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  1. This seems like a problem with the attack script. What CSV attack file are you using?
  2. @ciro11 Try this one, it deploys Heroes on the same side as the troops. Lavaloon_by_Fini_v1.1_24_KeyMaker_edition_Heroes.csv
  3. is working with the new village?

    If you are asking about the Builder Hall or Night Village, then no, the bot does not attack in that village, it can only collect resources and activate the clock tower.
  4. Just thinking out loud. In case you do not use the quick train feature, then try and use the Train Order and force it to make barbs and archers before giants or hogs. That way when your attack is complete, only the barbs and archers will show up in the camps.
  5. @ciro11 Use this instead, its modified to support the higher camp space and is a newer version of fini's original attack script.
  6. How do I save MBR Settings?

    I also save my settings as strategy files as my settings are different for BArch/GiArch vs LavaLoonion. Its a wonderful feature to not only share with others but also across multiple profiles.
  7. If I understand your question correctly, using the mod is no different than using the standard MyBot software. The Mod just adds some handy features by the extended community that are not available in the base MyBot software. Refer to the following link for more details or take a look at The "How To" Guides subforum.
  8. @AleBar Maybe the "Extended Attack troop bar" is not enabled? If the troops and spells exceed 11 slots and the castle spell is beyond that, then the bot will not be able to use it if "Use troops at slot 11+" is not enabled. If its not that, then you might want to share the code snippet and the bot version to get further help in "Help and Support" forum thread.
  9. I encountered a similar issue but in my case I boosted the barracks manually. By this time the bot had already started training the preset army and the "Train end time" was set. So even though the army training was complete due to the boost much earlier than the bot expected, it kept on waiting for the train end time. I like that the bot is intelligent in reading the train end time and waiting it out, but do understand the need for disabling it, if its not too obtrusive ;-) In may case at least, a manual Stop followed by Start bot fixed it.
  10. Question about REMAIN in a script file

    Update. Tested my csv that uses only BArch with an extraneous troop (Giant) and it was dropped but the error still showed up in the log.
  11. Question about REMAIN in a script file

    Appreciate your response @IceCube, unfortunately I see the following errors and I am using Persian Mod v2.3.1 I do see chalicucu code in the ParseAttackCSV.au3 file, so looks like the code to handle DROP REMAIN is there. Code to drop remain in my csv file DROP |W |9 |1 |warden |0 |0 |300-500 | | DEPLOY WARDEN DROP |A-B |7-14 |1 |REMAIN |30-50 |60-90 |50-100 | | DEPLOY ANY REMAINING TROOPS RECALC| | | | | | | | | Snippet from the generated debugAttackCSV.log file 2017-12-27 20:28:08 : WARDEN qty 1 in (242,248) delay 0 2017-12-27 20:28:08 : >> delay after drop all troops: 462 2017-12-27 20:28:10 : line: 484 2017-12-27 20:28:10 : line content: DROP |A-B |7-14 |1 |REMAIN |30-50 |60-90 |50-100 | | DEPLOY ANY REMAINING TROOPS 2017-12-27 20:28:11 : line: 485 2017-12-27 20:28:11 : line content: RECALC| | | | | | | | | Snippet from the log file showing the error 2: L [2017-12-27 20:28:07.905] Dropping Grand Warden 2: L [2017-12-27 20:28:10.286] Drop|Remain: Dropping left over troops 2: L [2017-12-27 20:28:10.321] Checking remaining unused troops for: Dead Base 2: L [2017-12-27 20:28:11.403] 3 » 1 King 2: L [2017-12-27 20:28:11.404] 4 » 1 Grand Warden 2: L [2017-12-27 20:28:11.405] 5 » 5 Lightning Spells 2: D [2017-12-27 20:28:11.418] TroopIndexLookup() Error: Index for troop name 'REMAIN' not found (ParseAttackCSV). <<<<<< Error 2: L [2017-12-27 20:28:11.664] Checking remaining unused troops for: Dead Base I must admit that I did not test with extraneous troops yet to verify the functionality of DROP REMAIN. Appreciate any help to resolve the error.
  12. Recognize Un-Loaded Infernos And Eagle Artillery

    This is what I have been using "EA. 1> -", it seems to work fine, will take a closer look. Will be good to get a feedback from someone who knows how the "weak base" detection works.
  13. Question about REMAIN in a script file

    Thanks @AnDrOmEdA, that clarifies and answers my question, confirms that its specific to a mod version and not available natively. Given that, do you happen to know of any mod version that supports the drop of REMAIN? I have not ventured into compiling the bot yet and wanted to test my csv. Plan to add that drop only for fault tolerance, if nothing else.
  14. Question about REMAIN in a script file Sorry if this has been already asked and the information is available somewhere in these forums. I have tried looking around but did not find it yet. I wanted to know more about the REMAIN keyword for troops. Some of the CSV attack scripts have the following line to drop the remaining troops DROP |A |1 |1 |REMAIN |0 |0 |0 | | DROP |A-B |7-14 |1 |REMAIN |30-50 |60-90 |50-100 | | DEPLOY ANY REMAINING TROOPS Was wondering if this is specific to a MOD or is it supported natively in the bot? Also, does it require a RECALC to be issued before it can be processed? Asking because I got the following error when I tried to use it, its not case sensitive is it? TroopIndexLookup() Error: Index for troop name 'REMAIN' not found (ParseAttackCSV).
  15. Recognize Un-Loaded Infernos And Eagle Artillery

    I don't believe its possible to add 20%, 40% or say 80% filters. The detection is based on the in-game image of the elixir collector. If you take a look at them closely, it is easy to interpret if they are close to 50% full or close to 100% full, but there is no intermediate level that can help determine if its 40% or 80% full. It's all based on image detection and the game does not provide elixir collector images at that granular level. Regarding the unloaded Eagle Artillery, its already supported, take a look at the weak base settings. I tried the EA and it works, unfortunately the infernos did not work for me. Came across a dead TH10 with 2 dead infernos but the bot said "Not a weak base for a dead base" and skipped it.