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  1. Troops & Walls

    This version of the script is not up to date so that's probably why, I'm still testing the updated version, but since I'm TH11 it takes a bit of time to upgrade my troops and I don't want to publish an untested version. If this bug still exists in the updated version which I will post as soon as I'm done testing then report it to the MyBot Devs since I haven't changed anything about the value readouts.
  2. How functions are prioritized?

    The functions calls you are looking for are located inside the mybot.au3 file you can find them pretty easily.
  3. Troops & Walls

    Nice, it was in the old version before they used imgloc, but idk why they didn't add it back. I guess I will only need to update the laboratory stuff then.
  4. Troops & Walls

    It's actually not, ever since wall upgrading got upgraded to imgloc they didn't add auto upfrades to next level. Check the code if you don't believe me.
  5. Troops & Walls

    I will upload an updated version of this next week after I'm done testing.
  6. Didn't check it before, sorry I'm on my phone.
  7. Run it with the mybot.au3 file, you need AutoIT for it, but it is better to run it like this anyway.
  8. Windows V Server

    Man kann auch einfach nen VNC Server wie z.B. TightVNC installieren und sich einfach über VNC anmelden, falls man der Server via Handy dann steuern will Verbrauch das viel weniger Mobiledaten und nimmt weniger Performance da man nur 1 Nutzer hat der alle Windows Services hat anstatt 2.
  9. Is there a new discord link?

    It is still the same link, but I made a new one maybe this one works: https://discord.gg/A3VhzPU
  10. Windows 7 VPS

    Which version of BS are you trying to install? Only v2 or below works on a VPS.
  11. What is VPS?

    It's a Virtual Private Server, you don't have to pay for electricity and they are often located in data center which means the internet is most likely very stable. It doesn't lower the chance of being banned, some people just use them because they don't want to have a computer running 24/7 at their home, or they already have on and just the bot on it as well. VPS aren't cheap keep that in mind, a Mini-PC is a better option if you are going to bot for a longer period of time and they support Memu and other emulators. On a normal VPS you can only use Bluestacks 1 and 2.
  12. With the GoblinXP feature you are able to either use it while training or us it the whole time, so yes you can use it with dead bases, but your Archerqueen has to be available otherwise the feature won't work since all other heroes get cooldown.
  13. Auto Upgrade Troops

    No problem buddy, I was looking for something like this for years now as well and didn't think about how it actually could be done until now. It was pretty easy to be honest and it gets the job done so yea have fun.
  14. Troops & Walls

    I have no idea how that happened, it's not an error from my code And I use the same MOD as you so IDK, which troop did you select?