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  1. Simple BARCH for farming dead-bases. Quick and cheap to train BARCH!
  2. Yes, I continued botting for farming - all accounts ok! I just stopped now cause my TH12 is fully upgraded!
  3. Super overkill VPS for CoC botting...lol I run mybot on a VPS with just 2 cores cpu and 2 gb ram hahaha! Ask me how!! And please discuss VPS for botting here -
  4. Use BS1 or BS2 the best for VPS! You don't need VPS with GPU, it's expensive! Just use free or cheap VPS here:
  5. Never stop botting 24/7 on VPS!
  6. I've been through at least 3 ban waves and survived all 3 with 3 maxed accounts - botting 24/7 using VPS
  7. @SubFlow Nice work! You should join the Dev team and integrate this feature into official version of Mybot!
  8. Just use shared_pref for switching multiple accounts - this will work on VPS with only 1 instance running and preferably with 4 cores 4 Gb ram VPS.
  9. What script are you referring to? CSV scripts?
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