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  1. I can only start instances once. I close an instance and then it fails to start saying error ending in 6001...
  2. How to modify all profiles at once Hello, I just wanted to share my trick to modify settings on all my bots. Alternatively, you could replace profiles but that messes up everything if you have different TownHall levels. You could also use strategies but that's limited to attack settings. I use textcrawler, a tool I found here: https://www.digitalvolcano.co.uk/textcrawler.html Open a profile config.ini folder to identify the setting(s) you want to change Set the type of file to "*.ini" Set the folder location to your profile folder Type a query simple like "language=french" to be replace by "language=english" complex to replace whole blocks from your profiles (see example below) For example: Example of complex request: Here I wanted to apply the same donation settings to all my profiles without modifying anything else. Hope that helps Please give rep if it's useful !
  3. Ah, je viens de te répondre sur ton autre post.
  4. Je bote avec 5 bots pour 10 comptes, H24, quelques millions de troupes données sans problème. MP moi si vous cherchez un clan, on est une demie-douzaine de botteurs français.
  5. Il faut clairement plus de détails... Quel HDV ? Rush ou Farm ? Tu peux rejoindre notre clan et je paramétrerai ton bot via Anydesk si tu veux. On est une demie-douzaine de botteurs qui donne toutes troupes max H24. Envoie moi un MP si tu es intéressée.
  6. Hello, Tiens je l'ai modifié dans ce thread là: Pour ton problème de sorts, tu utilises quoi comme stratégie d'attaque ? En gros deux scénarios: - pour n'importe quelle attaque, tu fais des foudres et dans les options d'attaque, tu actives le smartzap avec noobzap. - pour les attaques scriptées, tu choisis attaquer avec script, tu sélectionnes le script et forme les sorts correspondants et il utilisera les sorts (et uniquement ceux là) correspondant au script. Je te conseille de cocher toutes les cases de sorts à utiliser dans les onglets d'attaques. Pas facile à expliquer comme ça mais hésite pas à demander, on a un clan français de botteurs si ça t'intéresse.
  7. "Sorry, must understand warning and click yes" Hello, I have this (not that) funny issue with the bot. It started happening yesterday on two of my bots when I loaded strategies on them: If I click on Ok, I get there: I did click tons of time to get out. It worked but only brought me back to the yellow window, so I am stuck. I can't leave the bot, if I reboot my computer the issue starts again at some point. There are two villages on this bot, here are the logs although I don't see anything useful in them ... Anonymized1.txtAnonymized2.txt Please let me know if I can provide any more information. Thank you for your help
  8. I have the same issue with Queen's Gambit Electroloon CSV.
  9. Lots of antivirus give fake positive in a autoit bot... Anyhow, I wouldn't even know how to put a virus.
  10. What is meant by that is go in each folder you just pasted and delete or rename, in each folder, the file starting with "wiza" and finishing with ".xml". Or just take my link hereinabove and paste your profile folder in it.
  11. Feel free to give rep if it was useful, I am not very used to forum
  12. Party Wizard Hello, I just did the modification to have the bot use party wizards instead of regular wizards. If like me, you have a few accounts where you could use the 150 gems, I thought I'd spare you the modification. There you go: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a96Xqeza_IXaTKhpd5kvP91KENtu1_XQ/view?usp=sharing I deleted my profile folder, I hope it works on your side as it does on mine, let me know.
  13. I modified the bot and uploaded it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a96Xqeza_IXaTKhpd5kvP91KENtu1_XQ/view?usp=sharing
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