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  1. hmm, the SCID window should not popup out all... Try this: 1. resolve the SCID window for account 2. Under CoC setting disconnect any service like google play etc. 3. Logout/close CoC 4. Pull shared prefs from bot 5. repeat same for all accounts That should resolve it
  2. cosote

    HELP "Bug Error "

    Thx for reporting, will be fixed in next release. Was already reported and documented here as "Smart Farm debug error" Work-a-round described in topic above Cheers, cosote.
  3. cosote

    Not Dropping Barbarian King sometimes.

    Hi guys, I've discussed the topic with the other devs, and thought about it today again... First idea was to keep detected heroes as they were and when re-check is running again, to skip those. I don't really like that idea, but think if combined with the knowledge that the hero wasn't dropped yet, it actually really does make sense to do it... Will be fixed in next release and probably be able to share here the patch later today Cheers - cosote. Update: I think I found & fixed it... please replace these files: COCBot\functions\Attack\PrepareAttack.au3 Run bot as script with MyBot.run.au3 or compile to x86 exe (you need to have AutoIt installed). Cheers, cosote.
  4. Ok, please patch your bot Change these lines: Global $aButtonRemoveTroopsOK1[4] = [778, 563, 0xDAF582, 25] Global $aButtonRemoveTroopsOK2[4] = [508, 428, 0xFFFFFF, 30] in COCBot\functions\Config\ScreenCoordinates.au3 to Global $aButtonRemoveTroopsOK1[4] = [747, 582, 0x76BF2F, 20] Global $aButtonRemoveTroopsOK2[4] = [500, 447, 0x6DBC1F, 20] Then run bot using MyBot.run.au3 or compile it to exe (you need to install AutoIt for that ;)). Cheers, cosote.
  5. cosote

    Resolution problem

    Hi @Zertex, wired. I've just tested the same: stopped bot, updated my MEmu to latest, changed resolution to tablet default, played CoC and then started bot again. It did the "funny" resize, trying to "fix" the resolution, but after a few seconds realized that the resolution is "unsupported", stopped MEmu and started MEmu with the correct, and all fine. Please enable Android debug option and share the log files from the active profile Cheers - Cosote.
  6. Hi @zultan, to enable those additional debug option, add an empty EnableMBRDebug.txt file in bot folder, and launch bot But it should be fixed in next release... plz replace this COCBot\functions\CreateArmy\TrainIt.au3 and run MyBot.run.au3 Cheers - cosote. TrainIt.au3
  7. cosote

    [7.7] Crash on Wierd Base

    It seems it's a bug when debug Smart Farm is active, will look into it - till then disabling the debug option for smart farm should resolve it Fixed in next release
  8. cosote

    Cannot launch bluestacks2

    Hi guys, please enable android debug option and share the "complete" log files Cheers - Cosote. @tedyreinoso Does the BlueStacks window appear during bot's attempt to start it? It looks like something went wrong: 2: D [2018-12-15 23:15:14.650] Found Process 2912 by CommandLine: C:\Program Files (x86)\BlueStacks\HD-Frontend.exe Android 2: D [2018-12-15 23:15:14.681] Found Android window: BlueStacks Android Plugin, 0x000A009A, WindowsForms10.Window.8.app.0.3296db7_r11_ad1 2: D [2018-12-15 23:15:14.681] Found 1 windows, searching for '_ctl.Window' with class '[CLASS:BlueStacksApp; INSTANCE:1]' 2: D [2018-12-15 23:15:14.681] BlueStacks2 (Android) Window not found for PID 2912 2: D [2018-12-15 23:15:14.681] BlueStacks2 (Android) Window not found in list 2: D [2018-12-15 23:15:14.681] Android Emulator not launched I was able to reproduce the issue on BlueStacks First CoC was running fine... but after a while even without the bot, I was unable to launch it, just a black screen. I've tried everything, different CoC cpu versions even older versions... nothing worked. Then I've installed Nova Launcher, removed Instagram, Facebook and Google Photos app, executed this command ind ABD shell: pm block com.uncube.account and installed CoC from Play Store again, and all works again... running it now rest of day to validate all is fine Cheers - cosote.
  9. cosote

    File not found error??

    Please enable Android debug option and share logs again if problem still exists.
  10. cosote

    V7.7 + Nox

    Please enable Android debug option and share logs again if problem still exists. First log shows shared folder problem, the 2nd log is strange - didn't see the problem yet Cheers - cosote.
  11. cosote

    SCID won't log in automatically

    Is the SCID problem account in a switch group?
  12. cosote

    Help! Hits active bases when only dead is selected!

    Please enable debug option "Attack CSV Image" after you've started bot with empty EnableMBRDebug.txt in bot folder. Then it collects a clean image under profile\myvillage\temp\debug. Please share those files were you see DB attack on LB. Cheers - cosote.
  13. cosote

    LeapDroid support

    Creating many more instances is easy: Open VirtualBox.exe in the LeapDroid program folder and clone an existing VM and start it like: LeapdroidVM.exe -vfiber -s vm3 Cheers - cosote.
  14. cosote

    [V.7.7] LeapDroid

    Found the issue Please replace COCBot\functions\Android\AndroidLeapDroid.au3 and run MyBot.run.au3 (or compile to x86 exe) Cheers - cosote. AndroidLeapDroid.au3
  15. cosote

    [7.6.6] Stuck at Builder Base

    If still happening with 7.7, please apply this patch that will be included in 7.7.1