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  1. clashfarmer123

    VPS problems

    It's 60 GB SSD NAS...
  2. clashfarmer123

    VPS problems

    It's "ZAP-Hosting" from Germany. No, I didn't try other hosters.
  3. clashfarmer123

    VPS problems

    Okay update: Mybot starts BS 2.5.43 and tries to launch Clash of Clans but CoC is still in blackscreen and not launched after 3 minuted...
  4. clashfarmer123

    VPS problems

    Okay, thank you. I just wondered because I'm logged in now (without shared_prefs) but it's very laggy and I don't know if the bot will be able to handle it.
  5. clashfarmer123

    VPS problems

    Okay could you send me a link to a shared_prefs tutorial please? I just found one explaining how to switch accounts with shared_prefs. And one last problem: I need to enable CPU-virtualization. I already found something about "nested virtualization". How do I enable this on my VPS?
  6. clashfarmer123

    VPS problems

    But there's no solution for it?
  7. clashfarmer123

    VPS problems

    What does that mean?
  8. clashfarmer123

    VPS problems

    So you recommend 2.4? bc 0.10 crashes and I can't log in in 2.2
  9. clashfarmer123

    VPS problems

    I got a 6-core 3,3 GHz CPU with 8 GB RAM and 100 mbit/s internet connection rootserver...
  10. clashfarmer123

    Emulator problem

    Emulator problem Yo guys, I'm using latest mybot.run version on my VPS with BS 2.6 and I got this error message: [20:41:35] ====================== BOT LOG ====================== [20:41:37] BlueStacks version is but support version 0.8.x - 1.x not found [20:41:37] Android support for BlueStacks is not available [20:41:37] Unable to open BlueStacks instance 'Android' [20:41:37] Please check emulator/installation [20:41:37] Unable to continue........ [20:41:37] Cannot start BlueStacks, please check log [20:41:38] ===================== Bot Stop ====================== I thought 2.6 was supported?
  11. clashfarmer123

    VPS problems

    But all my accounts are linked to a SuperCell ID, does that also work with this? And also the whole game is very laggy
  12. clashfarmer123

    VPS problems

    Okay now I found out that BS 2.6 works on my VPS. I'm gonna mark @Hecki now bc maybe he can solve my (hopefully) last problem: BS is extremely laggy and it takes hours until I can log in to a new supercell account. What can I do to improve the performance of COC in BS on my VPS?
  13. clashfarmer123

    VPS problems

    So I need to update my graphics card driver. But how to do that on a root server? I can't install any emulator without updating the drivers. PLS help!
  14. clashfarmer123

    Random Disable

    Random Disable What does the "Random Disable" feature? Is the number of hours the maximum online or maximum offline time? Do you recommend using this feature? And what is the best number of hours in this feature?
  15. clashfarmer123

    Pause bot to prevent detection

    Doesn't that cause an account change block/ban? And what else could I do (if I'm only using 1 account)? Thank you.