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  1. cosote

    Sleep mode bugged

    I've added that feature some time back and bot tells windows when to resume / come out of the suspend mode. Now, other apps can do the same, e.g. GotoMeeting app did that in my case Please check the windows event log what app at the "unwanted" times did wake up your pc Cheers - Cosote.
  2. cosote

    Connection lost, Reloading Coc...

    Good catch here I will add that into next release: restart Android if connection lost after one or two CoC restarts
  3. This is a crazy wold: I cannot compile adb.exe on Windows - haha: https://android.googlesource.com/platform/sdk/+/master/docs/howto_build_SDK.txt ------------------------------ 3- Building an SDK for Windows ------------------------------ Full Windows SDK builds are now only supported on Linux -- most of the framework is not designed to be built on Windows so technically the Windows SDK is build on top of a Linux SDK where a few binaries are replaced. So it cannot be built on Windows, and it cannot be built on Mac, only on Linux. I'll repeat this again because it's important: To build the Android SDK for Windows, you need to use a *Linux* box.
  4. Damn, I'm using official google adb.exe - haha, ok, quick solution till then: 1. go to your android program path or the MyBot.run v7.7.3 program path and copy adb.exe, AdbWinApi.dll and AdbWinUsbApi.dll to MyBot program path lib\adb Need to check for a better adb compile (or I compile it myself )
  5. Wired... Did that error start with v7.7.4 and was it working with v7.7.3 ?
  6. Hi there, ohh - I've copied the function from SetBotGuiPID and forgot to update the comment: That dll function returns true (1) or false (0) so " If $result[0] <> -1 Then " will always authentication even if bot is not authenticated... Well, if the token is incorrect or missing then some "wired" things can happen... To verify, you can log $result[0] ... Cheers - cosote.
  7. cosote

    [FIXED in 7.7.4] Siege Machines Not Dropping

    Found the issue - thx for the video with the logs! The Siege (and CC and all heroes) are all selected twice (that's the bug) causing the popup window and then the drop to fail. Will be fixed in next release. Cheers - cosote.
  8. cosote

    bot speed

    Minitouch should not be significant slower than WinAPI control based clicks. If you want fast deploy, stay with minitouch, but close bot and edit config.ini: [android] adb.click.enabled=1 adb.click.group=50 adb.clicks.enabled=1 adb.clicks.troop.deploy.size=50 Then it will be really really fast And make sure Debug Android and Debug Click options are off !
  9. All BlueStacks version are supported
  10. cosote

    supercell ID always login

    Hi there, with MyBot.run v7.7.3 you can use the new "Update shared_prefs" option under Bot/Android. Once you logged in with your SCID, enable that option and bot should recover fine next time anything pops up again. Cheers - cosote.
  11. cosote

    hyper-v support

    To my knowledge none of the 7 android emulator vendors we support: BlueStacks, MEmu, Nox, KOPLAYER, iToolsAVM, Droid4X and LeapDroid support Hyper-V. Only BlueStacks or an older 2.x version (and sometimes iTools or Nox have been reported also) do run under another hypervisor. BlueStacks 0.10 is the advised emulator. Cheers - cosote.
  12. cosote

    Bot logging out of supercell

    Also, new in MyBot.run v7.7.3 is the "Update shared_prefs" option under Bot/Android. That option pulls and pushes the shared_prefs frequently to ensure no login issues popup. Once the CoC Account is operational, just enable that option and all should be fine Cheers - cosote.
  13. cosote


    Please test if it's a click delay issue rather than something else. Easiest is to temporary use the train clicks of an 200 barb or arch only army and check the actually trained troop count matches with config. Do that 2-3 times and if all is ok, it's very likely not an Android click issue, but probably a deploy or redline problem. Those deployment issues can be identified with CSV attack images and log files... Cheers - Cosote.
  14. cosote

    issue in MyBot 7.7.2

    Can you enable Android Debug and send me the log files? Also, sometimes the shared folder is not correctly configured in Nox for the instance and bot can sometime not create that config... Please check if a new instance works... also, the shared folder can be created manually... If problem still exists, we might simply do an AnyDesk remote session Cheers - cosote.
  15. cosote

    issue in MyBot 7.7.2

    Hi there, plz check if v7.7.3 has that fixed Cheers - cosote.