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    @Txmazing good luck in your exams.
  2. jjjwad77

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    @Txmazing we are looking for the new Goblin XP single base as well .... Thanks for your hard work ...
  3. jjjwad77

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    @Txmazing You know there ia a New Goblin maps, and With the new goblin maps being added, there's also a map that has a cornered TH and gives 12 XP per snipe. (Name: The Arena) Currently, the Goblin XP option will Always attack 'Goblin Picnic' which gives 5 XP everytime. What we suggest is to add an extra option to the 'Goblin XP' section, 2 check boxes, saying: 'Snipe Goblin Picnic' or Snipe The Arena' Why? Well if the dev's decide to change the snipe bot to The Arena, it will become a lot more complicated because most people don't have it unlocked. Thanks in advance.