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  1. Clear emulator caches
  2. Yes please and Goblin XP as well.
  3. I have this problem: [1:36:21 AM] ====== You have activated NoobZap Mode ====== [1:36:21 AM] Checking remaining unused troops for: Dead Base [1:36:23 AM] 3 » 0 Lightning Spell [1:36:23 AM] No lightning spells trained, time to go home! [1:36:23 AM] Returning Home Any help guys?
  4. @clashsubject2904 I have this problem see below plz: [12:35:14 AM] - Zero queue Troops [12:35:14 AM] Open Spells Tab [12:35:18 AM] Checking Spells tab: 22/22 [12:35:18 AM] - Full queue Spells [12:35:18 AM] Open Quick Train Tab [12:35:21 AM] Using Quick Train Tab [12:35:23 AM] - Error Clicking On Army! You are not on the Quicktrain Tab [12:35:23 AM] Smart Train accomplished
  5. Yes please fix GTFO and Goblin XP.
  6. @demen Could you please advise concerning Goblin XP; as it stops working after couple of hours in this mode....thanks in advance.
  7. @mhk2012 Thank you i works now but how can XP work with out stopping after a couple hours?
  8. It doesn't train troop by quick training: [1:22:58 AM] Total Army Camp Capacity: 0/260 (0%) [1:22:59 AM] - 3 Lightning Spells Brewed [1:23:00 AM] Chief, is your Army ready for the battle? No, not yet! [1:23:00 AM] - Troops are not Ready! [1:23:00 AM] Start Smart Quick Train [1:23:00 AM] Open Troops Tab [1:23:04 AM] Checking Troops tab: 0/520 [1:23:04 AM] - No Troops [1:23:04 AM] Open Spells Tab [1:23:08 AM] Checking Spells tab: 6/0 [1:23:08 AM] Quit training. Error GetOCRCurrent called from CheckTrainingTab [1:23:16 AM] ===================== Bot Stop ======================
  9. @mhk2012 quick train doesn't work ... Goblin XP still stop working after a couple of hours ... fix these bugs please ... thnx for your hard work.
  10. Here is the link to download the new version 1.8.2: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/profile/386751-mybotrunrun/