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  1. The simbios mod picked up my idea and made a more advanced version of this, I also suggested to use train order, but it's just not useful enough to make such an effort for it.
  2. ZerGo0

    Real bug

    Change the game language to English. The bot only works with the English game.
  3. ZerGo0

    Few annoying things

    I would recommend either MEmu 2.5.0 or, I used both version and they worked just fine for me.
  4. ZerGo0

    Few annoying things

    Try changing the emulator to MEmu or Nox, could be an emulator problem.
  5. Ah didn't know that I never touched BB tbh it's new to me, thanks for telling me, appreciated.
  6. Thought so, I'm too lazy to train troops myself. Gonna wait till someone makes a BB Train System.
  7. @ChacalGynAwesome work buddy, keep it up. I got a question tho, troops don't get trained in the BB right? I looked at the code and it doesn't seem like it, just wanted to make sure since I can't test it right now.