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  1. You'll need to spend time installing the right version of Bluestacks and fine-tune BS to work properly. If you can do that, 2 cores will work fine. Alternatively, get a preinstalled VPS for CoC botting.
  2. kimmo88

    Best VPS at all time

  3. kimmo88

    Supercell ID Error

    I think you may need to switch language to English.
  4. Anyone facing this problem with SCID login on VPS? Other than the SCID window is super laggy and I had to key in the verification code one at a time. When I'm done keying in the verification codes, I get this error "Opps! Your email address is invalid. Please try again" I am pretty sure I entered the correct email and the correct verification code via email. After trying a few times, it says I'm banned for 24 hours!!!!!!
  5. I had my disk space increased within minutes after requesting! Kudos to support!
  6. kimmo88

    List of VPS providers with free trial

    It's definitely cost more $$ than the benefit of using NOX/MEMU on VPS as these emulators require GPU to work.
  7. So, total cost is 10 euro or 12 usd per month. Note that it's not pure SSD disk, just normal slower HDD with SSD boost and you don't need 300Gb, just 15Gb is enough.
  8. Mine works fine but I hunt at low trophy level below 1500.
  9. kimmo88

    Alternative server for community

    I am actually fine with just using this forum and the chat function.
  10. kimmo88

    VPS Windos Server 2016

    I understand it's a pain setting up Mybot in a VPS. If you have time and the technical know-how, by all means, do it yourself. If not, choose those ready-made VPS for Mybot here -
  11. Try starting Bluestack first, let it load before you start the bot.
  12. kimmo88

    Mybot on Virtual machine

    Try Bluestacks. Other emulators won't work on virtual machines.
  13. kimmo88

    Vultr VPS

    This is a repeated topic which I already answered.