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  1. TripleM

    Increase SmartZap max characters

    I would say, use SmartZap instead of Noobzap. After reading the whole thread i don't get, what you need 4 digits for.
  2. TripleM

    Farming Barb detected more than capacity

    Strange, for me it detects the archer count just fine. Why again a troop is selected? Usually a battle starts with no troop selected.
  3. TripleM

    Farming Barb detected more than capacity

    Can you post again a pic without the archers selected? As i suggested, just go to a goblin village, then press the photo button.
  4. TripleM

    Farming Barb detected more than capacity

    Pls take a photo from within bot, with attackbar, like for instance on a goblin village.
  5. TripleM

    Error Dropping archers 2611

    Already answered and fixed:
  6. TripleM

    Remove obstacles

    It would use the wall reserved builder for obstacles too. Removing obstacles uses all available builders, regardless of if they are reserved for certain upgrades. What can be, not all obstacles currently are removed cause of winter theme.
  7. Thanks for this. Will look into it.
  8. Sounds like there is somewhere the old space requirement of 2 left.
  9. This message has nothing to do with language setting of bot. You would get the english version of it, if your bot language would be english. It is triggered by some insane settings by you. Check, if you have "Wait for spells" set, but spell training settings wrong. Not a bug, so moved to help & support.
  10. TripleM

    bot don´t start anymore! what can i do??

    Try current version. And not a bug of current version, so moved to help & support.
  11. TripleM

    7.5.1 Constantly reload

    At first, try it with the current bot version.
  12. Try with official bot. If the problem persists, make a proper bug report. If official does not have this problem, mod author has introduced some bug on the road, but then he knows. This is true for all "bugs". When it is an official feature, try again with official bot, if it works, or not. This would help the bot as a whole, and the mod. It does not help, if one only states "does not work".
  13. No, bot can not drag troop list in army overview. So 7 unique troops is the max for training.
  14. TripleM

    Bot error