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  1. I should’ve posted this but I actually later found out that you need to specifically have them selected in the attack setting to use them. I thought that “use all Troops” meant everything but i should’ve known, thank you though
  2. I would recommend directX just because im pretty sure the bot turns up no log lines when using it as opposed to OpenGL
  3. I don't use it because I haven't found a way that makes it really work :/
  4. Wait For Clan Castle I notice that my bot does much better when I have troops in my cc but spells take a significant amount of time to be donated in my clan. Is there a way to prioritize waiting for troops over spells in cc so I don't have to waste time waiting for a spell donated? Or if someone could guide me toward the code that would fix that? Edit: I found what I was looking for, if anyone else is too here it is
  5. NakedCakes

    New Update

    I don't know why that would be happening Make sure it's the correct recommended version or that you're on a windows (?). Is MyBot.run.au3's icon the autoit symbol?
  6. That's pretty cool, I doubt it makes a huge difference but good to know it's out there
  7. I think there's a tab where you can configure certain builder village settings for attacking (not fully optimized yet but it's something). If it's not on the official release it's on AIO++'s modded version
  8. There's a game update, read Nyev's topic to figure out how to account for the change
  9. If you don't know what to edit in the script I'd recommend redownloading MyBot.run.au3 and starting whatever you were attempting to do again. Seems like you messed up on line 17
  10. An emulator in theory just acts as a way to run android software (if I'm not mistaken) and even if they were to be able to detect it I don't think it's against their terms of service. Most likely a bot incompatibility with the Bluestacks version or just hasn't been updated. Verify you have the right recommended version by going to the download tab or
  11. I'd say make sure you have the correct recommended version of Bluestacks. If you don't, download it from here and make sure you completely uninstall your current version
  12. NakedCakes

    New Update

    Make sure you have AutoIt installed, once you’ve edited the code to match the new update: save the file. Then go all the way to the main directory and right click on MyBot.run.au3 and press compile x86 then you should be fine
  13. NakedCakes

    New Update

    Shouldn't come up as a virus, just perform the edits listed on the first page, recompile the script and it should be fine
  14. Specifically relating to upgrades, the bot manually checks the cost when you locate the building @PutTheLootInMyBoot. However, I wanted to start a similar topic with the idea of adjusting wall costs. Maybe implement a section where you can put what percent discount you have and it adjusts other static values, or just make the wall upgrade cost changeable. It's a very small difference, if anything I like having an expected higher value to save more gold but just a thought
  15. I'm a TH10 currently pushing/farming @ 3150 trophies Id like to join an FWA Clan and will most likely be botting as much as possible
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