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  1. actually I take that back.. It's working. Though it seems it gets stuck at clan chat when it says "going to attack" so it restarts clash and it goes to attack. I'll need to take logs like you said
  2. It seems that fc's don't work with chat mod.. It scans the chat alright but even if the key word is there the fc doesn't happen.
  3. I don't get how to use the telegram sendchat and getchats.. Anyone tried it?
  4. Hey I'm so glad this mod is updated! Have been waiting for fc mod and such I tried using the sendchat feature with telegram.. It works but not quite. I did /bot myvillage1 SENDCHAT (MESSAGE) but in chat what actually appeared was "illage1 SENDCHAT (message) lol having that appear in clan chat is hard to justify
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