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  1. Hi, starting with MyBot.run 6.3 beta8 Android Emulator iTools AVM is supported. Though it only supports Chinese, it's fastest and uses least RAM of all emulators I've tested so far. Homepage: http://pro.itools.cn/simulate/ Offline installer download: http://serv2_avm.itools.hk/dlavm?p=28&c=thinksky_ova Support version is,, DirectX mode must be used for bot background mode support (hidden under 3rd settings option and click right button button to save ). Use this itoolsavm.cfg and DirectX and 860x732 is already set (usually
  2. Hi guys, inspired by good old bananas fan @monkeyhunter, I'm consolidating here useful information about MEmu support of the bot. MEmu is best emulator for running multiple instances of MEmu and the bot at the same time. See a short overview of supported Android Emulators and additional tech. details Here All versions starting from 2.2.1 till latest 2.8.6 are support. Quite a few users report that 2.5.0 runs best for them, download here from filehippo. Latest can be always download from vendor site memuplay. Starting with version 2
  3. Hi, I'm using LeapDroid for some time now with the bot and it's running very good. Just need to be careful in docked mode with the mouse... if you click, move and release the mouse outside the android client area, the mouse will "break" and manual reboot of LeapDroid likely required. Also, LeapDroid has a very bad behavior bringing the window to front very often. This steals the focus and is very annoying when you try to use the PC while botting. I've patched and compiled the qt4 library used by LeapDroid to fix that. Just replace the qt4 files in LeapDroid pr
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