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  1. After BlueStack 0.10.xxxx crash (suggest a feature) My botting config is VMware + BS0.10.xxx + any version of Mybot. By "crash" I mean COC screen suddenly blacked-out and quit. Then BlueStack went back the android desktop. Mybot would restart COC and continue (search & attack). If a crash happened, there is a big chance that it will crash again. One thing that I noticed, if I pause the bot at the main screen (home base screen) for 1 minute, it becomes stable, no more crashes. I don't know what is going on within the first minute after COC loaded. But somehow if the bot idle for a short while, COC will run smoothly. So I think the bot should have such a feature: after a crash, take a rest at home screen. I tries BS2 and memu 2.8.4 as well. It seems less crash but the cpu fan howling like crazy, and the computer is very unresponsive. BS 0.10 is the most light weighted emulator. It will be good to have a feature to overcome the crash problem.