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  1. I think, that SC implemented several detecting Routines. These detecting Routines Set flags. One Day in a month SC scan with another code all account. Each account with x flags will be banned. I am sure, that SC ban accounts with more than one bot indication. They must Do this because each detecting Routine not works 100 percent. If they only Ban account with x different flags, they Do Not Ban account who Do Not use bot. I am botting with a clever csv File. This File scannen the base and decide, from which side the attack starts. Not all attacks are equal. I am not a friend of smartfarming. SC can collect to many Data from smartfarming because to many Player use this. More Data makes it easierer for SC to programm a effective detecting Routine. AT the end it is impossible to let the bot Run and SC can Not detect it. The bot can never Run human like enough. And if the bot Run only 2 hours per Day, for example, the bot makes no sence. I wonder why SC attack us farm Botter. The Botter who attack in war with the bot destroy the game. If These guys stop farming with the bot and only attack in wars, they can't detect.
  2. Stell den Parameter "additional click delay" in mybot hoch. Der steht default auf 20 ms. Wenn du das hoch stellst, müsste es klappen. Wenn mybot nicht so schnell befehle an memu sendet, kommt das auch net mehr ausser tritt. Ein weiterer Vorteil ist, dass die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass du den Account wegen bann verlierst, sinkt. Ich pausiere gerade, bis keine neuen ban Meldungen mehr hier gepostet werden. Vielleicht habe ich bis jetzt auch einfach nur schwein gehabt, zum Glück habe ich bis jetzt noch keinen Account verloren.
  3. A Lot of people use a Emulator like memu or nox. But they did not use mbr. So if imei and location is wrong it is no indication that there is a bot running. People play coc with Emulator on PC. Thats all SC knows. The Data exchange from Client to Server and Server to Client must be very efficient. Additional telegrams with for example location makes a high er traffic. I think, SC pickt up the existing traffic ergo telegrams to detect a bot. They evaluate the existing strings. More telegrams, more Data, break down the speed and the efficient of the game.
  4. SC store the IP or/and device with the detecting Data. This is the Logic reason why SC Ban a Account that not active bot since a few days before.
  5. yes, there are many strategies that we try to prevent the bot from being detected by SC. Now a new theory from me: It could be that SC measures the time between 2 short consecutive telegrams (from the client to the server). Since the bot does it all very quickly, this time is shorter than is the case with a human player. There is a parameter in mbr. Additional click delay. I've set this parameter to 66 milliseconds for me. SC certainly searches for a number of different parameters. So far I have only reduced the online time from 24 hours to 16 hours. otherwise I did not change my settings. Maybe I've just been lucky so far. Anyway, none of my accounts has been banned so far. i bot with csv File, not smartfarming. in the moment i make a break for a few days until no more ban messages written in our Forum.
  6. IT can be that the Client sent a Data string to the server. The server needs time to Compare this string to detect a bot. During this detecting time mbr switch to the next account. After this, the SC Server is finished with the detecting and Ban the Account Who ist online. SC Do Not expect that the accounts are switch. Collateral damage
  7. But you got online with the Account Who got the ban ? The ban happen in the moment the Account was connect to the SC Server. ? The detecting Routine ist Not perfect. Ha ha ha . Collateral damage
  8. Dünsten , nicht kochen. Das ist ein Unterschied von 30 Grad. Paul Panzer seine Telefon Stunts sind unschlagbar.
  9. My question: did you bot With other accounts during this 3 month ? Or did you stopped all botting since 3 month ?
  10. One account survived because the detecting code ist Not 100 percent working.
  11. SC Do Not search and Controll one Parameter to detect bots. They search and look with a Lot of different Parameter to detect bot Account. Total amount of attacks or donating that a human Player never can reach. Other parameters are same binary sequences in the attack Files. So they can locate bot accounts Who only donate and bot accounts Who only attack. With different detect Routines. SC have a Lot more detecting Routines as the mentioned
  12. You got it. That's why I think SC Compares the attacks strings. Because the attack strings contains all Klicks and troop settings from the total attack. If a bot attack, there are eqal binary strings for example, set troops in certain Order in a Lot of attack strings. SC have this attack strings since a very long time. And SC evaluate These Files since this very long time. With These Evaluation SC change the strong of troops and defence buildings. IT is obviously that SC also use These attack Files to detect bot accounts.
  13. Ups, My fault. I Use MBR, not mxltibot. With mxltibot i would say that i bot With mbr with one instance with 6 Account. SC save the whole attack in one File. We can repeat alle War attacks for two days. SC can Compare the normal attacks and can detect same binary strings in the attack File. I am not sure, that SC log the Data, how fast we push the troop build Buttons. Because the Client can save all the troops that we place in one Order and sent one string to the server after we close the making troops Windows. In my option, SC Compare the attack File. I have had several times interrupt connectIon from Client to Server. For example, I Made a good attack on the Client side, but at the end of the attack there was a interrupt by the connection. And later, if i Show the replay, there was no attack stored by the server. Thats why i assume, that the Client sent summary stringent to the server, not each click sent a telegram to the server. And the detecting code works dead certain on the server side. Bot or not bot, that's the question.
  14. Maybe the detection code have a counter. That counts equal sequences of each attack. If they count enough times, they are sure that a bot is used. Because a human is not able to make eqal sequences. In this case it did Not help that you make a bot break. Because the counter did not reset. I play this game with a Lot of Account for years. If supercell bann my accounts I stop playing coc. In this case I win a Lot of time. Gambling Addition, thanks Supercell.
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