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  1. human like setup Any recommendations for setting it up to be more human like? I'm trying one more time to setup an account to play with... I had one account banned that was rarely used and with only dead bases but I got banned. What settings are helping others? I have a low base that I'll try on to see if it works... THanks for any recommendations...
  2. Try reporting some of the top players and see if they get banned... LOL... Maybe if enough legit accounts get banned in error, they'll be a little more lax... Not sure why you'd be trying to ban yourself???
  3. JOJO = SuperCell account... Ban wave is real - Supercell wants you to keep botting to be able to ban you... JOJO botting since 2013, but only a new account here... LOL - Ya right... Good luck all... Be careful of fake news from JOJO...
  4. JOJO = Supercell ... The ban is real, Supercell wants you to keep botting to get banned...
  5. Had a TH10 and only botted 4 hours a day and played it manually outside of that time and woke up to it being banned... bummer... good luck all - I'm out...
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