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  1. Hi Reza, As the name on it, On CSV Attack script you should make the command "SWIPE |RIGHT/LEFT" where ever you need to swipe the attack bar. Simple, For example I've made Lavaloon-Prinz Eugen-ReVer.6 : Lavaloonion BDrag By Prinz Eugen-Rev.6_T11.csv
  2. Hi @Samkie SWIPE Command, Works really great. nice Idea! Its as fast as other commands with minimum delay. Thank you.
  3. Hi, First you better use standard smart train system especially when you are donating and training at the same time. For Balloons Train Issue, you may edit tolerance by renaming. go to this address: ... \imgxml\Train\Train_Train\Ball_100_91.xml and rename it to: ... \imgxml\Train\Train_Train\Ball_100_90.xml/ Now it should fix your problem, if the problem still remain change it to 89 but don't go far. Apparently some people has problem with training loons, I'm using lavaloon and I do not have any of these problems.
  4. It works perfect here. I have balance between troops I'm gonna donate and troops to raid. Maybe wrong setting !
  5. Hier spende nur Lava + Ballons.
  6. Hi, I have 2 Accounts: TH11 (Max everything) lev_203 King: 45 Queen: 45 Grand Warden: 20 Loon 7 Lava 4 Rage 5 Haste 4 Titan I: 4758 ************* TH10 lev_139 King: 30 Queen: 35 Loon 6 Lava 3 Rage 5 Haste 2 Champion II: 3656
  7. Hi, I have 2 Accounts: TH11 (Max everything) lev_203 King: 45 Queen: 45 Grand Warden: 20 Loon 7 Lava 4 Rage 5 Haste 4 Titan I: 4758 ************* TH10 lev_139 King: 30 Queen: 35 Loon 6 Lava 3 Rage 5 Haste 2 Champion II: 3656
  8. Hi @demen I'm following your "Smart Train System" (SimpleTrain.Sys) from the beginning, I remember it started from an simple idea and it evolved step by step alongside your powerful "Switch Account System". Now these two works awesome and makes MyBot even much better and more enjoyable than before. Thanks to you and @NguyenAnhHD for your hard works and commitment. ******************************************************
  9. tutorial

    I use MEmu but BS users can use some applocation for edit BS settings. These two are useful: 1. BlueStacks Tweaker 3.12: 2.5 MB (Edit Settings) ... best for normal users 2. Bluestacks Easy v3.5 : 90 MB (Edit Settings + Root BS + advanced setting)
  10. I'm not sure what do you mean of "galaxy phone" my friend, but if you mean devices like Samsung galaxy series with android OS, this is not about these hardwares.
  11. Hi dear @ChacalGyn, Everything perfect, I was reading codes inside and saw two tiny errors. If you wanna edit for next release, coz as I said everything is perfect. As matter of fact, it's not important: ************************* You can delete Lines (17 - 65) : ...\COCBot\MOD\GUI Control.au3 ; QuickTrainCombo Func chkQuickTrainCombo() If GUICtrlRead($g_ahChkArmy[0]) = $GUI_UNCHECKED And GUICtrlRead($g_ahChkArmy[1]) = $GUI_UNCHECKED And GUICtrlRead($g_ahChkArmy[2]) = $GUI_UNCHECKED Then GUICtrlSetState($g_ahChkArmy[0], $GUI_CHECKED) ToolTip("QuickTrainCombo: " & @CRLF & "At least 1 Army Check is required! Default Army1.") Sleep(2000) ToolTip('') EndIf If GUICtrlRead($g_ahChkArmy[2]) = $GUI_CHECKED And GUICtrlRead($g_hChkUseQuickTrain) = $GUI_CHECKED Then _GUI_Value_STATE("HIDE", $g_hLblRemoveArmy & "#" & $g_hBtnRemoveArmy) _GUI_Value_STATE("SHOW", $g_hChkMultiClick) Else _GUI_Value_STATE("HIDE", $g_hChkMultiClick) _GUI_Value_STATE("SHOW", $g_hLblRemoveArmy & "#" & $g_hBtnRemoveArmy) EndIf EndFunc ;==>chkQuickTrainCombo ; SmartTrain Func chkSmartTrain() If GUICtrlRead($g_hchkSmartTrain) = $GUI_CHECKED Then If GUICtrlRead($g_hChkUseQuickTrain) = $GUI_UNCHECKED Then _GUI_Value_STATE("ENABLE", $g_hchkPreciseTroops) _GUI_Value_STATE("ENABLE", $g_hchkFillArcher & "#" & $g_hchkFillEQ) chkPreciseTroops() chkFillArcher() Else _GUI_Value_STATE("DISABLE", $g_hchkPreciseTroops & "#" & $g_hchkFillArcher & "#" & $g_htxtFillArcher & "#" & $g_hchkFillEQ) _GUI_Value_STATE("UNCHECKED", $g_hchkPreciseTroops & "#" & $g_hchkFillArcher & "#" & $g_hchkFillEQ) EndIf EndFunc ;==>chkSmartTrain Func chkPreciseTroops() If GUICtrlRead($g_hchkPreciseTroops) = $GUI_CHECKED Then _GUI_Value_STATE("DISABLE", $g_hchkFillArcher & "#" & $g_hchkFillEQ) _GUI_Value_STATE("UNCHECKED", $g_hchkFillArcher & "#" & $g_hchkFillEQ) chkFillArcher() Else _GUI_Value_STATE("ENABLE", $g_hchkFillArcher & "#" & $g_hchkFillEQ) EndIf EndFunc ;==>chkPreciseTroops Func chkFillArcher() If GUICtrlRead($g_hchkFillArcher) = $GUI_CHECKED Then _GUI_Value_STATE("ENABLE", $g_htxtFillArcher) Else _GUI_Value_STATE("DISABLE", $g_htxtFillArcher) EndIf EndFunc ;==>chkFillArcher Replace : ... \COCBot\functions\Village\BuilderBase\StartClockTowerBoost.au3 with the new version inside official MBR_v7.2.3 Thank you bro.
  12. It's for 2 reasons: File has not been downloaded correctly or it's because this file: "Multi MyBot Manager.exe" In some security applications, known as a malware. Maybe (90%) it's because the file structure. Anywaye, this is not a critical file to run the bot. you can ignore it and extract (unzip) all except this.
  13. Hi dear @Samkie. I wrote this post on october 2016 and you helped me. All mods use the same values. Personally, I always just change: DropTroopFromINI.au3: 114 If $delayPointmin = 0 Then $delayPointmin = 50 ; instead of 100 115 If $delayPointmax = 0 Then $delayPointmax = 100 ; instead of 300 By these new values 1x is near to non CSV mod speed. It works much better. (to me) Second: About Heroes Boost function issue, as you said: by renaming the image xml and decrease the tolerance value it solved ! The best for perfect work is: GEM_0_92.xml Apparently it will be fixed in MBR7.2.3 but MBR had this problem since 7.2.0 Everyone knows you're fluent in programming. You are really good.
  14. It look nice and practical. I love it. Update it for MBR-7.2.2 and AIO version. and Thank you @Johndoe0711
  15. من همینجوری چشم خورد به مشکل شما، توی تصویری که پین کردید، ربات داره میگه که نمیتونه با سایز بلواستک نسخه ۲ با رزولوشن ۴۸۰ در۸۶۰ کار کنه و البته سایز صحیح ۷۳۲ در۸۶۰ هستش، این مشکل میتونه بیش از یه دلیل داشته باشه و در هر صورت ربات باید بتونه بصورت خودکار سایز اسکرین رو اصلاح کنه بنابر این ممکنه به احتمالا مشکل از دات فریم ورک باشه با فرض نصب بودن درایور کارت گرافیک Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 شما ابتدا یه نسخه ۴ مثل نسخه مقابل رو نصب کن بعد از ریست سیستم اگه درست نشد همینجا اعلام کن تا بریم سراغ احتمال دیگه. ۱ ********************************************************* یه چیزی هم که ممکنه اگه یه بازی جدید با اکانت جدیدی شروع کردی و یا اگه توی دهکده دوم هنوز نرفتی، باید یبار بری به دهکده دوم. یعنی یبار رو قایق کلیک کنی و . . . ۱