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  1. Hi all, If you are using CSV script and want to tell the bot to drop left over troops, then this is how to modify bot to handle this case: 1. Modify BOT: Open file "COCBot\functions\Attack\AttackCSV\ParseAttackCSV.au3" and change the line with content: DropTroopFromINI($value1, $index1, $index2, $indexArray, $qty1, $qty2, $value4, $delaypoints1, $delaypoints2, $delaydrop1, $delaydrop2, $sleepdrop1, $sleepdrop2, $debug) TO: If $value4 = "REMAIN" Then ;drop remain troops SetLog("dropRemain: Dropping left over troops", $COLOR_BLUE) IF PrepareAttack($iMatchMode, True) > 0 Then For $ii = $eLava To $eBarb Step -1; lauch all remaining troops from last to first LauchTroop($ii, 1, 0, 1) Next EndIf Else DropTroopFromINI($value1, $index1, $index2, $indexArray, $qty1, $qty2, $value4, $delaypoints1, $delaypoints2, $delaydrop1, $delaydrop2, $sleepdrop1, $sleepdrop2, $debug) EndIf 2. Modify CSV file: Using DROP command and set troop name as "Remain" to tell the bot to drop remain/unused troops. Usually, I do this at the end of script Example: DROP |A |1-10 |1 |Remain |0 |0 |100-500 | |Drop Remain Troops Try it if you are interested with this option!