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  1. I put Google play and its working now.. Thx for answer btw
  2. [Switch Account] Change profile but not account The bot does not change account and yet it changes profile "Account already disconnected??"
  3. No war attack feature is available on mybot. U cant use for that, U can use in Amical Challenge or during search attack (farming)
  4. Stay in Yellow area, if its in red area its just useless,
  5. Come on sriosuly. Just wait the new version or read previous thread about patch...
  6. I don't use multiple accounts support 1 bot for 1 accounts, should use multi account support?
  7. So vps = 10 ≈ 15€ for running only 1 Instance? I run 3 instances on my computer, also i should take 3 vps for 3 instances? At this point it's better to bot on self computer
  8. You re right, You right but I have same question than @ari_swim
  9. I got 3 bots works on my computer, so 20$ per month, and if u paid 15$ for a vps and only one bot working its... 15$ x 3 = lost money
  10. Cuz too many people say "Update aio ++ mod please ...", more than 50x times,
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