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  1. It's safe. Just use two-factor authentication if you want extra security.
  2. Actually, each instance needs at least 2 cores 2gb ram. If you want to buy a VPS that supports multiple instances, it has to be a powerful VPS. For example, 3 instances, you would require at least 6 cores 6 gb ram. Don't expect a 2 cores 2 gb ram VPS to run multiple instances...lol unless you run one instance and use shared_pref settings to switch between multiple accounts - that's a different story.
  3. Increase search delay in bot setting may help to reduce OOS. If you travel around the world and check your CoC on your mobile phone in different countries with different IP addresses - does it make sense for SC to ban you for playing the game while you travel?
  4. I advise you to keep it off unless you know what you are doing with the firewall settings.
  5. Botting with mybot.run using VPS for almost 5 years
  6. Memu on VPS - Windows server 2012 R2 @Hecki Maybe you can help. I've tried Memu on my VPS running Windows server 2012 R2. Installation completed but it complained that Hyper-V needs to be disabled when I start Memu. I've disabled Hyper-V using powershell commands and rebooted, Memu is still complaining. Do you know how to completely remove Hyper-V role on Windows server 2012 R2 ? I was using the guide below but my hyper-V checkbox is greyed out? https://serverfault.com/questions/598223/removing-hyper-v-role-from-windows-server-2012-r2
  7. I don't know how technical you are, but a lot of people are struggling to get their VPS configured properly to run mybot. If you do not want head-aches, I would recommend you to go for those 'bot ready made' VPS available in the list mentioned by @Hecki above.
  8. Yes, I'm requesting you to discuss everything related to VPS in that list instead of creating a new thread. Thanks. BS 2.5 has done 4 attacks in 24hrs and is facing tons of differents errors (OOS, cannot find main screen, losing connection etc.) It seems you are doing all right if bot is attacking. Maybe Contabo servers are overloaded or maybe it's just harder to find dead-bases now. It took more than 100 searches just to find one dead-base lol
  9. Please discuss VPS in the this thread. If Contabo is no good, I'll remove it from the list.
  10. It's been updated. Google no longer allows Windows VM for free trial account. I guess now Alibaba is the most generous with 3 months (individual) to a year (corporate) of free trial. Added Oracle and IBM into the list. Added Contabo into the list.
  11. Start creating more accounts - google email is free, CoC account is free, mybot is free What are you waiting for?
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