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  1. You started this, not a am. Kid.
  2. Starte mybot über eine .bat Datei. Da kannst du den Pfad rein schreiben. Wieso ne Datei aussehen muss kannst du hier über die Suche finden.
  3. I dont belive this. Because not all Botter use clangames. In witch way can a detection code work to detect certainly bot accounts ? If SC want, all bot accounts are banned. SC Do Not want this or do not spent a Lot of money for this. this ban wave is over And all my accounts are still alive.
  4. Sorry to hear this. I use your giarch csv File. Best File ever. Your csv File will survive.
  5. I agree. We only can try to make it a little Bit more undetectable. IT is impossible to make it 100 % save. Making little things is better than making nothing. I use a csv File giarch. A normal User do not See that a bot attack the base. A normal User can Not Compare all the attacks, he See only the one attack of his base. And i am playing in a Low Trophy range. In high Trophy areas there are a Lot more Player who have a Lot of experience to detect the bot attacks as in lower Trophy areas. That is my way to make it a little Bit saver
  6. I am sure that SC use automatic detection code. Maybe SC let Run the detecting code in times of Low Server utilization. After the code flags the accounts , humans have a look and Compare the last attacks of the account, for example.
  7. You used mybot. Maybe not with the accounts SC ban. If SC flag the IP Adress or some Parameter that are the same for all accounts, it can be that SC ban wrong accounts. Because you used mybot you cn not complain that SC ban the wrong account.
  8. IT would be stupid if we write exactly what to do to get no ban, because SC read this too. I changed a few things. I got no bans until now. But I am not sure that all my accounts are save and i have Done enough to make my accounts save. it will catch me sooner or later, the corona Virus . Thats life Very questionable . What Kind of bot do you Run ? Original bot or mod bot ?
  9. Ich bin zuversichtlich, dass ich bei denen dabei bin, die zur Gruppe "weniger" gehören. Ich hätte da noch ein Flugticket nach China, das kann ich auch günstig abgeben. Ich hab schon einige Zeit Doll grippe, ich kann leider net nochmal da hin fliegen.
  10. I bought a small used Notebook. Cost less than 200 Euro. Low electricity Costs If you use bot, bot With 8 accounts in one mybot instance. In this case each account make not a huge amount of attacks, for example. Let the bot Run 24 hours, but Set a attack time of only 16 hours. Do Not attack during the nicht.
  11. I also have a Windows 10 System. With memu it works perfect. I fixed the Task bar on the right side. Not at the bottom. With taskbar on the bottom mybot do not work
  12. No, I do not use sc id. And i have Made memu Backups. So the accounts are save. In one memu Backup I Made 8 coc account means 8 Google play account are saved in the Backup. For th3 accounts I use only one Google play account for all . These accounts must not saved, because I can make a ne one in 10 minutes. All Information are in the memu Backup. If I restore the Backup, i have the coc account back. The account makes the newest Updates if i connect it. I testet it several times.
  13. The time works for supercell. I think, SC flag automatic bot and in Step 2 humans look AT each flagged account. And Set the ban Bit. By Step 3 SC ban these account at one time. This goes slowly but to Control with humans it is the Safest way to ban all bot account. IT only will take time. If we make the bot total save, the bot ist inefficient and make no sence. There is no more advantage. AT this point SC achieves what they want
  14. But this is not the only Parameter SC use to detect a bot. That alone can Not protect the Account.
  15. If it is True, that SC have a code that Flaggs bot accounts and in Step 2 real people confirm this flaged accounts, and ban these accounts maybe the humans ban in alphabetical Order. This is the reason of my question.
  16. Bei Windows 10 habe ich auch ein spenden Problem. Der bot kann lange request anfragen nicht lesen. Kann man am log sehr gut sehen. Beim bot kannst du unter Debug ich einzeln die spende Routine antriggern. Dann den log ansehen, du siehst was passiert und wo der Fehler ist. Ich muss den request einkürzen, das geht jetzt. Lange request werden vom bot nicht korrekt gelesen und ausgewertet. Also auch nix gespendet. Ich denke, beim angreifen hast du alle haken kontrolliert, so dass im bot alles gesetzt ist und die cb eigentl gesetzt werden sollte. Auch gucken dass die richtige belagerungswaffe angewählt ist bzw, alle belagerungswaffen genommen werden. Wenn du über csv File angreifst, dann öffne das File mit z.b. ultraedit und such die Zeile, in der die cb gesetzt wird. Kontrolliere, ob da alles stimmt.
  17. Alphabetical ban I have a question to people, Who got banned some accounts. Are the Name of the banned accounts before the survived accounts, in Alphabetical Order ?
  18. it seems that the actual ban wave is over. and there are no messages from people who did this and got a ban. if more people use this and this protect our accounts, SC find a new way to detect the bot. it is a cat and mouse play. and SC has the better cards in this game.
  19. with windows 10 it works, with windows 7 not.
  20. SC can earn more money, if they sell gems to normal Player, instand sell gems to bot Player, Who use the gems much more efficent as normal Player. And the bot Player sells this Account and the buyer do not spent the money to SC. We would do the same as SC.
  21. If you know your Player name , you can search this Name. If you find it, you get the tag. If you know the clan of your Account, you can find your Account if you search the clan. I saved accounts by making a Backup from the memu instance. If I restore the Backup i can play the Account without Google play or supercell id.
  22. Witch bot you used ? Mybot or a mod bot ? You played last time with PC and emulator like memu ? 5 years ago, unbelivible. Or Do you play 5 years with bot ? . . . . . . . . . . The winter is comming.
  23. I cut the request. After it, the Shorter requests are ok. If I Use several Word with "," between the Words, in the log i can read what the bot is readIng. Letter number 5 is a space. This error repeats. In every request read the 5th Letter ist a space. There are more than one space in the whole request. If I cut the request, there are no errors.
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