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  1. WE ARE RECRUITING!! • Clan Name: After joining the discord server. • Clan Level: 11,13,15 • Clan Type: Farming / Farm Wars / Zero League • Clan Games: Mandatory • Clan Entry Requirements: An active TH10+ with both X-Bows, Inferno Tower, Completed FIN achievement, understands the concept of war farming. • Donation: Lava, Balloon, Baby Dragon, Giants, Wizards, Rage, Haste and other troops occasionally. Additional info: English War Farming/ Loot War/ Farm War Clan. We do the concept of War farming with a group of 900+ clans like us in the Zero League. Discord is required to be a member. Why us: 1. Friendly and helpful community. 2. An active discord server where you get to meet and chat with 149+ members from 3 different clans and also kill some time with games on discord. 3. You will be part of one of the best and active Farming clans. 4. Farm without the stress of real war. Meaning, rapid progress. 5. Active full clan meaning clan games done quick and easy (finished all past CG in less than half the time, some in less than a day) Clan Games requirements: All of our family of clans participates in clan games. Every member is required to maintain minimum points per game. Apply via Direct Message @Piya Raja or head to our discord server (https://discord.gg/ZgztZyN). When applying please have below screenshots ready a. Farming war base b. Friend In Need achievement c. Troop levels including profile.