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  1. Hi. My computer doesn't like multi bot + multi emulator So I modified bot for run 3 COC accounts on 1 bot + 1 emulator (mine is bluestack, other should be ok). if army camp < 70%, Bot will auto switch to other account to play If someone like this mod, I will share ========================================================= That is original idea. Now it's growing up to support many other features. Here is FULL FEATURE LIST: ========================================================================================== Download latest version: for bot v6.1.3: SwitchAcc_botV6.1.3_V2.3.zip & bot v6.1.4: SwitchAcc_botV6.1.4_V2.3.zip (Extract then replace to your official bot. Backup your "Profiles\profile.ini" file if you want to keep your current switch account configuration. If you apply zip file, you need autoIT software to support run bot by the file "mybot.run.au3". Or check here https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/8714-guide-how-to-recompile-the-bot-run-bot-as-script/ to recompile mybot.run.exe file) For full bot with official v6.1.4 + switchCoCAcc, download on github: MyBot-release-MBR_6.1.4_chalicucu_switchCocAcc (GITHUB) ========================================================================================== Setting up your accounts and profiles for play! You need to create profiles and map them to accounts. Current version support up to 9 profiles (I think enough now). Check my sample setting and descriptions post for know how to do this: My sample settings & descriptions: Description here: On the other hand, if you want a simple setting, example you have 3 accounts, just create 3 profiles , then setup total acc = 3, account playing list = 123, map profile index = 123 For Pushbullet install instructions, check here: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/2636-guide-how-do-i-install-pushbullet/&page=1 ========================================================= And here is the improvement log: Thank all for give me new ideas. And special thanks for @demen, @nangkring and @Roro-Titi for their interesting and sharing the full integrated bot. * More History: SwitchAcc_botV6.1.3_V2.2.1.zip
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