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  1. evilazzura

    Goblin Xp Bot

    Absolutely not, whether level 5 or 40, it's the same
  2. evilazzura

    Goblin Xp Bot

    Anything, you can not exceed 10k per day
  3. evilazzura

    Goblin Xp Bot

    level 40 but it change nothing
  4. evilazzura

    Goblin Xp Bot

    In the old version of the goblin xp (7.5.3 I think) the goblin xp feasted without ever stopping and you could turn 8000 exp a day now it's a bit of shit but it still works
  5. evilazzura

    Fast goblin XP

    The best mod for now is the last RK MOD, simple mod is less complete, all because of simple credits ^^
  6. evilazzura

    Fast goblin XP

    @Tekann download the latest RK Mod available https://mega.nz/#!JqRxkCJT!m2EfUDvfiX0LRdTZ0SHjMeuXk2O0elTid3zMLDV14D0 (MyBot-MBR_v7.6.2_RK_MOD-3.0.5)