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  1. No! Do not delete it. It's a part of android SDK app control system and %90 of android applications have this folder.
  2. Shared Preferences are XML files to store private primitive data in key-value pairs. Data Types include Booleans, floats, ints, longs, and strings and etc ... shared_prefs folder located under DATA/data/(application package) directory. If you are asking delete / edit / overwrites the shared_prefs is detectable, the answer is yes! the first thing that is detectable for any file overwrite is modified date/hour and metadata. but SC does not consider these changes as botters! coz many pro users edit these files for many resons for many apps. not just for botting. for example bot use it not only for switch accounts but also to fix Zoom out. (optional).
  3. Most of the times after game loads, it need to login! Most of the times after game load on emulators, (By me or MBR), the COC login window appears and MBR will restart the emulator. As you see, its not a MBR problem. I use switch account option by switching "Google Account". No Supercell ID or shared_prefs Should I make a SC ID? Any suggestion ? Some times bot is working and even go to attack and fined a map, but you confront with COC login window !! Thank you.
  4. Sadly the problem will be back soon, even if you remove and reinstall a fresh one. I'm using BS only because of this issue. New MEmu versions are really good but for high end PCs. They benefit from <= 5x Android version. but use lots of system resources.
  5. Good to know, thanks, It does works with COC jun update, but not with MBR. As matter of fact, there was some issues and bot could not recognize it correctly. but I think you have no problem with MBR plus iTools v3.0. And good for you, I love iTools. it's the best! Thank you.
  6. iTools v2.0.8.9 doesn't works well after June update for me anymore. It works hard, even when there is no process and CPU involved up to 50%. I tryed Bs, and no problem. I was using iTools for years. Uninstall & reinstall doesn't helps. No, It does not ...
  7. Hi, First of all post in english please. This case has already been reported, so I want to check this out. Please tell me name of script you've faced this problem.
  8. Assuming the attack script works fine, Most likely during the attack, the mouse has been located inside the simulator window. I've not tested it, use original script and try again.
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