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  1. Hi @forcocgame2, sorry for the late reply. The bot doesn't save the password anywhere - it's a token stored in a file under your user account profile ".mybot.run.authentication" under AppData\Roaming. Cheers - cosote.
  2. Hi there, wired, I've installed and all (except new focus problem with that version and brings Nox window to front when a text input is detected in Android) all works fine... Can you check where the BigNoxVMMgr.exe file is on your windows? And send be the output for cmd.exe command: set prog Cheers - cosote.
  3. We had some forum issues last 2 weeks since June 12th bot authentication and most features are restored... still patching the rest next couple days... Let me know if it now works or if you still have issues Cheers, cosote.
  4. Hi @darksider007, unfortunately we have missed to implement a backup system. While the forum is up again and authentication works, we are working on a backup system to prevent similar outages in future Cheers - cosote.
  5. Please replace this file zipped TcpTable.au3 in update_TcpTable.zip and run bot with AutoIt3.exe... I could not reproduce the error, but that array problem is now fixed
  6. Thx - will have a look & fix should be ready soon... Cheers, cosote.
  7. Hi there, yes, that's some crazy, harmless code in the bot It could be related to this bug below, please check the included patch Cheers, cosote.
  8. Hi there & welcome! I've seen that issue, that troops are not correctly detected, popping up recently. I try to get a patch ready next 2 days and hope you can test and the problem gets fixed or at least improved so it will work Cheers - cosote.
  9. Hi there, you're right - that's a bug Should be fixed in next release... Cheers - cosote.
  10. Hi there, that's really super wired. Looks like we have a bug in one library we use... Please replace this file ExtMsgBox.au3 in folder COCBot\functions\Other\ and run MyBot.run.au3 with AutoIt3.exe and check if that patch fixes it... Cheers, cosote.
  11. Hi @kimmo88, do you have an option on the Smartphone RDP tools to use fixed screen size like 1024x768 or larger? What screen resolution do you have when you use that RDP tool? Cheers - cosote.
  12. Thx for testing! Yes, please use your existing profiles - no need to create new profiles
  13. Hi there, I think this is an issue for a longer time. Do remember it was mentioned a couple weeks ago. I will have a look that I can reproduce with 3 accounts: A, B farming and C donating... If I have a patch ready, I will share - please join mbrchat.com and contact me... Cheers - cosote. Please check this patch MyBot-MBR_v7.7.6_patch#1.zip... unzip into v7.7.6 folder, overwrite the files and run MyBot.run.au3 bot with AutoIt directly... Let me know if that fixes it
  14. Hi there, please check that you're using minitouch for clicks, that is sending the touches to Android with native Android commands and bypasses any Windows related things. If you computer is going to screen-saving or account switching, ensure you use the screencap mode for screen capturing. Cheers - cosote.
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