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  1. Txmazing

    Bluestacks closes Clash of Clans

    Okay fixed it myself. Just set Attackplan>Search & Attack>Options both to 0 Sec
  2. Txmazing

    Cannot find Army Window

    Try complete reinstall Worked for me https://support.bluestacks.com/hc/en-us/articles/206949116-How-can-I-uninstall-BlueStacks-completely- if that does not help enable ads.click.enable=1 in profilesettings
  3. Bluestacks closes Clash of Clans Hello, I will describe my problem as best I can. I've been trying for days to get my bot up and running again. It all works, except for this one little thing. MyBot 7.7 ; Emulator Bluestacks Rooted I've been watching this for 2-3 days now. The bot tries to attack, sometimes he succeeds without any problems, but most of the time the game just closes. This usually happens when the bot is about to prepare the attack or just when he wants to move to the next opponent. My Telegram said that he cant find Next Button. In addition, weird numbers result after the game is over.