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  1. Thank you, tried it this morning and it works great!
  2. four finger barch csv

    @Zod Try the CSV attached in this post ->
  3. Truly sorry, I missed it and cannot seem to find the solution. What was the fix for not coming back from "Village must take a break, wait ..."? Is there a new executable or do I need to compile it after making changes to a code file? I saw a hotfix posted for the main but did not find any for the Aio++ mod. Edit. Came across a link to the CheckObstacles.au3 file for the fix. Is this the solution? If so, I could not download it as its asking me to install a chrome extension. Can someone please compile and provide the .exe file?
  4. Builder base

    I would like to see Builder Base support for the sake of completing challenges in Clan Games too. All I want to do is human like spray and prey beta minions/baby drags/others to get enough % damage to complete those challenges, do not absolutely care if I win or lose that match. The same can be used to hopefully score 1 star from each match to help complete the star based BH challenges. Please make it happen!
  5. Army not ready for battle error

    I encountered the same issue yesterday using Persian Mod, everything seems to be ready but the bot decided it was not. So I disabled wait for heroes and wait for spells and let the bot try again. Sure enough it went ahead and did the attack. Then I stopped the bot and re-enabled wait for heroes and wait for spells. Fortunately, it worked for me from hereafter. Try to switch some settings and let the bot attack and see if something triggers a reset for it to behave correctly. I did try restarting the bot and emu before, just did not reset the PC.
  6. @Alessio140298 Change the DROP_POINTS for the MAKE commands from 1 or 2 to 10. The issue seems to be that you are creating only 1 or 2 drop points, but using higher values in the INDEX for the DROP commands. Also, in future, post issues with your personal CSV's in this thread -> https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/97-csv-attack-development-support/
  7. ADB Prompt not identified

    Using Memu 2.8.6 here, got a similar error but different ADB error message. Attached is the log file from when the error started happening. Note that I was running 2 memu and bot instances at that time. Restarting the bot resolves it, but I did get the error on 2 separate occasions under similar circumstances. Debug_2018-02-20_22.14.16.log 2: D [2018-02-21 05:25:05.741] (0): ADB shell command error 1 ([email protected]:/ # ): 2: D [2018-02-21 05:25:15.744] File too small (0 < 2518092): C:\Users\BlahBlah\Pictures\MEmu Photo\7E8BF065CA53CC2DFF31E40F2EE109FF5A2E2DB2 2: D [2018-02-21 05:25:15.744] File size 0 is not 2518092 for C:\Users\BlahBlah\Pictures\MEmu Photo\7E8BF065CA53CC2DFF31E40F2EE109FF5A2E2DB2 2: D [2018-02-21 05:25:15.745] Captured screen size 0 x 0 2: D [2018-02-21 05:25:15.745] Captured screen bytes read (header/datata): 0 / 0 2: D [2018-02-21 05:25:15.745] ADB retry screencap in 1000 ms. (restarting ADB session) 2: D [2018-02-21 05:25:16.751] ADB shell terminated, PID = 14160
  8. Hi Promac,


    I happened to come across a ClanGames_AiO.au3 file that supposedly supports Clan Games. First of all, big thanks to Team Venom and you for taking it to the next level. Have heard that a beta version of the mod has been released that incorporates this file. That said, based on some code walk-through, it looks like there are some areas of improvement, particularly the way the ImpossibleEvents list is being prepared and events being purged. Pretty sure its already being worked on as time permits, but I would love to see that the ImpossibleEvents list preparation be refined to have an option to only include Builder Hall related challenges. It does not seem to be fair to include a challenge in the purge list if some one has say air army or say someone hasn't unlocked a troop or say someone is not at a TH level that has a particular building/hero unlocked.


    I was wondering if the mod that is being worked on for Clan Games support is available for download somewhere or if the development is happening on git hub and can be looked at.


    Thanks for your time and efforts.



  9. Is there a way to have 2 or more SIDE instructions in the CSV script, each time recalculating the attack side? I would like to have the ability to determine a side for my first wave of deployment and recalculate the side based to leftover buildings for my second wave. Currently, it looks like the second SIDE instruction in the script does not recalculate and chooses the same attack side as the first SIDE instruction. Came across a SIDEP instruction somewhere, but I guess it was for a particular mod and never made it to the main branch. Example use case below: |Calculate side closest to DE storage |EXTR. GOLD |EXTR.ELIXIR|EXTR. DARK |DEPO. GOLD |DEPO.ELIXIR|DEPO. DARK |TOWNHALL |FORCED SIDE | SIDE | | | | | |10 | | | :: :: |Calculate side closest to Town Hall |EXTR. GOLD |EXTR.ELIXIR|EXTR. DARK |DEPO. GOLD |DEPO.ELIXIR|DEPO. DARK |TOWNHALL |FORCED SIDE | SIDE | | | | | | |10 | |
  10. Multi Bot

    @drusther Have you tried using the SelectBot utility? https://github.com/Fliegerfaust33/SelectBot/blob/master/SelectBot.Exe The other alternative is to start MBR from the command prompt, say you have 2 Memu instances, one is MEmu and the other is MEmu_1 and you have 2 profiles, one is MyVillage and the other is MyVillage1, then just go to the command prompt and type the below 2 commands to start 2 instances of the bot. mybot.run.exe MyVillage MEmu MEmu mybot.run.exe MyVillage1 MEmu MEmu_1 The other alternative is to create Windows shortcut with the above commands or create batch (.bat) files with the above commands.
  11. That was quick, thank you, downloading now.