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  1. I think third-party software designed to modify or interfere with the Service some people are able to modify files on emulators to reveal traps or things... i don't think just because you are using emulator you will be banned, but its a cool reason to say if they suspect you are using bots and say, ok, aren't using bot? but you are using emulator, you can't appeal the ban.
  2. yes, bh attacks are working really great but the time is still long to get the 6th builder as of now, upgrading the whole base. i will try, thank you!
  3. i don't know if exist some, option, trick, or mod to upgrade just battle machine instead the whole base, and certain structures like, archer, canon, mortar in BH? any help will be very appreciated
  4. Since the second ban wave i didn't receive any ban don't abuse the bot and you will be ok
  5. it doesn't mean you won't be banned, i tracked a random chinese using bot he was safe like 4 months, i search his tag yesterday, he is banned now.
  6. glad to know last 4-5 ban waves im still safe, but sorry for you guys. it means our theory is true. Be wise using bot, don't abuse it.
  7. ban wave? im still safe ban wave? im still safe
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