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  1. Please ask in this thread to share your issues with others who may have similar issues like yours.
  2. Yes, I think a lot of people using this guide to setup their bot on Google's free trial VPS.
  3. Just try BS v1 and v2 on Windows server 2012 R2. It should work. Also, it would be helpful if you can share error messages.
  4. Start with 3sec, see if it reduces OOS, if not increase to 4sec and so on.
  5. Don't complicate things. Here's a suggestion - just use a low-value CoC account i.e. lower TH for the VPS to run 24/7. See if you get a ban, if you don't get ban then use your main CoC accounts.
  6. Personally, I have 3 accounts on VPS in other countries for many moons! No ban at all! I also never read anything from anyone banned from using VPS to run 24/7. You can check the thread here on SC bans:
  7. Just use Bluestacks version 2. Forget about others i.e. MEMU, etc.
  8. No such problem for me at least, been botting on VPS for a long long time!
  9. OOS is just a minor issue if it happens bot will reinitiate the attack again. You can reduce OOS by increasing the search delay in Mybot.
  10. VPS runs in physical servers hosted in the data centre. Electricity is paid by hosting provider. It's totally silent cause VPS is not in your house. It's probably a few thousand kilometres away
  11. I think lots of people bot on VPS located in other countries and still play CoC on their phones in their home country. I don't think they get ban by SC.
  12. Shut down your computer, save electricity and prolong computer's lifetime. VPS still runs in the data center.
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