch type that would be the most effective rather than smartswitch. Sorry that is not relate to my mod, and I have no idea how to fix it.
  12. This is due to slow graphic display when Queen is dropped and her health green bar has not fully shown up. Try adding delay time after herodrop will fix this problem.
  13. Hi, Sorry I have no idea about this. My mod does not have any relation with this Auto-Upgrade feature from the original MBR.
  14. Thanks. Pls send also the screenshot of your setting on Tab Train Army/Troops.