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  1. Memu or BS in VM if no GPU I built my mini PC today and stripped down Windows a bit. But i dont have a GPU in it. When i tried to install Nox it gave me a error because of GPU driver. So i installed Memu. But i feel like its very slow compared to my main pc. So would installing BS in a VM be better if i wanna run 3 bots?
  2. hey i would like to join the fwa clan with 4-7 accounts. 4 are th12 with heroes between k: 54-59 q: 57-60 g: 24-27 the other 3 accounts arent necessary but would nice to have all together. 1 max 11, 1 max 10, 1 max 9
  3. DarkDampSquib

    Best Mini PC to buy for the cheapest price?

    you could do it like me and build your own mini pc. it will be bigger than those mini pcs but you can get away with good used parts for a low price. i paid arround 200 for a pc with an i5, 8gb ram and 128gb ssd. so that should be enough to run 4 bots and for some other shit that runs 24/7
  4. What is your Town Hall level? th12 (4 times) What is your hero levels? 59/60/27 54/58/24 55/57/24 55/57/27 How many botting hours in one day?24 Do you want to join CWL?yes Do you have discord account?yes
  5. DarkDampSquib

    MEmu Recommended Versions

    look on filehippo. you can download all versions there
  6. DarkDampSquib

    i5 4440 enough for 4 bots?

    okay thank you. so its my mission to build a cheap mini pc now
  7. i5 4440 enough for 4 bots? Im planning on building a mini pc. I could probably get a i5 4440 with 8GB of ram from a friend. but i dont know if thats enough to run 4 bots at the same time. Does anyone know if thats enought?