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  1. Hi @MikeD I have 2 accounts, both TH-12 almost max, FWA war + always Fill requests + donate + standard lavaloon. I'll be waiting for reply. Thank you.
  2. Hi @demen This important fix 100% solved the problem and yes, After 7.6.4 I saw its still remained. it doesn't added to v7.6.4
  3. Update your Graphic Card And Other Drivers As you know, bluestacks and clash of clans are both heavy software and requires high configuration of graphic card to run properly. This is one of the major important factor which you have to notice while playing Clash of Clans on pc or using Bluestacks. So , Sometimes due to outdated graphics card drivers, this problem of clash of clans stuck on black screen problem in bluestacks. To update your drivers, Click below on the respective graphic card driver. Reboot And Re-install This method involves the most basic tricks which are very helpful and fix all the issues you are facing in bluestacks. Initially, you have to reboot the bluestacks. Check below on How : For Windows : Go to the task bar in Windows and look for the Bluestacks icon. Now right click on the icon and hit Restart. For Mac : Look for the Bluestacks icon on the top menu bar. Click on it and hit Restart. This will reboot the bluestacks and the problem you are facing is most probably be fixed. If not try to re-install the Clash Of Clans again on the Bluestacks. Check below on How : Clear Cache and data from the settings. Go to : Settings –> All –> Select Clash of clans –> Settings. Go to : All Apps in Bluestacks –> Look for Clash of Clans –> Uninstall. All you have to do is to install Clash Of Clans again. Now Re-install Clash of Clans. Use any of the method by apr or using Google Play Store in the search bar. It’s done, now play and enjoy clash of clans without any stuck on black screen problem. But if the problem still persist then, try the below method. Re-Install the Bluestacks This is also the basic method but genuinely telling one of the best method to resolve any issue with the Bluestacks. This is a Reset to Bluestacks on your Pc or Laptop. Uninstall the Bluestacks from your Windows or Mac. After Uninstalling, wait for a while and restart your computer or laptop. Remove any previous file of Bluestacks stored in your computer. Now Re-install the Bluestacks in your Pc or Laptop. Re-install the Clash Of Clans in Bluestacks again and play the game. Update System This method involves updating your system. This happens mostly because you have stopped auto update off in your pc or laptop. This leads to outdated system drivers. So go update your system drivers and everything. Maybe this will remove this issue if not, then i have to say this that please update your system configuration. This might be old or is not able to work with this heavy load. Else, Wait for the Bluestacks version update. Bluestacks release update which leads to fix such issue.
  4. Eloy

    Fix MBR7.6.3 not donating spells

    Hi @demen I'm gonna say thank you for all of your creates you've done from the day first. I remember how a great talent started programming and soon became one of the greatest. Many great features like Switch Accounting, Double/Smart Train and etc, make MBR more practical and enjoyable. Thank you man.