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  1. Strike to Win funktioniert im Moment nur zusammen mit SmartZap. Hab schonmal überlegt, das zu trennen, bin aber bisher nicht dazu gekommen. In den meisten Fällen arbeitet man ja auch mit anderen Zaubern, als Blitz, wenn man SmartZap nicht nutzt, und FTW ist auch mehr ne Machbarkeitsstudie als tatsächlich wichtig Übrigens, wenn das dunkle voll ist, und SmartZap + FTW aktiviert hat, blitzt er die Bohrer nicht, aber sehr wohl den Rest.
  2. So, you are here, because you heard of this mysterious feature "SmartZap" or "Noobzap", invented by a former developer, and great forum supporter, @LunaEclipse. But you dont know, what it does, or how to use it. Most user use some variation of Barch or GiBarch to farm for resources from dead bases. This is great, but has one inherit problem. Many times, the dark elixier drills are located within the base, not the outer perimeter. Barch or GiBarch is great for cleaning the outer perimeter, but struggles to get inside to these precious drills. And here comes SmartZap/NoobZap into play. It uses Lightning or donated Earthquakes to strike at these drills, but has to estimate, because the bot is not able to detect the filllevel of a DE drill, like it does for Elixier Pumps. But first thing first, to even use Smartzap/Noobzap, you have to make sure, the bot ends the battle, not that the time runs out. So you have to set an End Battle condition, else SmartZap/NoobZap wont be triggered. These are my settings, when i farm: Next you have to enable at least Lightning on SmartZap tab. If you activate Earthquake too, Zap will use donated quake spells too. Two Options, i will not explain much, are "Only Zap Drills in Dead Bases" and "TH Snipe Not Zap if Heroes Deployed". In live bases, zap usually does not make much sense, because the drills are usually empty, so we want to zap only dead bases. And when one snipes Townhalls with Heroes, one usually does not want to fight the battle further, when the townhall is destroyed, to protect its Heroes, so they dont need much healing afterwards. [NEW v7.1] With "Strike For The Win" activated, SmartZap/NoobZap tries to reach 50%/1 Star after its usual zap routine. So, battle ends and SmartZap/NoobZap takes over. 1. Check if Dark Elixier Storage is full When your DE Storage is full, why would you zap DE Drills? 2. Is your Townhall of Level 7 or higher When you are TH6 or lower, you cant even store DE. To know this, bot had to check your Townhall level at start. If you get the logmessage "You do not have the ability to store Dark Elixir, time to go home!", bot cant locate your Townhall, so you have to locate it manually, or else SZ/NZ will exit here. You can locate your Townhall manually here: 3. Enumerate Lightning and Earthquake spells When you have no Lightning spells prepared, SZ/NZ will exit. These are my settings to train Lightning: 4. Check if enough Dark Elixier is available Now SZ/NZ checks, if the target village has at least a certain amount of dark elixier. For NZ it is specified in "Min. amount of Dark Elixier". [NEW v7.1] With SmartZap it instead does a calculation, if there is more dark elixier, than one would get with one zap of a lvl1 drill for TH7, lvl2 drill for TH8 or lvl3 drill for TH9+. 5. Enumerate Dark Elixier drills Now it detects the Drills. If no drill is detected, it will exit. 6. Sort drills by content Now they are sorted by there potential zappable content. What is potential zappable content, you ask? Quite easy, one can steal up to 75% of the content of a DE drill, a Lvl6 drill can hold up to 1800 DE, so potential zappable content for a lvl6 drill would be 1350 DE. 7. Look for Clusters of Drills All remaining drills are checked, if they stand near each other, so one could zap two or even three drills at once. Cluster with most combined potential zappable content is used, and the median point for the cluster is calculated. 8. Zap first drill or Cluster Zap whichever has higher content. 8.1. NoobZap NoobZap just does this, it zaps the drill/cluster with Lightning. Then it compares the gained DE with "Expected gain of Dark Drills". If it is not good, it will remove the drill/cluster from list. If it is good, it will remove the gained DE from potential zappable content of the zapped drill or distribute the removal dependent on drill-HP over the drills of cluster. It also checks, if the zapped drill or the drills of the cluster are yet there or destroyed. Then it starts over with 6. until no drill or spells left or DE in the targetbase is less than "Min. amount of Dark Elixier". 8.2. SmartZap SmartZap does many more things, before it actually zaps, just to make sure, it does not waste elixier. And it does zap first with the donated earthquake. 8.2.1 Conditions First condition: 4/3/2+ Spells so attack any drill. At first it checks if you have more than 4 Spells, if you are TH10 or higher, 3 Spells, if TH9 or 2 Spells, if TH8 or TH7. This is, because TH10 and 11 can have 5 own Lightning Spells, TH9 4, and TH8 and 7 3. If you have, it will zap any, or better the first drill or a cluster, with the most potential content. Second condition: Attack Lvl 3/2/1+ drills if you have 3/2/1+ spells If the first condition does not match, it will check if you have more than 3 Spells, if you are TH10 or higher, 2 Spells, if TH9 or 1 Spell, if TH8 or TH7 and additionally if the first drill is higher than lvl 3, if you are TH9 or higher, lvl 2, if you are TH8, or lvl 1 when TH7. If the condition matches it will zap. Third condition: Attack Lvl 4/3/2+ drills with more then 30% estimated DE if you have less than 4/3/2 spells If the second condition does not match, it looks, if you have less than 4 Spells, if you are TH10 or higher, 3 Spells, if TH9 or 2 Spell, if TH8 or TH7 and additionally if first drill is higher than lvl4, if you are TH9 or higher, lv3, if TH8 or lvl2, if TH7. Additionally it checks, if the potential drill to zap has at least 30% potential zappable content left. Fourth condition: Attack, when potential left content in cluster is greater than gain for a single Lvl 5/4/3 drill. If the target is a cluster, and the left potential content is higher, than one could gain with one zap from a lvl5 drill, if you are TH9 or higher, lv4, if TH8 or lvl3, if TH7. Drill did not match any attack conditions, so we will remove it from the list. If none of the 3 conditions match, drill will just be removed from list, and SmartZap starts over at 6. until no drill or spells left. 8.2.2 Zap Evaluation Now SmartZap will evaluate the Zap, if it was worth it, and the drill/s can be zapped further, or if the drill/s was/were not worth it. It takes into account the actual level of the used spell, and does an accurate calculation, what one could expect with a given spell from a 75% filled DE drill at a given level. For those, who are interested, these are the formulas: For Lightning: (Total amount of DE in drill at level * StealFactor (75%)) / Total Amount of HP of drill at level) * Damage of Lightning at level * Estimated FillLevel (75%) For Earthquake: Total amount of DE in drill at level * StealFactor (75%) * Damage of Earthquake at level * Estimated FillLevel (75%) If the actual gain is lower than this, it will remove the drill/s from list. The same goes for a destroyed drill. Else it will remove the gained DE from potential zappable content of the zapped drill or distribute the removal dependent on drill-HP over the drills of cluster. After that it starts over at 6. until no drill or spells left. 9. Check for donated Lightning When all of the own Lightning Spells are used up, SZ/NZ can and will check for a donated Lightning. If you have one, it starts over again at 6. 10. [NEW v7.1] Strike For The Win After all drill zapping is done, if you have activated "Strike For The Win", SZ/NZ will try to reach 50% destruction/1 star, if not already achieved. 10.1 Check, if 1 Star already reached. At first it checks if you already achieved victory by getting at least one star. If so, it leaves. 10.2 Are some lightning spells left? If no lightning spells are left, it returns home. 10.3 How much percentage is needed to get to 50%? Now it calculates the needed percentage to reach the 1 star. 10.4 Enumerate easy targets The enemy base will be searched for Hero altars and builder huts 3 times, with a time interval of 5 sec., to even get the altars with roaming heroes around. Any duplicate finds will be removed. Found targets will now be consolidated into "bigger" targets with more weight (weight of 1 = 1 building, weight of 2 = 2 buildings and so on), when in near vicinity. At last the targets will be sorted by weight. 10.5 Compare zappable targets with needed percentage The remaining lightning spells will be allocated to the targets, ordered by weight(count). If it is not possible to reach 50%, FTW will not zap, but return home. 10.6 Zap targets until 1 star reached FTW will now zap its targets, until it reaches 50%. It will not zap beyond 1 star. After that it returns home. So, i hope, this guide clears more than it clouds, and that now you understand, how SmartZap/NoobZap works, which one to use, and most important, how it can help you. Clash On