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  1. general8, see if you have "background mode" ticked. It's a tick box below "start bot" and "photo" button. I kind of remember if background mode is selected, bot can not go on.
  2. you sily enough. I think being reported is a major reason leads to ban. Though it may not happen immediately. Wait to see.
  3. Hollow, you deserve a ban. Let us know if you do receive it. We will award you badge of Humiliator.
  4. ya, this is i want say to the stupid fair-play players: we're playing the game because in the back our OCD are playing us. That's equal for all. You get what you want and we get ours.
  5. morale at the lowest These 3 ban waves came nearly back-to-back, different from the ones I saw in the past. I don't know if SC has determined to eliminate bots. But at least, SC has developed a technique to detect bots and tend to use it from time to time. When the August ban wave came, I thought the ban was over for the year. I was wrong. Botters, keep your heads low !!! Don't tell anybody you botting. If you see botters in your clan, leave. Don't insert too many attacks in a season. If one account got ban, uninstall the emulator (bluestack, nox, memu ...). Don't open other accounts in the emulator showing the ban. Don't write post like "botting 7/24 no ban ...". There are SC employee or consultant in this forum. There are smart fair-play players in this forum. A game, a mobile game needs several years to grind, an usual and natural thinking would be finding some assistant. I think 50% of the top players had used 3rd party 4th party software, including the champion attackers, vague youtubers. Fair-play players don't tell me you fair playing it because you honest, you straight. This is a game, some useless data bits in a disk. One smart player posts in SC forum "one guy attacked my BB. I watched his attack and I'm pretty sure it's a bot attack..." I just want to ask him "Did you win?"
  6. Is the ban over? or more ban waves to come?
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