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  1. [Outdated, has not been updated for bot version 6.x yet] Milking Tutorial What is Milking? Milking is an attack strategy where cheap troops like goblins are used to attack collectors. These collectors usually have very low amounts of resources in them, but very few troops are used to destroy them. This allows for very little searching and frequent attacks, which add up. How to enable Milking? In the LiveBase Deploy section of the Attack tab, choose Milking Farm Attack. The Milking Options button will become available. What do the various milking options do? 1. Elixir Collectors Minimum Level Here, choose which types of collectors to look for. If a base has a collector meets these requirements, the bot will attack that base. You can view the Legend at the right of the window to see what the various percentages look like. 2. If Elixir Collectors Found, Then You can choose which resource buildings the bot should attack. If you are only concerned with Dark Elixir, only check Attack Dark Elixir Drills. For Gold Mines and Dark Elixir Drills, you can choose which level collectors the bot should attack. If a base has one level 6 drill, one level 5 drill, and one level 4 drill, and you have selected Attack Dark Elixir Drills With Level > 5, then the bot would skip the one level 4 drill and only attack the others. 3. Only Attack If Choose which bases to attack and which bases to skip. In the Distance between Red line and collectors box, choose how close each collector must be from the edge of the base. Setting to a low number like 0 will only attack very exposed collectors. Setting a high number like 2 might make the bot attempt to attack a collector behind a wall and fail. You can also choose when to stop attacking a specific resource. If one resource like gold is full, then there is no need to attack gold mines and your troops could be better used to steal elixir and dark elixir. If you don't want to use this, just uncheck the checkbox. 4. Troop to Use for Each Resource These are the attack settings. In the Troop X Wave box, choose how many Goblins to drop at each collector. You can specify a range, and the bot will choose a random number between the two values. This makes the bot look more human like. Note that this value is not total troops, but troops for each wave. The Max Waves setting is how many waves of troops to drop at each collector. Each wave will contain the number of troops set in the Troop X Wave option. In the Delay Between Waves option, set how long to wait after deploying one wave of troops before deploying the next wave. The unit is milliseconds (1 second equals 1000 milliseconds). This can help reduce the number of troops killed by splash defenses. However, if you specify a number that is too large, then all the troops in the previous wave will be killed before the next wave can be deployed. Frequently Asked Questions Bot not deploying troops! The bot currently only drops goblins. Other troops that you have will be ignored. Bot searches very slowly. Unfortunately, the image detection functions the bot uses to locate collectors and mines uses a lot of CPU. VMs, VPSs, and slow computers won't be able to use this strategy. I have a problem with the bot. Report it here: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/84-bug-reports-for-v52x/ Remember to follow the proper bug reporting procedures when making your thread.
  2. Is the bot crashing? Do you get a "Bot has stopped working" message? First, do this: UNINSTALL ALL VERSIONS OF C++ and .NET from Control Panel! Reboot! Then download and install fresh copies of C++ 2010 and .NET 4.5+ AND OpenCV library. (ONLY install these 3, all required by MBR) My advice: Let other people be software testers for Microsoft! It is a known bug that Windows update often corrupts installation information pointing to these libraries when more than one version is installed. NEVER use windows update for .NET or C++ library updates! Always remove existing version, and use stand alone installer found on MS site to update your PC. AND - Never, Never -- rush to install newest/latest .NET or C++ library unless a program you use tells you to update the library. Way too often MS programmers make incorrect assumptions that a new version can replace the old version; but the new library breaks existing programs. It takes several months before world outside convinces MS of these mistakes, and several more for MS to fix it. If this doesn't help, then: Run the Bot from AutoIT Editor : How? 1 - Download and install AutoIt. When installing, be sure to select the x86 option if available. 1.1 - SciTe needs Admin access. Navigate to the location you installed AutoIt in (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3), then navigate to the SciTe folder. Right click the file named SciTE.exe and click Properties. Navigate to the Compatibility tab and select "Run this program as an administrator". Select OK. 2 - Go to your bot folder. Right click MyBot.run.au3 and click Edit Script. The file will be opened in the editor. 3- Go to the editor window. 4 - Press the F5 key to run the Bot. 5 - Don't close editor (th console will give us some information) Run the bot normally until the error occurs again. While running the bot, the editor window should look like this. When the bot crashes again, find the white part of the editor window. The error message is displayed there. Copy/paste the entire error message into your thread. example :
  3. Warning! This feature is still in beta state and may have bugs! NOT RECOMMENDED for beginner MyBot.run users. Only experienced users with significant bot knowledge should attempt to create new scripts. We have not tested every possible attack, only the ones that are included. Others are not guaranteed to work. If you find a bug or an error, set $debugattackcsv to 1 in MBR Global Variables and post the log found in Profiles\01\Logs\debugAttackCSV.log. Posting a bug without this info will get your post deleted. In future releases, there may be changes and/or additions to CSV capabiities. Mod developers: if you make a mod based on this feature, it will very likely be broken when the new features are added. Please be sure to add the date and bot version supported in NOTES section to any attack scripts posted in forums! You can now make your own custom attack plans without editing any source code! All you need to do is make a simple text file with .csv extension. These scripted attack plans are located in the bot folder under the \CSV\Attack folder. You can add/edit these files with any text editor (notepad works, but we recommend NotePad++). Bot will automatically update the GUI ATTACK Deploy box with your available CSV attack plans when it starts (must select scripted attack). Can also manually refresh the attack plan list with green "reload" button. How to make custom attack csv files View an attack made with this feature below 1. NOTE At the beginning of each file, you should have some notes that tell the bot what to display when your attack file is selected, like the author, date, and a brief description of your attack. This code: NOTE |Author: Sardo - ver. 1.0 - 07.01.2016 NOTE | NOTE |Attack: Gi-Barch, 3 sides, Dark Elixir Attack. NOTE |Make these Troops: 8-10 Giants, Barb 40%, Arch 60%, Minions optional NOTE |Will drop Barb, Arch, All Heroes, CC and use Rage spell if enabled from GUI will produce this when selected: 2. SIDE The next step is telling the bot which side to attack from. This is done with this command: |EXTR. GOLD |EXTR.ELIXIR|EXTR. DARK |DEPO. GOLD |DEPO.ELIXIR|DEPO. DARK |TOWNHALL |FORCED SIDE| SIDE | | | | | | | | | You can tell the bot to only attack from one side by adding one of these under FORCED SIDE: RANDOM TOP-LEFT TOP-RIGHT BOTTOM-LEFT BOTTOM-RIGHT You can also tell the bot to attack on the side of a certain building/buildings by putting a number underneath one of the building names. Each building's number is its how much ONE of these buildings is worth. For example, if you put 5 under EXTR. GOLD, then each gold collector is worth 5 points. The bot finds which side the building is on and adds 5 points to that side. When all buildings have been detected, then the side with the most points is the side the bot will attack from. |EXTR. GOLD |EXTR.ELIXIR|EXTR. DARK |DEPO. GOLD |DEPO.ELIXIR|DEPO. DARK |TOWNHALL |FORCED SIDE| SIDE |1 |1 |3 |0 |0 |1 | | | In this example, dark drills are worth 3 points while gold/elixir pumps and the DE storage are worth 1 point. This means that, if one side of the base has 1 dark storage and one gold collector and another side has one dark drill, then the bot will attack on the side of the dark drill because that side has 3 points(1 DE drill = 3 points) and the other has 2(1 DE storage = 1 point and 1 gold collector = 1 point). There is also SIDEB command that allows adding defense buildings are targets. At present time, only defense building that can have points added to determine attack side scoring is the Eagle Artillery. |EAGLE |GEMBOX |GEMBOX |GEMBOX |GEMBOX |GEMBOX |GEMBOX |GEMBOX | SIDEB |20 |0 |0 |0 |0 | | | | The above example will add 20 points to side of eagle artillery is detected. Sorry, the GEMBOX can not be attacked. These are place holders for more defense buildings to be added in future. 3. MAKE The next command involves calculating the troop drop points. Remember, this does not deploy troops. It simply calculates troop drop positions. These positions will be used later. You use the MAKE command like this: |VECTOR_____|SIDE_______|DROP_POINTS|ADDTILES___|VERSUS_____|RANDOMX_PX_|RANDOMY_PX_|___________| MAKE |A |FRONT-LEFT |10 |1 |INT-EXT |0 |5 | |vector for giant front left You can use this image to help you visualize the following instructions: VECTOR is the name of the drop calculation. One VECTOR is basically a list of where troops can be dropped. You can have multiple vectors, up to one for each letter of the alphabet. SIDE tells the bot which side to attack from. It uses the main side made by the SIDE command to determine which side is which. In the images below, you will see which main side was calculated by the SIDE command, and where the troops would be dropped if you put a different side in the MAKE command. DROP_POINTS is how many different places troops should be dropped. If it is 1, then all troops will be dropped on one spot. If it is 2, troops will be dropped on two spots. As you can see in the image, each of the 8 sections has 10 numbered drop points(circles). These are where your troops will be dropped. ADDTILES is the distance from the red line. In the picture, the red circles are the drop points with a ADDTILES of 1. The green circles have an ADDTILES of 2. If you want to drop spells inside the base, then you will have to make a vector with a negative number for ADDTILES. VERSUS is the direction of troop drop. INT-EXT means that the bot will start dropping troops from the middle of the edges to the corners of the map. EXT-INT means that troops will be dropped from the corners of the map to the middle of the map. RANDOMX_PX and RANDOMY_PX are the amount of randomness to use when dropping. If you have a randomx of 2 and a randomy of 3, then the bot will drop each troop between [droppointX-2, droppointY-3] and [droppointX+2, droppointY+3]. A higher randomness amount may make the bot look more humanlike, but there is a higher chance of accidentally dropping into the red area. 4. DROP Drop commands actually drop troops. It uses the vectors you created in step 3 to determine where to drop the troops. |VECTOR_____|INDEX______|QTY_X_VECT_|TROOPNAME__|DELAY_DROP_|DELAYCHANGE|SLEEPAFTER_|___________| DROP |A-B |2 |1 |giant |0 |0 |800-1200 | | VECTOR: use one of the vector letters you have created with a MAKE command here. Note that you can drop on multiple vectors at the same time by separating the vector numbers with a "-". In the example above, the DROP command would drop troops on vectors A and B at the same time. INDEX: Which "drop points" to use. If you created 10 drop points with the MAKE command and put 5-10 in the INDEX column, then the bot will only drop troops on points 5 through 10. QTY_X_VECT: How many troops to drop. If you specify a range here, the bot will choose a random value between the two numbers you set. The number of troops that will be dropped at each point will be QTY_X_VECT/# of INDEX values. TROOPNAME: Which troop to drop in this wave. Here is how to figure out the name of the troop: For elixir and dark elixir troops, the word to put under TROOPNAME is the first four letters of the full troop name(exception: if you want to deploy giants, put giant under TROOPNAME) eg. Dragon -> drag, Lava Hound -> lava, Giant -> giant For spells, put the first letter of the spell name, then the word "SPELL"(exception: for haste spell, put HaSpell because heal spell is HSpell) eg. Lightning Spell -> LSpell, Heal Spell -> HSpell, Poison Spell -> PSpell There are a few special units: Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Warden -> King, Queen, Warden Clan Castle -> Castle DELAY_DROP: If dropping multiple troops on the same spot, how long to wait between each troop.(in ms) DELAYCHANGE: If dropping troops on multiple spots, how long to wait after dropping on each spot. For this, SLEEPAFTER, and DELAY_DROP, you can specify a range so the bot's speed is random. SLEEPAFTER: How long to wait after dropping the wave before moving on to the next instruction. 5. WAIT Wait is a very simple instruction, works like this: WAIT |100-300 | | | | | | | | This tells the bot to wait between 100 and 300 ms. During this time, the bot will also check for some certain end battle conditions if you have them enabled(certain amount of stars reached/0 resources left). 6. RECALC This command will make the bot check the number of remaining troops. Keep in mind that this is one of the slowest functions, which can take up to 10 seconds to complete on slower PCs. Try not to use it too much. RECALC| | | | | | | | | 7. Debug scripted attacks There are several debug variables located in the Global Variables.au3 file that can be enabled to help with testing and debug of CSV files. Global $g_iDebugSetlog = 0, $g_iDebugOcr = 0, $g_iDebugImageSave = 0, $g_iDebugBuildingPos = 1, $g_iDebugSetlogTrain = 0, $g_iDebugDisableZoomout = 0, $g_iDebugDisableVillageCentering = 0 . Global $g_iDebugAttackCSV = 1, $g_iDebugMakeIMGCSV = 1 ;attackcsv debug When you enable the AttackCSV variables, code provide more detailed information during CSV attack. The MakeIMGCSV will save in profile, both a clean image of base being attacked, and a mapped image. The mapped image shows the red line points, drop points, and building locations required from attack plan file. If you enable the BuildingPos variable, you will also see log information of building positions found during search, before CSV executes (IF TH is known from search, it is not detected again in CSV) 8. Sharing your attack plans! Once you have made and perfected your attack, please share it here: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/76-csv-attack-files/ You will also find sub-forums in same location for support and discussion if you need help creating attack plans. Thanks for supporting your community!