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  1. I don't get how to use the telegram sendchat and getchats.. Anyone tried it?
  2. Hey I'm so glad this mod is updated! Have been waiting for fc mod and such I tried using the sendchat feature with telegram.. It works but not quite. I did /bot myvillage1 SENDCHAT (MESSAGE) but in chat what actually appeared was "illage1 SENDCHAT (message) lol having that appear in clan chat is hard to justify
  3. JPL1286

    question about bans

    I have multiple accounts and these days I bot almost 24/7. At the end of a season I can get like 800+ successful attacks... On multiple accounts. Sometimes I feel that I'm not being very careful about this...no one gets that much attacks registered normally. I use lava loon attacks, they are human like at least.
  4. JPL1286

    Clan / Recrutement / Recherche

    L'offre tiens toujours ! Allô ?
  5. JPL1286

    Clan / Recrutement / Recherche

    Salut ! Si vous cherchez un clan pour botter en paix et faire la guerre de temps en temps contactez moi en PM clan niveau 10 Personnellement j'ai sept compte brancher au bot et j'utilise principalement les attaques de ballons donc les dons de ballons sont illimités hehe. On donne aussi du lourd à volonté