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  1. Hey guys, I recently changed the code of the Laboratory feature and the Wall-Upgrade feature so that they auto upgrade and switch to the next troop/wall-level whenever the troop is maxed, upgrade finished or no wall for that wall-level left. This is just some simple stuff, but it works, I have tested it for more than 2 weeks and everything worked fine (besides the maxed troop detection of Laboratory, but I fixed that as well). How it works: Laboratory: Select any troop of your choice The bot will then try to upgrade it and if that troop is maxed it will just change the troop to the next troop If it successfully upgraded a troop and it's done then it will also switch to the next troop Once it upgrades all troop from top to bottom it will then start from the top again Download : Laboratory: Laboratory.au3 Installation: Put the files in the folders below. Laboratory: .../COCBot/functions/Village You have to either start the bot via the mybot.au3 file or recompile the bot which means you need AutoIt3 x86 installed to make it work. If you find any bugs or have a suggestion then please tell me I will try my best to make it work in the future or maybe a real dev can pick this up and make it to proper code and add it to the original bot so that everyone can use it in the future. Have a nice day and bot on guys Updated: 5.8.2018 16:42