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  1. @rbrt kimmo said 2 instances require 4 cores with 4 GB RAM, https://contabo.com/?show=vps take a look at this website with the additional cost for windows it would still be only 9.99 for 4 cores and 8 GB RAM
  2. Yes, definetely use acc switch! You can run all these 3 accounts on 1 instance..your PC would be happy haha
  3. How many accounts per instance? If you run 8 accounts and get in 1 attack every 45 min, that’s averaging 5min per account. How’s that possible lol? If you consider search time, the attack itself and other shit the bot does.. I feel like you need at least 8-10 min per account and by that time you would already have 2 army’s trained up if you’re farming with a light smart farm army Thanks for the VPS information!
  4. Yes its defitenely cheaper to bot on a VPS ( I live in Germany as well) May I ask what VPS provider you're using? Also, do you run those 8 accounts on 1 MBR instance or 2? Which attack strategy are you using?
  5. what would be required to run 2 MBR instances?
  6. what is the main advantage of using this mod compared to the normal MyBot version?
  7. I'm gonna calculate it for you: The average pc uses approximately 150 watt. 150 x 24 = 3.600 kWh / day 3.600 x 365 = 1 314 000 kWh / year 1 kilowatt hour is round about 20 Cent (in Germany. I don't think the price is much different in France..) 1 314 000 x 0,20 = 262,80 Euro per year ( 21,90 Euro per month!) So I would definetely say it is more worth is to buy a VPS Since it is only half the price and you don't have that constant noise etc.
  8. don't for forget electricity cost.. if you look really long term like a couple yearsthen you're probably right but for just 6 or 12 months VPS is the better solution IMO
  9. what bluestacks are you using?
  10. 4 cores4 GB RAM would be fast enough to run 2 instances of mybot or not?
  11. 24/7 botting and CG clan needed hi I'm looking for a clan that always scores full points in clan games and where I can bot 24/7 no problem I would come with at least 2 accounts
  12. cheapest one I found but heven't ordered yet is like 10 bucks with 4 cores and 8 GB RAM
  13. I’m pretty sure you need windows which is more expensive most the time. But I’m not an expert for VPS
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