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  1. kimmo88

    Calling all Experienced Users

    Or you can buy preinstalled/preconfigured mybot on VPS services.
  2. kimmo88

    is this laptop able to run bot?

    As long as your laptop supports emulator i.e. Bluestacks, MEMU, etc it should be fine running the bot.
  3. kimmo88

    List of VPS providers with free trial

    Part 4: Final steps for running the bot without interruptions when logging out of RDP:
  4. kimmo88

    vps emulator

    Yes, only one Bluestack 2 instance for one bot.
  5. kimmo88

    7.7.4 Error upon opening the bot.

  6. I think only those running on virtual machine or VPS are affected.
  7. kimmo88

    Issues with ADB

    Same problem reported here
  8. kimmo88

    7.7.4 - bot can't open

    You need to open MyBot.run file
  9. You also need a fast internet connection for RDP to work smoothly.
  10. kimmo88

    updated coc on bluestack

    I thought it was only me who is having problems updating CoC on Google Play store. I get error 945 when trying to update CoC.
  11. Anyone using this VPS having issues updating CoC on the Google Play store?
  12. This final step to keep the bot running in VPS after logout is still confusing to a lot of people.
  13. kimmo88

    Best Emulator for a VPS

    You'll need at least 2 Gb ram to run any emulator i.e. Bluestacks.
  14. kimmo88

    Multiple bot on server

    8 bots you will require a powerful server with at least 16 cores 16Gb ram - I don't think you'll get that for free!