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  1. 01/11/2016 - update: changed some bad code examples that could genrate GDI leaks; added info regarding cocDiamonds and last SC Update. 15/10/2016 - Still works the same. CocDiamond coordinates changes due to latest CoC Update. Also, when testing new images you mus call cleanCache() method , otherwhise the image gets loaded to pre-cache! Hello Community. As several modders/devs are using imgloc features. I feel that at this time there is a need for some documentation about it. I hope the next lines will help all of you in your efforts to make this bot even grater! Special PreNote: presented code examples are just that, examples, do not complain if you perform a copy+paste and it does not work! Our (mine and Yours) time is limited so I urge our community not to spam this thread with questions that can be answered by reading CAREFULLY what I describe below! Hope you enjoyed the reading!
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