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  1. Im back!

    Ok, im not about to argue over this. He has his account so all good.
  2. Im back!

    I only have 1 account which has always been my account. Don't know what you are all talking about but it wasn't me and that's for sure. Hope your friend was able to get his account back though. Not here to argue with people though, If it gets to heated I will leave the forums and just use my own CVs and chill.
  3. Supercell ID screen

    This is happening when you need to take a break. Although an easy fix would be for the bot to click "log in with Supercell ID" since you dont have to enter the code again.
  4. little help with bluestack / running on vps

    From so many attempts to log in and failing Im locked out for 24h, but will try with BS 2 after, the specifications are the recommended 2 CPU windows 2012 etc, followed the guide.
  5. little help with bluestack / running on vps Got BS 0.10.7 installed. VPS google cloud. Problem I am having is whenever i open clash it asks for my Supercell ID to log into my village, when I try to enter my email it starts taking ages to show what Im typing, when I go to the next page to enter the code sent to my email, CoC crashes. What could be the issue?
  6. Im back!

    Im up to update the CV, it's something that gives me pleasure doing, making stuff that other people can use and try make it better than anyone else. Lets take it slow as I need to understand first what people want. Once I see what the best army for pushing trophies is, I will attempt to create the best CV out there.
  7. Im back!

    Im back! Hey guys, not sure if anyone remembers me made a pretty good dragloon back when there was only th11, i had then moved countries and quit CoC, finally back playing and botting. I see theres been a few updates and now its time to farm up to get this account maxed again. As far as CVs I might make a few CVs when I start pushing again, as I have no clue right now whats the best army to push.
  8. So I am going to be sharing my knowledge and how I have pushed, since so many people are using my CSV and I keep getting asked the same question. This topic will be focused around how to push with my CSV, which you can find here! CSV and Clan To push as far as possible you need 2 things: A clan that donates fast and what you need. click here for my clan. A good CSV mostly getting 2 stars. click here for my CSV. Those things are very important, if you are getting 1 stars mostly or losing a few times a day, it sets you back, as we all know we lose on defense 99% of the time, so we need to get more trophies than what we are going to lose on defense else we get stuck and cant push further. The CC is important, without those troops and spell makes our attack weaker, again we want to get the 2 star, so we need everything that we can get. Setting up the bot Now the final and one of the most important things is setting your bot. If you starting to push from Champions or below, I recommend another CSV for example a Lavaloon CSV, reason for this is because my CSV uses a lot of elixer for the army, but in legends we can afford to spend that much on the army because we get a very good bonus when we win. If you use this CSV below Legends you will soon run out of elixer. Now that you are in legends, you dont need to have any elixer or gold requirements to raid because of the bonus, what we do need which is very important, is to have a trophy requirement, we dont want to waste the time we have on a base that offers hardly any trophies because again if we arent getting enough trophies we end up getting stuck because of the losses on defense. This is what I used to get to where I am now, you can play around with the settings though: 5000-5500 Trophies: 12+ Trophies requirement (This number can be a little higher) 5500-5800 Trophies: 10+ Trophies 5800-6000 Trophies: 6+ Trophies 6000+ Trophies: 0 - Taking me 3-5 hours most of the time to find 1 single base, so I dont want to waste time being on the clouds the whole day else I wont be getting any trophies. Screenshot of my Trophies! This all seems like common sense really, but instead of explaining this to everyone who asks me how I have pushed or how to push, I can send them to this topic. Anything else I think of that needs to be included in this guide I will update it.