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  1. Can I apply this to "Skeleton Barrels" ? How can I make png image with "Skeleton Barrels"?
  2. How can I make images of skeleton barrels to use in MyBot ? Previously there was images of "Party Wizard" and I was able to use "Party Wizards" at MyBot. Does anyone can tell me how to make images of Special Limited Troops & where to paste ?
  3. 정지 먹으면 그만둘 각오하고 합니다. 4계정 중 반 살아있고, 여전히 24시간 사용 중입니다.
  4. Dose partial training means "Using Quick Train"?
  5. Hi, I want to use super archers on MyBot. Training can be done by quick training, but deploying super archers cannot be done. Anybody can tell me how to make the bot deploy super archers, please?
  6. At Introducing page of Mybot 7.8.3 * Add Super Troops Training and Attacking (Spring 2020 Update) - Not Complete , but I cannot find how to use? The bot does not recognize SupertTroops, even after trained manually. Also does not deploy when attacking(After Manual Train) 7.8.3 Change log: After hours of debugging, image grabbing, coding and talking, Mybot.run Team finally can present you the newest Version Very very special thanks for this release go to our newest, hardworking Developers: @Chilly-Chill, @TFKNazGul, @Nytol and @HArchH. Also
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