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  1. guys i have a question, i use builder base attack, but i never noticed if the bot attack even if he reached the whole loot available, is this normal? i've been looking the computer now and i noticed it. but im not sure if its normal or can be set somewhere to avoid to attack if there is no loot available. Thank you.

  2. just and feedback, when you use CSV the bot drops always from 3 to 6 no matter what u say in your CSV (if you wanna go for dark elixer, gold, etc) it doesn't happen in a regular bot so i think its a bug.


    EDIT: it was because my csv has external edge as defaul, weird, because in the offical it ignores that and use redline from the bot config. Anyway, i just wanted to tell it.

  3. I'm getting lately cloud wait time till infinite, the bot tends to work like 2-3 hours then cloud wait time appears in builder base, i don't know why, because i'm using ethernet, and im using 2 emulators, it happens always to 1 of them, not both at the same time. Before it happened at MEmu, i moved to nox and it worked for a while, but eventualy i started to get the same issue in nox too.


    There is not a way into the code to make the bot restart when the cloud time is more than 10 minutes or 5? I've seen, we can set the time the bot should be restarted into android options but is just a timeframe value, is not based on any issue detected, so i think, something like that may works in this case? but based in the time cloud wait becase i also know, some people at highest leagues, tends to wait more than 5 minutes to get a base, so that i'm proposing,  could be useful for people who farm in lower leagues mostly for this kind of issues, because indeed in lower leagues is almost imposible get cloud time.


    Please if someone know, if there is a hotfix or a way to code it, and how to do it tell me, will be very apreciated


  4. hace 14 horas, giadima dijo:

    let me explain better; if I ask troops to the clan and nobody is donating in the clan the BOT never attacks unless I unchecked the option wait for troops.


    To overcome the problem, I have two accounts and always donate between the two my accounts. 


    While, it should be possible to define the number of consecutive times that the bots ask the troops in the clan chat and if no body still donate, the Bot attack. 


    I will try to make more simpler; I fix 3 as reference, BOT ask 3 consecutive times the troops in the clan chat but no body is donating... than the BOT attach even if the option is to wait for clan castle troops.


    sorry, if I am still not clear, please, ignore my request... I am not able to explain better.

    IM MY CASE I UNDErstand you, but if you are decided to let the bot attack without cc castle reinforcement till the 3rd time, why not just set the bot to don't wait for troops, if you get reinforcements, cool, but if not, you won't waste your time, till the third time, as the request will be there, and eventually your other account will fill it. in a certain cycle.

  5. hace 19 minutos, Lefkas dijo:

    May i ask what you did to make it work?

    I have same not and same settings for 4 accounts, in one it mess up like this

    "Try secondary village measuring..."

    Then it snap to a mortar and get spasms and fail and search war maby once every 3-5h :S

    Tried remove the most recent obstacles i can see but idk....

    It would be nice if we knew where it need to be clean :S

    same here, but it happens to me in builder base, after few hours appears "cloud time" and nothing happens. till i restart the pc but again the same thing i moved to nox*, because i tend to happen more in memu but i got that issue in nox again.

  6. 1 hour ago, PriapusCranium dijo:

    +1 quick train is broken with larger camps.


    The bot has to deal various army sizes due rate of camp upgrades.  Higher amount will not be wholesale issue.


    Would expect more issues due users not changing the army size in bot GUI after upgrade, that will then create army content or size issues.


    This will make TH13 CSV more challenging.   Have to adjust any TH13 CSV attack files to compensate for larger army, or might find left over troops.


    Long live MBR!

    boldina post a fix i think but you need to recompile it i think.


    hace 2 horas, Boldina dijo:

    If the ocr works well there should be no problem, there is no limitation in this regard, Ty.


    Ps: (quick train?)

    Func TxtQTEdit_Troop()
    	Local $iTroop, $iQty, $iSpace, $iSlot
    	For $j = 0 To 6
    		If @GUI_CtrlId = $g_ahTxtQTEdit_Troop[$j] Then
    			$iTroop = $g_aiQTEdit_TroopType[$j]
    			$iQty = GUICtrlRead($g_ahTxtQTEdit_Troop[$j])
    			If _ArrayIndexValid($g_aiTroopSpace, $iTroop) Then $iSpace = $iQty * $g_aiTroopSpace[$iTroop]
    			$iSlot = $j
    			If $iQty = 0 Then _RemoveTroop_QTEdit($iSlot)
    		If $j = 6 Then Return
    	If $g_iQTEdit_TotalTroop > 300 Then
    		Local $iSpaceLeft = 300 - ($g_iQTEdit_TotalTroop - $iSpace)
    		Local $iMaxQtyLeft = Int($iSpaceLeft / $g_aiTroopSpace[$iTroop])
    		ToolTip("Your input of " & $iQty & "x " & $g_asTroopNames[$iTroop] & " makes total troops to exceed possible camp capacity (300)." & @CRLF & "Automatically changing to: " & $iMaxQtyLeft & "x " & $g_asTroopNames[$iTroop])
    		GUICtrlSetData($g_ahTxtQTEdit_Troop[$iSlot], $iMaxQtyLeft)
    EndFunc   ;==>TxtQTEdit_Troop

    I only found this that should be replaced @Nytol.

    ty buddy

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