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  1. no need to transfer the bot folder, just add that AutoIt.exe in line? I try to run the CMD in AutoIT3 folder. It goes like this. C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3> then i edit it follow with this. C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3>C:\Games\MyBot_v7.7.8_r03master>mybot.run.au3 MyVillage MEmu Memu_3 result Access is denied. Please can u detailed it? where to put the autoIT folder and bot folder? it is in one folder? in what folder i should run the cmd?
  2. I also having now problem with my latest AV, i also can't run the bot. I wish you will answer to this queries of mine. What do you mean by that line in MEmu in CMD? I used to run 2 account in the same time before using MEmu with this line in CMD C:\Games\MyBot_v7.7.8_r03master>mybot,run.exe MyVillage MEmu Memu_3 If i will use you cmd line using AutoIT, where should i put myBot folder exactly?
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