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  1. great see you guys (most guys here) to get mini pc really working good with the bot keep up... BTW - next 7.0 release of the bot will have some major memory/GDI leaks fixed... that will help improve long time botting on 2 GB of RAM Cheers - Cosote.
  2. very interesting... strange thing is, the IE.au3 module is not required (at least in current development MBR7.0 - will check later for 6.5.3)... So, very likely the issue will be resolved in upcoming release Clash ON!!! Cosote.
  3. Hi there, the watchdog is simply restarting the bot process with its original launched parameters. The profile switching mod might not be supported by the watchdog (didn't review its code )... But, if you run only one instance at a time and use a profile switching mod, the mod could save the last profile it switched to in the profile.ini and when you run the bot without any parameters it will/should work Just let the mod dev know about your problem and my suggestion Cheers - Cosote. Update: you might be right, will check was writing too fast with reading not all - haha Update: The watchdog works as expected, the bot though not so much what I mean is: the profile switch is remembered, but not the Android type and instance... could it be that this is your problem? If you start the bot without any profile and android type/instance parameter, the bot uses the correct profile, but might launches the wrong android type/instance if you have multiple installed. This is a long time missing feature I need to add . fixed in next release
  4. thx @monkeyhunter Hi @Yoshi, The WMI objects (no command line tools) are used to retrieve process start parameter like command line options to identify running Android processes. Some users had in the past problems with their WMI framework installation (sorry, don't remember much nor do I have the Microsoft links). But the problems you have seems to be related to WMI/Windows installation issues. Do you have more details? Screenshots, Windows Event Log? Does the bot stop running? Cheers, Cosote.
  5. fixed in 6.5.4

    yes, might be related to ImgLoc DLL but code is fixed for next release... see here
  6. Hi @CavaloMan, Though I could not reproduce your problem, only by manually tampering with folder security settings in windows and/or delete the shared folder, it can be related to Windows not having the shared folder (1) C:\Users\Thiago\Pictures\MEmu Fotos in your case, or security settings in NTFS (2) prevent MEmu to use it or screencap command inside MEmu is not producing the screenshot file (3). If you have checked (1) and (2) and all should work, it makes sense to review your install using a remote control tool like TeamViewer, VNC or join.me. But before we start, can you send me your log file(s) that contain more details? Cheers - Cosote.
  7. strange... does it appear on the task bar again? ok, could reproduce it and testing patch now... you can test yourself: Just add one line in MBR GUI Control.au3, function BotRestore, at the end put the WinSetTrans command before ReleaseMutex: [...] WinSetTrans($frmBot, "", 255) ; is set to 1 when "Hide when minimized" is enabled after some time, so restore it ReleaseMutex($hMutex) EndFunc [...] let me know if that fixes it... will be included in next release... Cheers - Cosote
  8. Yes, this BlueStacks vs. BlueStacks2 command line thing... missed a long time ago to make BlueStacks2 deprecated and simply have all work with the BlueStacks parameter for bot major versions Regarding the "MEmu ADB script file folder doesn't exist: C:\Users\Syed\Pictures\MEmu Photo\" problem: its folder location is read from MEmu's instance configuration and the folder is simply missing or not accessible..., but if all works with MEmu 2.5.0, I would not dig further into that Cheers - Cosote.
  9. Hi there, village centering code is not done during search/attack, the attacked village is only measured, because it would drop troops. Wired that you have exactly that problem... I can only imagine that the clicks/window messages get "screwed" up a little... You can enable in config.ini adb.click.enabled=1 and test if your issue disappears... (only supported for MEmu, KOPLAYER, Droid4X and Nox). For BS2, iTools and LeapDroid it might also work, if you update $AndroidSupportFeature with bit 4 in MBR Global Functions.au3 (but I didn't test it)... Cheers - Cosote.
  10. Hi @danzel, can you check if you have Windows Aero enabled and test the bot with Windows Classic Theme, or the other way around, enable Aero Theme when running in Classic Theme? In my tests with Windows 7 in VMWare, I had some strange observations when Aero was enabled. Screenshots in background mode are not refreshed and only non background mode worked with BS. Also, many users here reporting problem when not running in Aero mode or with updated NVidia driver... Hope this helps. Still need to reproduce and retest all in a physical Windows 7 machine... Cheers, Cosote. CLASH ON!!!
  11. Hi @danzel, not really, there are no setting changes for the IMGLOC DLL. @trlopes has some develop/debug features that could help, just don't have the link at hand Will test on an older laptop I have... hope I can reproduce the issue. Cheers - Cosote.
  12. Hi @warriornetwork, the bot has some different click modes, unfortunately not yet available in GUI. I need to check what changed in beta7 to be sure and will do that next couple days. You can go into config.ini and enable ADB clicks by changing the adb.click.enabled=0 line to 1. Close bot first, then change config.ini and start bot again. Hope that helps and let me know if that fixes the issue for you. Cheers - Cosote.
  13. Hi guys, I will try to reproduce the Windows 7 situation. Currently I can only test in a VMWare Windows 7 x64 version. Last time I've tested bot could only run when fully shown and visible on Desktop and not overlapped by other windows. @danzeland @galumdor, do you have more details about how you run the bot, the screen resolution and additional information like that? Cheers - Cosote.
  14. oh, ok just let @Fliegerfaust know about it CU & Clash ON!
  15. Alright, so the 2nd instance is named Nox_1 so if you start bot, e.g. MyBot.run.exe MyVillage2 Nox Nox_1 it should work