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  1. For number 3, it is not the bots fault, as quicktrain from SC itself does not support siege machines. And I would suggest custom train instead of quicktrain everyday, even without the missing siege support.
  2. Creating OCR files is not an easy task, and not possible for modders. But you can use a similar approach, as @Samkie did in SamM0d, making kind of own OCR. https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/24520-mbr753-samm0d-v144-rc6-combo-train-system-multi-finger-switch-acc-friendly-challenge-and-etc/
  3. What challenges were missing? Didn't noticed any new. Maybe you ini is old, so delete it, and bot will create a new one.
  4. "VERY IMPORTANT RULE: tile images filename MUST be named with tolerance in format “tilename_level_[Fill]_tolerance” where tolerance is a 2 digit number. Ex: My-NameTile_7_92.bpm will return a 92 (0.92) value for tolerance and 7 for level, [fill] is not mandatory. DO NOT USE THE “_” ANYWHERE ELSE IN FILENAME (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!"
  5. My recommendation is always to set wall resource savings as high, as possible, so that bot only upgrade walls, when resources are max, or almost max. This way it always has enough resources for other stuff, but dumps surplus into walls. We are not good at prediciting, and don't want to, as every user has other expectations. The bot has plenty screws to tune behaviour for your own personal needs.
  6. gemclick() - when there is possibility, that gem buying could be triggered pureclick() - when click has to go through, even when emulator is in strange state, like system messages click() - for everything else, does not actually click, when there are system messages popped up and other unusual, but captured, states
  7. Agreed. At first, bot looks for your search settings. Resource check takes less than a second, only some hundred milliseconds. Other checks like weak base take longer. Weak base has to search the entire base. If you have only resources set, and collector, bot will usually skip as fast, as you have it set in skip option + attack button delay, wehn resources are not met.
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