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  1. Notify on telegram on new clan mail As most of the time bot is online, I and most of us do not check often for updates. Only if we can add the option to get clan mails delivered to our telegram boxes it would be great.
  2. add treasury amount to status As treasury is an always redeemable storage, we can use that amount any time we like. I think showing it in stats and mentioning it in the telegram message when asked for information about village. Let me know what you think.
  3. clean builder base's obstacles. I think an option to remove builder base's obstacles would be a great way to earn more gems. Also at times bot does not remove obstacles from the main village, but i think that is because it is on the green outer area, but can we remove them as well? The motive behind here is to earn some gems and giving the people with Cleanup OCDs some help.
  4. just updated to TH 11, I have king and queen at 25 and just got warden. can i be in fwa ?
  5. cannot use grand warden in attacks Using 7.6.4 with latest COC updated. let me know how can i attach debug information if needed
  6. [v7.6.2] Delete Troops & spells take a lot of time Hi, I am on v7.6.2 and I am facing a very vired problem, The bot is taking a lot of time to delete troops and spells, even if there are no troops. I understand that it should clean the queues after I stop, or another device is connected, it has to clean the queues in case of manual creation/change in the queue. But with me it tries to clean the troop and spells every time, sometimes wasting boosted time. Please help.