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  1. paradoxum

    tips to avoid ban.

    First of all the ban wave did not banned botters. The bans affect to People who did accsharing and used 3rd Party Software in clanwar. And the most bans reveived competive Players in popular leagues and Players who plays sccwl in Champion 1. I didnt heared from any casual Gamer who get a ban or anyone who did get banned because of farmbot. Supercell is prepairing for esports League so they now ban Players. If u Play competive or fight in high sccwl League u have to be more careful now.
  2. paradoxum

    Bot goes offline and comes on 30 min later

    Close coc while wait for troops ready
  3. And most People say maxwell getting Banneed through using a mod.he give a Statement to beware his face in competive Scene. He is a well known Person in competive so he had to give a Statement and using farmbot is Very popular and for most competive Players not seen as Beaking the fair Play rules. Would he say he used a mod his Clan would be Banned on all competive Tournaments.also he and his YouTube Channel would be useless.
  4. paradoxum

    Clash of Clans Simulator

    gibt es sowas in der richtung aktuell noch?
  5. paradoxum

    Not Zoomed Out! Exiting to MainScreen...

    Or do not sell just use this temp fix
  6. paradoxum

    Google Play Login Pop-up

    How u did this? I tried it because i stuck after Every Switch on Google Play Login popup. I use shared prefs accs scid.so i tried ur way but After removing Google acc out of Emulator when i Run coc Android setup Appears and wants to add Google acc. Thanks for help.
  7. Hey After Update of win10 i get the same Error on bs 0.10 rooted. Now i cannot start bs anymore. 5 seconds After launching bluestacks appPlayer it get closed during initialize.anyone know to fix? I reinstalled memu now but still have same problem
  8. paradoxum

    Change actual auto Upgrade System

    Yes this works for lower walls but at walls 10+ and the high Upgrade cost for buildings at this Point in the Game it cause in Problems. So i get this idea
  9. paradoxum

    Auto upgrade configuration

    Yes this could be a way. Hope Devs will find a way to handle this,thank u so far for your help
  10. paradoxum

    Bot down

    Its because of the heroes potion u get from Clangames. Sell the potions or use this Temp fix. There a many threads about this.
  11. paradoxum

    Auto upgrade configuration

    Thank u for answer i also saw this and suggest to add to official. I cannot see the Code in this thread i dont have the permissions and also don't know how to add if i will have the Code.and yes i get troubles at walls 10+
  12. paradoxum

    Auto upgrade configuration

    Auto upgrade configuration Hey everyone i need help to set up auto Upgrade System. I want bot auto Upgrade buildings and walls. Want 1 Builder Free for Walls using Gold and elex.how to set up bot that he First start buildings before Upgrade Walls when Builder gets free. Need this to be sure i have enough Ressources for start Upgrade Building. Thanks for help
  13. Change actual auto Upgrade System Hey i want to suggest to Change the actual Upgrade System. I often have Builders unused because while bot is waiting for Ressources for Upgrades he invest this in walls because auto Upgrade Walls is activated. Odinn has an more intelligent Upgrade Management System that helps not to get this Problems. Thank you so far