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  1. nope this bot only for chinese people
  2. chinese used it ( 黑松鼠 ) a lot of people have been banned, so this bot doesn't have a slow attack speed option good side of this bot is good for farming if you wonder you can watch the attack video https://www.bilibili.com/video/av48987571?from=search&seid=6412363859128904334
  3. Townhall Level : 12 Barbarian king level : 40 Archer queen level : 50 Grand warden level : 12 How many hours run bot per a day: 7/24
  4. please help me Waiting for Main Screen Trying to locate Main Screen Main Screen located Shield has expired PBT information window failed to open Bad getPBTtime() return value: 0 Does anyone know what this is?
  5. is the forbidden wave over ? can I start using bot again
  6. nope because silver league and bronze league very safe for botters but my trophy settings 2000 - 2600 for dark elixir
  7. my 6 village settings : Trophy range 2000 - 2600 standart attack with gibarch
  8. me too banned permanently forbidden wave unfinished still going on
  9. Randomize Waves want to attack fast but do not have the option to set attack speed Can someone help me please
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