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  1. he's alive you need to get a rooted memu
  2. i had the same error try going to google play store and see if there is a coc update that you can make..that was what worked for me
  3. Is there a vps that can run more than 1 instance? If yes what’s the cheapest one for that
  4. https://contabo.com/?show=vps the 4.99 one. keep in mind that you have to choose windows r2 which makes it a little bit more expensive but great support there, haven't had any issues
  5. I'm using contabo. It's cheap and good. I'm happy with it and would definitely recommmend
  6. I don't think its the resolution. Playing on an emulator is not against SC tos. You can manually choose this resolution, in fact I've read a post here where someone stated that he does play in this resolution manually because its smoother that way.
  7. The edrag loon csv by ZECK 322
  8. Yes these are mine. I just put 500k elixir for dead base and 600k elixir for active base, that’s all. The bot usually attacks dead bases but tbh I doesn’t look super bot like and I think most people aren’t even watching the replays
  9. check these stats out. that's a 6h run. I'm happy with it considering this is still only the champ bonus not even titan. Obviously not much elixir gained but the dark elixir is definitely enough to upgrade both heroes
  10. thanks for all the csv. What would you suggest for loot settings, so that you dont make a loss
  11. yeah thats exactly what I'm thinking. I want an edrag loon csv and the corrct settings for dead/active bases. I just need my heroes to sleep for now I can do walls later lol
  12. farming in lower leagues is obviously more efficient. but I'm also thinking abourt farming just heroes on some accounts in titan with the edrag csv. this will only get me to like 400 attack wins per season instead of close to 1000 lol I haven't found the right csv though and settings. Do have anything?
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