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      Malicious and Banned Links   10/09/2016

      Please be careful of downloading ANY LINKS that are not originating from a MyBot.Run URL or another trusted URL (such as apkmirror.com, bluestacks, memu, xda-developers, etc).   We have banned ALL telegram links and other verified malicious links we have come across already. Users attempting to do this or get around this ban will be banned permanently.   Please report ANY suspicious links to MyBot Staff or pm me directly
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      MyBot.run V7.0.1 RELEASED!   02/27/2017

      The MyBot.run team continues the legacy with V7.0.1 Release!   Please note that v7 is a MAJOR version release.  This release has code breaking changes for MOD code made for previous releases. Roughly 60% of code has been refactored with major changes to global variable names, user interface internals, and other code design improvements.   DO NOT USE OLD v6 PROFILE FOLDERS!


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  1. Hi guys, next bot release has no known memory leaks, should run till end of... ? Update coming soon... Clash ON... Cosote.
  2. Hi there, Nox is unfortunately most problematic to "fix" by the bot, when something doesn't work right away. The general strategy is: when bot detected running Android it uses it, or launched one installed. So if you you have only one installed, that "default" instance of the Android Emulator is launched. Now, the bot will setup and change Android automatically, like set Android resolution to 860x732 in 160 DPI, adds a shared folder and resizes the Window when not at expected size. Nox has a problem, that resizing is really totally "unstable" and uses the real mouse to resize/refreshes the screen. But if you must run Nox, you can set it to 860x732 and tell Nox to keep that size fixed and bot will run fine, if screen is really 860x732. The height and width can vary, depending if you have systembar etc. visible or so. I would stick to emulator default settings. iTools for example is another candidate... there, adjusting the android screen to 860x732 doesn't work and must be done manually, but once set, and if screen is scaled differently, bot can resize it just fine. Most stable Androids are MEmu since 2.50, pretty much any BlueStacks Version 2.5.x/2.6.x and BlueStacks, LeapDroid 1.8.0, KOPLAYER, Droid4X and my current favorite: iTools. Missing shared folder, missing access rights from Android or Windows on the shared folder, multiple/miss-configured shared folders are common problems, the bot just ensures, if expected shared folder is missing, that it gets added and uses current users Picture folder (could be Administrator in some cases) to create the shared folder there. Happy that all is running now with MEmu Cheers - Cosote.
  3. cool I like it. The bot has already a server/client message based registration mechanism, where an external app, like a CSV Editor could register itself and get the list of running bots. It's an early implementation I needed to the watchdog. Now, using that function as a base to get the bot things to do like: here's a png file of a village, and here's the CSV script text (memory String) or CSV attack file xyz, and simulator/do the attack and give me back the result, would be a cool API kind a way to have an awesome editor without the need to patch the bot :D... We just need to define & code the one missing function... On the other hand, the bot as already a lot of nice things, like in docked mode the select buildings stuff where small yellow circles are drawn onto the emulator screen... that could lead to a new semi-automatic attack: this village would be attacked like this, do you want to attack now with this layout or another or skip? Really nice... I just need to test the inter-process variables communication (between bot and CSV Editor) and the rest would be really simple Great Job! Cheers - Coso
  4. Hi @cosote, Thanks for your continued work.  Anything we can do to encourage the release of 7.0.2?  Regards.

  5. I had the same... it happened to two of my systems... even reinstalled my server again... till I found out (googling VirtualBox and my I7-6700HQ processor and found a user report regarding Avast virusscanner...) Simple: In Avast under Settings/Troubleshooting option "Enable hardware-assisted virtualization" must be disabled. Now, you might have something similar Even if the visus-scanner is disabled and has tampered/hooked into the CPI virtualization, it won't change anything... check of any related in you AV, or switch to Avast Also, Windows Hyper-V might have been enabled... that also causes super performance issues... just create a new Windows launch config or disable the current with: bcdedit.exe /set hypervisorlaunchtype off to enable it again use: bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto (run with cmd.exe as admin) Cheers - Cosote.
  6. Still, on my different systems, iTools performs best compared to all other androids, only the difference to LeapDroid is super small (unfortunately LeapDdroid is dead) so my vote goes to: iTools
  7. Hi @Strikar, Video RAM is not used and I guess you can set it very low, but might not really reduce the memory consumption... 400-500MB RAM should be fine with CoC, I personally set all my Android for CoC at 1 CPU with 512 MB RAM. BTW: I had major trouble getting any Android running smooth on my new Lenovo Y700 with i7-6700HQ CPU, well, except LeapDroid that was the only one. No iTools, not MEmu... seems to be related to the VirtualBox 4.x version used... anyway... LeapDroid still rulz (and happy I found my old thread here to set it up again properly with the qt4 fix etc...) Cheers - Cosote. Update: It was again this Virusscanner LOL. In Avast under Settings/Troubleshooting option "Enable hardware-assisted virtualization" must be disabled. Now, after changing that, the other VirtualBox based Androids run perfectly fine again (strange that the option still reports enabled...)
  8. Uploaded it just moments ago, https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/26023-itools-avm-support/&do=findComment&comment=239115 should work... Cheers - Cosote. on my system a single CPU with 50% in iTools runs fine
  9. Here iTools also running on a mini pc: Next release of bot has even more memory and stability fixes
  10. Hi @tyop, waoh, impressive let me review that batch, that sets the language... vmx must be finally read-only or iTools resets it to Chinese Cheers - Cosote. updated batch file on first post
  11. Hi there, you have a very interesting problem. The ADB seems to have a problem and cannot start: ADB server didn't ACK * failed to start daemon * Very likely is some tool/development IDE whatever installed that launches it's own ADB version and relaunches it "aggressively" I think I could find an automatic solution for that in next bot release, but only if the other ADB executable is adb.exe... to validate my theory, can you send me this output when bot has this error: (direct message would be best ) 1. wmic /output:ProcessList.txt path win32_process get Handle,ExecutablePath,CommandLine,ParentProcessId /format:csv & notepad ProcessList.txt Execute in cmd.exe or in the Windows Run Window as: cmd /c "wmic /output:ProcessList.txt path win32_process get Handle,ExecutablePath,CommandLine,ParentProcessId /format:csv & notepad ProcessList.txt" Best with Administrator Privileges ... 2. Same with: netstat /anbq > ports.txt & notepad ports.txt Cheers - Cososte.
  12. regarding Update 1: I remember that and saw it last time many months ago, but never again since then. Don't remember, but think was language file/functions related. Can you use the "Test Click Drag (scrolling)" button on the Debug tab (enable with "EnableMBRDebug.txt" file in bot folder were the bot application files are) and verify that it's working/not working when bot fails to scroll in Train Window? Also, when failing on click&drag, can you also test if closing Android and let bot restart it fixes the issue? Thx a lot & Clash ON! Cosote.
  13. Hi @unheilig, interesting findings you have. As of now, the BS 0.10.x (rooted version) issues are resolved when using the "official" BS version from filehippo as mentioned earlier. Why other bots don't crash CoC App (or less frequently) is interesting, though probably not worth the effort to totally investigate. MyBot is doing some more additional things that could be related here and could be disabled in script (GUI options will come, hopefully soon): 1. Time-lag check: frequent checks that time inside Android is running not too slow (every Minute) 2. Android Process ReduceWorkingSet: Tells Windows to keep working set of Android process small (every Minute) 3. Too fast "Next" village clicks (can be increased in bot GUI) ... BTW: I got iTools running on VMWare and VPS, you might get good performance with that Chinese Android Emulator... Clash ON! Cosote.
  14. THANK YOU for your CSV files!!


  15. Next release 7.0.2 Change log (as of March 29th): * **V7.0.2** * Fix General BlackList Donations GUI setting not saved * Stop troop training in Halt Mode(s) -On-line Only & -Donate Only * Fix memory leak in OCR * Fix attack not starting when clan castle not available (broken) * Fix rare bot freeze/crash during launch and run mode * Fix trophy drop not working with long cloud wait time * Fix ADB send text to correctly escape symbols * Fix not check the collect resources, rearm, clear tombstones with new profile * Fix user mouse wheel with CTRL key for zoom-in/-out in dock mode * Fix rare issue with Halt mode when user sets one of "not online" modes and low loot error occurs * Fix minor Smartzap Errors @TripleM * Fix tracking troop training TIME * Fix random timer issue due AutoIt bug in TimerDiff() function with replacement timer functions * Fix CoC double launch (e.g. in BS, but others might have been effected as well) * Add bot command line parameter /nowatchdog for debugging or when watchdog shouldn't be launched * Add MyBot.run.Wmi.exe process used to list and query Windows Process information * Add forced timer activation of Grand Warden "eternal tome" ability separate from other heroes * Add league image on trophy setting * Add max trophy search filter * Add support for hires Windows DPI > 100% (tested with Windows 10, BS1/2, iTools, MEmu, LeapDroid at 200%/192 DPI and Windows Server 2016 iTools, Droid4X, KOPLAYER at 125%/120 DPI) * Add command line option /dpiaware to always set bot DPI Aware, scaled at 100% if possible * Improve bot layout with custom title bar * Improve redline fall back to outer green for smaller villages * Improve bot memory allocation * Improve Android Window resize and docking * Improve ADB session restart after 10 timeouts * Finalize global variable refactoring started in v7.0.0 * Change minimum .NET Framework requirement to 4.0 (adds Windows XP support) * Change MEmu default/expected Android Screen layout to 860x732 without systembar (only important when phone_layout cannot be retrieved) * Azerbaijani Language File by @Z E C K * Update Russian Language File by @Vlab97 Screenshot of bot: