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  1. jeff, how much is it costing you a month for the service? Is it 16$ a month?
  2. Look here: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/33-town-hall-level-8/
  3. ditto for me... Is there an issue if they all have separate SCID accounts?
  4. can't you just use a different SCID for each account? I have multiple COC accounts, each with their own SCID...
  5. Around how much is VPS botting costing you a month @kimmo88 ? Which one is your preferred to use? Just looked up seoclerks - yikes 16$ a month is quite expensive...
  6. human like setup Any recommendations for setting it up to be more human like? I'm trying one more time to setup an account to play with... I had one account banned that was rarely used and with only dead bases but I got banned. What settings are helping others? I have a low base that I'll try on to see if it works... THanks for any recommendations...
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