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  1. Hello Black,


    the whole Olympus community is gonna miss you! It hurts to see you going other ways, but life brings us together and it splits us. I hope to see you again in the future. You are like a father to all of us.




  2. BlacKsTyleVii

    new user help!

    @rbrt Hey mate Please have a look at that quote of my post, what type of Links are that shit inside them !? i never posted something like this! that underlines are hyperlinks ______ ↑
  3. BlacKsTyleVii

    new user help!

    Hey fresh Mate, -You need both Microsoft applications to get some functions running that are codet in the bot. If you ever played a game before on your device, that redistributable package and Framework Package were also installed with the game, its just needet to get some code piece to work. Thats why mostly all games installing them automaticly. MyBot does not install them Automatic, thats why you get that info, make sure you have both Applications Installed on your device, otherwise the bot wont work. The bot is codet in AutoIT and as with other codes you can call Functions instead of writing them down. Thats the main function of that both Packages, they shortened a bunch of Codes down and you can call them. AutoIT is no need to install, exept you have trouble with your bot. The bot is compiled as .exe and you can run it without the main programm. With AutoIT you can open/change/run some files of the bot directly instead of compiling them,- its a bit quicker / for testing purpose its good but for the "Normal" user its enough to run the .Exe Hope i could answer your Questions
  4. BlacKsTyleVii

    Need help for Error Code -16

    What version of emulator are you using !? You could try to download the ClashOfClans.apk from a website and import that to your emulator, then install it. Could be a try worth, otherwise you need to Reinstall your Emulator. Cheers