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  1. okay thank you very much. Could you also tell me why GTFO is so slow. I think it is not useful in REQ clans because cc´s are full too fast. Maybe i have to enable any option.
  2. This is the specifc error. I have alreay deleted the profiles and re installed bot. Didnt help: Edit: Bot is working now but GTFO mod not. Stucks at profile and say Lets wait a few minutes. It also leaves clan even though its disabled
  3. Hi, how can i fix this? i can´t even open the bot...PS: Can i use old profilews on new Version and has anybody tested it with nox ?
  4. hey guys, io get this error on a of my accounts when the bot starts attack. I posted the more detailes error under the Topic of Boldina´s AIO mod. I would appreciate some help. This is the error: Attacking on all sides"D:\MyBot.run\COCBot\functions\Attack\Troops\LaunchTroop.au3" (81) : ==> "ReDim" used without an array variable.: ReDim $listInfoDeployTroopPixel[UBound($listInfoDeployTroopPixel) + 1] ReDim ^ ERROR >Exit code: 1 Time: 181.5
  5. Okay thank you, so i will just wait and relax ?
  6. Ok, so the error above wont appear anymore in next update?
  7. Sorry, but i dont get what you mean. How can i fix this?
  8. You´re welcome. But do have have a solution for this "ReDim" error?
  9. Hi i get this error with a few bots (i think when attack starts): I mean the clan hop Option which has the only Task to win xp. Bot hops from clan to clan but dont donate.
  10. Hey, does anybody has a solution for this error? I cant run 3 of my accounts:(
  11. Hi thanks for this helpful tool. I think its easy to use but i have one question. I want to make a GiArch FFF CSV, but the problem is that i have to give every singe archer and barbarian a drop position. So i have to click over 240 times. Is there an option where i camn say that the bot should drop one barb on every point, or a four finger option? Hoper you know what i mean.
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