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  1. Hi there, the builder base should be detected, but also so on my bases it didn't detect it sometimes and then bot is stuck We will improve that with next release... hope though, if you return manually to home base, bot continues and does not click by accident the boat (I fixed zoomout, so it should not happen). Let me know if / when bot ends up in builders base again and share log and more details if possible (please enable debug mode with EnableMBRDebug.txt and activate Click debug that logs all clicks). Cheers - Cosote.
  2. Droid4X new homepage Hi guys, Droid4X is not dead, just http://www.droid4x.com is gone, new home-page is Chinese only: http://droid4x.haimawan.com/ But emulator is still good and latest 0.10.6 version here: http://dl.haima.me/download/D4XU/win/0.10.6/Setup.exe Cheers, Cosote.
  3. BS 0.10 run good on physical platform... under VMWare it can have memory & screen issues
  4. Hi @bhikhari and @kimmo88, BlueStacks 1/2 crashes and instability or unusual high RAM consumption with strange screen artifacts are not that simple to resolve. It seems for some users, it starts happening after never versions of the bot or have always been there. I don't think I will be able to find the root cause and really fix it, but to add options to reduce the ADB communication hoping it we reduce the problems. Cheers, Cosote.
  5. Thx for the details, though I don't really find issues in log or the screenshots The black bar might look wired, but detected and compensated by the bot... when you use the photo button the png should produce a perfect screen of 860x732 pixel. Does the bot get stuck somehow in the Train Window... and do you see "checkObstacles: Found gray Window to close" messages also then? Cheers - Cosote.
  6. Hi @PoH98, yes, ADB is launching a daemon process and different ADB version kill each other... My idea for future is, that the bot will get an option to use existing ADB daemon, where ever it comes from and only restart it when really required. Cheers - Cosote.
  7. Hi @jackyerato, thx for the tip - never saw this issue... @iWeaponz, if you still have the issue, please share a png screenshot using the Photo button... these lines show that something is wrong with the Android screen: [...] D [2017-05-07 17:14:24.789] GetVillageSize cannot find tree L [2017-05-07 17:14:25.836] Restart CoC to reset zoom... [...] Cheers - Cosote,
  8. Hi there, even if debug logging is not enabled, if you share the related log files from you village profile folder, I should have a lot more details what BS problem exist. It's usually ADB or shared folder related ... Cheers - Cosote.
  9. Hi @erktnc, I'm still not very happy with my batch file... there are many cases where it simply doesn't work and language is still Chinese... Though, iTools will run fine in Chinese Android setting, I try to develop a better tool to convert it to English. I think I will convert the batch to a AutoIt script/exe Cheers - Cosote.
  10. Really strange... I just came back from vacation and had 7 bots running for 7 days ... never seen that before... I only noticed that bot private RAM went from 100 MB to 200 MB in 7 days so, there must be a memory leak somewhere, but very difficult to find... Other than that... hmm... no clue... but check your EventLog if some strange things pop up Cheers - Cosote.
  11. next release has it fixed Clash ON ! ! ! Cosote.
  12. Your WMI "system" in Windows is not working... I think there are some how-to in the forum. Will check tomorrow night.... Cheers - Cosote.
  13. ok, that looks like a bug and should be fixed in 7.1.4... there's an option to force Nox into a fixed window size... if screen of Nox is 860x732, the problem should be fixed... will try to reproduce this intermediate solution tomorrow night Cheers - Cosote.
  14. Hi there /dpiaware is a command line parameter that puts bot immediately into 100% scaling/dipi aware mode. Cheers - Cosote.