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      Malicious and Banned Links   10/09/2016

      Please be careful of downloading ANY LINKS that are not originating from a MyBot.Run URL or another trusted URL (such as apkmirror.com, bluestacks, memu, xda-developers, etc).   We have banned ALL telegram links and other verified malicious links we have come across already. Users attempting to do this or get around this ban will be banned permanently.   Please report ANY suspicious links to MyBot Staff or pm me directly
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      MyBot.run V7.4.3 RELEASED!   02/02/2018

      MyBot.run continues the legacy again with release of V7.4.3!!   This release supports the December 2017 game update and has some new features hidden inside as well   Get your copy in thread below!!   Click here to get to the release thread MyBot.run v7.4.3 Release


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  1. try to locate your townhall.
  2. SmartZap doesnt work

    Townhall correctly located? End Battle Condition set? Read the SmartZap guide, referenced in my signature. If nothing helps, provide log.
  3. Removing obstacles on builder base isn't even implemented, as far as i'm aware.
  4. doesnt donate?

    you can copy your profile folder.
  5. doesnt donate?

    You need Version 7.4.3, cause SC changed something with donating.
  6. Do you unzip all files from download, all are needed, not only the exe? or maybe your antivirus is interfering. at least it looks like something is missing.
  7. New release - new bug ofc

    fix it yourself ofc, if you know better! you have already activated some debug functions to guide you.
  8. unfortunately it is not officials fault. i found the culprit, conflicting globals definition. in COCBot\functions\Config\ScreenCoordinates.au3, Line 181: Global $aButtonVillageLoad[4] = [515, 411 + $g_iMidOffsetY, 0x6EBD1F, 20] in COCBot\SamM0d\Functions\HLFClick.au3, Line 64: Global $aButtonVillageLoad[9] = [480, 385 + $g_iMidOffsetY, 550, 415 + $g_iMidOffsetY, 455, 407 + $g_iMidOffsetY, 0x72C11D, 20, "=-= Village Load"] greetings
  9. Smartzap

    Original mybot does indeed contains SmartZap, but without providing log nobody can help.
  10. Gewinnerfenster

    Du hast die maximale Anzahl an Zauberslots geringer eingestellt, als sie im Spiel ist, und hast bereits mehr Zauber hergestellt, UND du hast eingestellt, das er auf Zauber warten soll. Starte den Bot neu, setze die Slotanzahl bei Training auf den korrekten Wert, oder schalte ab, das er auf Zauber wartet.
  11. this happens probably cause bluestacks uses directx, and bot uses winapi as default capture for directx. winapi needs a working "desktop", means lockscreen or turned off monitor can cause problems. try setting screen capture method to ADB Capture on "Bot->Android", and see, if this works.
  12. Farming efficiency

    1. is not smart... and not every user wants it. what happens, if you donate? 2. has its own problems, if you want faster attacks, change csv or use a mod 3. will be for sure considered, needs development, clan games are new 4. never happens in vanilla 5. as with 3. 6. pls read before posting new suggestions
  13. " Closing Clash Of Clans " My Bot v7.3.5

    Don't activate everything, you see. You have "Unbreakable Mode" (Village->Achievements) activated. This Mode does not actually attack, but for Trophy Drop. If your Trophies are "right" (as set by you), it closes the bot to let other players attack you... or hopefully only try to drop trophies either... for the set amount of time. Defense Farming actually only works around 800 Trophies... or lower. Just deactivate it.
  14. Recognize Un-Loaded Infernos And Eagle Artillery

    Dead Base Detection is solely done with Elixier Collectors, nothing else, and via Image Recognition. There are no other ways than programmatically "looking" at the collectors to determine, if a base is abandoned. Everything else are criteria, if the base is good enough for you, or maybe too hard. There comes weak base into play, it says nothing about dead or such. Empty eagles or infernos arent detected, why bothering. So a base with empty eagle or infernos is like a base without them, but not necessary dead. But one can set the level of them in weak base to "-" as criteria.
  15. [Fixed in v7.3.5] SmartZap bug - v7.3.4

    will be fixed in next version. quick fix: in COCBot\functions\Attack\SmartZap\smartZap.au3, Line 597, change to: Local $aResult = multiMatches($g_sImgSearchDrill, 1, "FV", "FV", "", 0, 1000, False) in COCBot\functions\Attack\SmartZap\drillSearch.au3, Line 71, change to: Local $aResult = multiMatches($g_sImgSearchDrillLevel, 1, "FV", "FV", "", 0, 1000, False) Recompile or run as script.