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  1. Yes, Nox 5 is now my favorite Emulator... moved all my instances from iTools to Nox Some notes and important information: 1. Use DirectX in Nox! Much faster than OpenGL in bot's background mode... but if you lock your computer, use new ADB screencap option under Bot/Android options 2. Use 20 fps in Nox when you wanna save CPU & GPU - especially when running multiple instances at the same time 3. The Nox default launcher sucks... use the bot Install Play Store app function under Bot/Android and install Nova Launcher then launch the ADB shell and fire these command to make it persistent: mount -o rw,remount /system mv /system/app/launcher_1.9.1_en_signed.apk /system/app/launcher_1.9.1_en_signed.apk.bak Now, have a lot fun with Nox! Cheers - Cosote.
  2. that's really 6 full collectors.... testing now... but: 6 Collectors Required is quite high.... would go with 3 or 4 ok, that problem found: one lvl 11 collector not identified and only 5 full found so: not dead due to the 6 required collector settings... rename imgxml\deadbase\elix\lvl\elixir_11_1000_89.xml to imgxml\deadbase\elix\lvl\elixir_11_1000_88.xml and fixed this issue, but better set req. collectors to 4 or keep at 6 to super improve the DB engine Cheers - Cosote.
  3. If you are not using Dock Mode, the Mouse could have caused that I use dock mode all my 9 instances and never saw a wrong click again... Cheers - Cosote.
  4. There was a related bug on wait for heroes fix with MBR 7.2.5 ... It might has fixed your issues too - can you re-check with latest bot release? Cheers - Cosote.
  5. Can you send me 860x732 png image(s) of you village when Train is open and this error pops up? Then I can verify and fix it for next release - if you're in MyBot.run discord - you can test beta once ready... Cheers - Cosote.
  6. Finally fixed in MBR version 7.2.5
  7. Fixed since MBR version 7.2.5
  8. can you test with boot camp Windows 10? ... if background mode is not working and you must use non background mode (the checkbox at bottom) ensure windows of bot and android don't overlap
  9. hmm, sorry to here - where was it located on you village and did you have upgrades or mines, collectors or drills close by?
  10. the Deadbase seach was my first real image related work over a year ago, hasn't touched since then, as majority of community problems were solved then. It also has special options to collect images and mass test functions to improve the collector images while not making it worse for other villages... If you like, I can share the secrets here and you can validate your impressions with repeatable village png and good facts Let me know - Cheers, Cosote.
  11. Do you see that your village gets actually zoomed out? I could be that the zoom out is failing and not really zooming out... That could also explaining why you had to lower the tolerance. The Zoom factor of 1.17 also suggests that, it's 17% larger than "expected", though all should run fine, even if your village is a little "larger". What TH and CC locating issues do you have? Cheers - Cosote.
  12. you can enable additional debug controls in bot by creating EnableMBRDebug.txt file where MyBot.run.exe is located. Under Bot / Debug tab enable the Messages checkbox and then you should see on the zoom out which is causing the problem: The tree at the top or the stone at the bottom... that tolerance decrease by 1 might help... In folder \imgxml\village\NormalVillage you find the tiles, the last number of the file name, 92 or 95 is current tolerance.. Cheers - Cosote.
  13. Ahh, ok - think I got it, but the fixed edges do already take care about the redundancy. That distance is based on redline (what would make the 2 right circles in your bottom picture move up, just right above the redline) is really bad/not that good? Cheers, Cosote.
  14. Yeah, think that can be done easy. I still try to understand the original use case/issue based on your 2nd graphical example at the bottom right, the "wasted" drop of the spell. But I might just need a little more time - haha Cheers - Cosote.
  15. Nice findings like it, but I don't see/understand what to change... I think if spell drops are using similar drop-points as troops, they are dropped where expected, or not? Cheers - Cosote.