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  1. @SubFlow Nice work! You should join the Dev team and integrate this feature into official version of Mybot!
  2. Just use shared_pref for switching multiple accounts - this will work on VPS with only 1 instance running and preferably with 4 cores 4 Gb ram VPS.
  3. What script are you referring to? CSV scripts?
  4. Each instance requires 2 Cores 2 Gig ram, 2 instances would require 4 Cores 4 Gig ram. 3 instances 6 Cores, etc.
  5. You just need min. 2 cores 2 gb ram to satisfy Bluestacks min. requirement.
  6. Please read my original post for Top reasons to bot on VPS (Note: it's not mine, I picked it up from someone on the Internet) Also, tips for choosing your VPS provider - whatever you guys are discussing it's all in the original post. You just have to read the OP carefully! Having said that, it's nice that you keep this post active!
  7. You might also want to checkout VPS offered in Seoclerks. Pretty good reviews too in case you have trust issues https://www.seoclerk.com/user/runard
  8. Maybe you have another connection on another device like your on you phone or PC? You may try logging a support ticket to KSOL
  9. You can discuss everything about VPS in that same thread.
  10. There is already a thread discussing VPS here
  11. You don't really need to pay so much for a GPU enabled VPS. Check out cheaper VPS options here:
  12. Memu do not work without GPU.
  13. I tried it and 2nd account using same CC will be blocked.
  14. No ban using VPS. Lots of people using VPS and AFAIK no one reported any ban.
  15. No need to start a new thread, already discussing here
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