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  1. 5.3 now contains a fix for the bot not detecting the "Personal Break" or "Another device connecting" messages. It will automatically resize the emulator's fonts to work with it. However, you will still need to replace the font itself. @cosote has created a simple and easy tool to do this. Download the tool here (zippyshare) or here (mega) Extract the .zip anywhere. After extracting, there should be TWO files, "push_Roboto-Regular.bat" and "Roboto-regular.ttf" Double click "push_Roboto-Regular.bat". Click "Run" on the popup that appears. Open all MEmu and Droid4X instance
  2. Warning! This feature is still in beta state and may have bugs! NOT RECOMMENDED for beginner MyBot.run users. Only experienced users with significant bot knowledge should attempt to create new scripts. We have not tested every possible attack, only the ones that are included. Others are not guaranteed to work. If you find a bug or an error, set $debugattackcsv to 1 in MBR Global Variables and post the log found in Profiles\01\Logs\debugAttackCSV.log. Posting a bug without this info will get your post deleted. In future releases, there may be changes and/or additions to CSV capabiit
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