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  1. [HOW-TO] Bot 24/7 and relaunch on crash Hello everyone, Let's be honest, if you let the bot run 24/7, at some point it's gonna crash. I have four bots with 10 villages running non-stop and everyday something random happens: a black window, can't find army window, adbhandle not found, unavailable sharedfolder, etc. A simple restart solves it, but running the bot command with /restart is not enough as if it's an emulator failure it won't be solved until you close any emulator process. So I wanted to share how I prevent ANY random issue from happening on my setup. Basically, I relaunch every emulator and bot every three hours + I check every five minutes if a bot is frozen and relaunch if positive. Not manually of course. Script I to launch all bots Start.cmd Script II to get admin rights, kill all the emulators and launch Script I. KillRestart.cmd Script III to get admin rights and kill any hung process and launch Script I if it found a process hanging KillHung.cmd A software to schedule these scripts I use Z-Cron, you can find it here: https://www.z-cron.com/ It's completely free and very easy to use. ========================================================== TUTORIAL 1. Put Mybot folder on desktop and name it "MyBot" 2. Create a folder named "Scripts" in the MyBot Folder 3. Put all scripts I attached in that folder 4. Modify start.cmd to replace with your own profile names. 5. Install Z-cron 6. Create two jobs in Z.cron with the following settings: Job one, in the box "batchfile", point to killhung.cmd Job one, check activate task Job one, in scheduler, select everyday and every 5 minutes Save job one Job two, in the box "batchfile", point to killrestart.cmd Job two, check activate task Job two, in scheduler, select everyday and tick every two hours Save job two 7. In Z-cron, go to program > start > check Z-Cron as an NT service and exit. ================================================================ That should be it. Take the time to read the scripts after the doted line (before that is just to get admin rights) and you'll understand very easily what they do. I hope that will help those of you who, like me, were losing precious botting time. Don't hesitate in giving rep if it was helpful Cheers Joachim PS: And I use another script to load a specific profile without restarting all I manually modify the config.ini of all my profiles to make sure the right emulator and instance is set so I don't need more argument than the profile name. Select.cmd
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