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  1. Work it on a VPS?

    I think it was $210 But i will only use free trial
  2. Work it on a VPS?

    i am using Windows Server 2016 in google cloud, and it's working fine (but using 4vCPU and 8GB RAM BS2)
  3. Not Brewing Correct Spell

    don't know but, samMOD is working fine for me
  4. Bluestacks on Google Cloud RDP

    hi i am using BS 2.5 after installing and signing in with gmail then did THIS but this BS 0.10 should also work fine (you have to create instance with highcpu 2vCPU) (i am using 4.5GB ram, i just want to use more ram, haven't reduced ram for this) use THIS to modify BS and you have to do the USER 2 step too, without it, MBR will stop working actually BS and you have to login to USER 2 not USER 1
  5. [Fixed in v7.3.5] SmartZap bug - v7.3.4

    Dev look at this problem too.
  6. Not Brewing Correct Spell

    ok sir
  7. Not Brewing Correct Spell

    Not Brewing Correct Spell MBR 7.3.4 MEMU 3.5.2 Core i5 Hi there is problem with the spell brewing, i have putted MBR in halt mode, with train and donate, and in training i have put 3 haste spell when it donated all haste then it's not brewing haste spell instead poison spell and not detecting them too. EDIT1: with new extracted MBR (SAMKIE MOD is working fine)
  8. Not Waiting For Spells To be Ready MBR v7.3.4 official Memu 3.5.2 Win10 i5 Hi after long time i am using MBR. I have problem with the spell brewing, i am using my own csv GiWiBarb but the problem is MBR goes to attack with 2 EQ, when i have already selected 3EQ in setting and tick the wait for spell to be ready. can anyone confirm it, or should i do the whole bug process. (EDIT1: Following bog process, but can't find that debugenabl in global variables ) Thanks EDIT2: ScreenShots EDIT3: and it's not waiting for spells too
  9. Multiple bots (10 or more)

    can you point me where i can do this?
  10. 11+ slot

    what is 11+ slot?