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      Please be careful of downloading ANY LINKS that are not originating from a MyBot.Run URL or another trusted URL (such as apkmirror.com, bluestacks, memu, xda-developers, etc).   We have banned ALL telegram links and other verified malicious links we have come across already. Users attempting to do this or get around this ban will be banned permanently.   Please report ANY suspicious links to MyBot Staff or pm me directly
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  1. Truppen spenden

    Sorry hab nicht gesehen das du nochmal hier geschrieben hast sonst hätte ich es dir rausgesucht. Gut zu wissen das du es gefunden hast.
  2. MyBot

    You just download the bot and put it in a folder, so yea it is kind of portable. You have to do updates manually which is kind of annoying, you can make it auto update if you know how to pull stuff from github.
  3. Back from 2016 General Help VPS?

    If you want to bot for a longer period then I would recommend you to buy a Mini-PC, they are way more price efficient, you can run Memu on them and if your Mini-PC has good specs then will be able to multiple bots. Mini-PC Ram is also cheap since it is most likely SoDimm and you can just buy them used, the CPU is pretty much the limiting factor here.
  4. Need help with Bluestacks! ASAP

    BlueStacks works fine on my VPS using the newest version of the bot https://filehippo.com/de/download_bluestacks_app_player/68173/ When you install a new version of any emulator you might need to make a new bot profile since the bot profiles saves the emulator you used. If you are able to run Memu on your machine then I would recommend you to use Memu since it is way more reliable and stable overall. Depending on the version it is also way more power efficient then any BlueStacks version.
  5. Auto Upgrade Troops

    I havn't changed the way the feature works. I don't have enough resources to check it right now since I'm nearly th11 maxed. It works for me: It upgraded my wizards and now it is waiting for it to finish the upgrade and then it will upgrade Healers (the next troop).
  6. Auto Upgrade Troops

    Yea it is still the default GUI, it will just switch to the next troop once the selected troop finished upgrading.
  7. Auto Upgrade Troops

    Yea, you have to enable it obviously and choose a troop and then it will just take the next troop.
  8. Auto Upgrade Troops

    Yes, it should auto upgrade troops, I couldn't really test it yet since I don't have enough resources, but I'm 99% that it works. The order is the same as in the menu so start at barbs I think then it goes down, when it hits the last troop then it will start from the top again if it detects that the troop is maxed already then it will choose the next troop as well.
  9. https://dropfile.to/PhnFpjB Here you go
  10. Look at page 50 buddy there seems to be a fix for it, might break goblin xp tho. Good job guys, really appreciate the work you have put into this bot. It has all the features I could ask for and works pretty good (besides the official bot bugs, but you guys can't really do much about it).
  11. Auto Upgrade Troops

    I mean if you ask that kind of question then why are you using a bot if you could just do it by yourself? It is not about the time you have to invest to change the troop it is about the comfort, I'm a VPS botter and I pretty much start my bot and forget about it for 1 month. I have everything manage on the server, auto-restart, auto-start bots and even auto update for some games that I bot if the bot doesn't support it by itself. I don't have to do anything if I don't want to that's why I'm botting. Imaging having 30 bots and you have to change the troop in 30 profiles, that is just pure hell. I fully support this request, back in the day when Roro made AutoUpgrade I also request this kind of feature, but he was always busy and that is fine, but I still would love to have this feature. Seeing that people want it too makes me happy and I guess a Dev will try to create something for it sometime until then we have to wait. So +1 from me would really appreciate if someone could make something like this I rigged something together that might work, tell me how it works for you (File location: ...\MyBot\COCBot\functions\Village): Sourcecode: Laboratory.au3
  12. i have a stupid problem :)

    Try running the bot via the au3 file, you need AutoIT to run it so just download it and it will show you an error when it crashes, post that error here and it will be easier to see what is going on I guess.
  13. i have a stupid problem :)

    You have to use different profiles for both accounts. Also why don't you multi instance NOX? That would be easier I guess, but that's your choice.
  14. Bug Village must take a break

    Ist nen bekannt Fehler und es wird auch schon daran gearbeitet. Wenn du den ganz normalen Bot benutzt dann gibt es hier eine neue Version die diesen Fehler beheben soll: https://mega.nz/#!WQZTDQKK!GVuz7aNbH7Cd-HpOJS8k9aRgmrcPNUsdP-muBt1r7Og In den Optionen einfach Personal Break einschalten und es sollte fufunktionieren. Hecki hat den Link in einen anderen Thread mit den selben Problem gepostet, ich hoffe das es dir hilft. @Mybot-Staff, I know that I'm not allowed to talk in a different language in this section but it is easier for him probably.
  15. I used BlueStacks 0.10.x (non rooted) on my VPS for more then 2 years and never had issues with it and I used MEmu 2.5.0 on my main computer and Mini-PC's to multibot and I never had issues as well. Then I made my own bot for a different game and the game didn't work on MEmu and I had to switch, I ended up switching to BlueStacks3 which worked good, but the constant updates messed my bot up and since the BSTweaker had no option to disable the autoupdater I had to manually fix my bot like every 2 weeks or so which was pretty annoying. Overall I would probably recommend you to try either MEmu Or NOX, enable a FPS limit of 20, lower the RAM to 512 and 1 cpu and you should be good to go. Those emulators are pretty resource efficient and you can multibot with them.