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  1. There are MANY reasons why your bot might not run as quickly as you want it to. There is no easy fix. Bot has built in limits that prevent the bot from looking too much like a bot. In some MODs, you can set deploy speed to 0. This is very risky, and will not be added to the official bot. There have been some problems reported when upgrading to Windows 10 from another operating system. After the upgrade, the bot became very slow. The solution to this is to make a fresh install(format drive before installing). If you have already upgraded, you need to reinstall your OS. Droid4
  2. Warning! This feature is still in beta state and may have bugs! NOT RECOMMENDED for beginner MyBot.run users. Only experienced users with significant bot knowledge should attempt to create new scripts. We have not tested every possible attack, only the ones that are included. Others are not guaranteed to work. If you find a bug or an error, set $debugattackcsv to 1 in MBR Global Variables and post the log found in Profiles\01\Logs\debugAttackCSV.log. Posting a bug without this info will get your post deleted. In future releases, there may be changes and/or additions to CSV capabiit
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