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  1. Eloy

    Any Solutions?

    LeapDroid is a fast emulator but LeapDroid has not been updated after v1.8 but I can advise some points if you want to use it. If you've installed more than one emulators, remove others especially Bluestacks. because of adb.exe, port conflict and errors like "device offline". you should create a new profiles by deleting old profile folder and starting MBR. or fix adb path. (adb.path save on profile.ini on Profile folder) you should link the bot to use LeapDroid adb.exe as any way you like by killing other process. If you have Autoit on your system, you can also add this lines by Cosote, after line 192 to force it for using the main adb and recompile ... COCBot\functions\Android\AndroidLeapDroid.au3 : If Not GetAndroidVMinfo($__VBoxVMinfo, $LeapDroid_Manage_Path) Then Return False Local $sAdbPAth = GetLeapDroidAdbPath() If $sAdbPAth Then $sPreferredADB = $sAdbPAth $g_bAndroidAdbPortPerInstance = False EndIf Or simply use other emulators like BS, MEmu or Nox
  2. Hi @MikeD I'm searching for a Lavaloon Clan + FWA 2 Accounts: Acc #1: TH12 Max + max troops AQ: 60 BK: 60 GW: 60 Acc #2: TH12 almost Max + troops AQ: 60 BK: 47 GW: 29 If possible, I would like to have both my accounts in one clan. We have been clan mates before for months.
  3. Eloy

    background mode.

    background mode. Hi dear developers. I have a problem (an old one!) with background mode. Using iTools and BS, when background mode is enabled some time and for 2-3 seconds, emulator screen freezes! but the process is in progress. for example bot start to attack after it find a map, bot freeze and after it refreshed, 80% troops been dropped and I've not seen. I think I've not this experience on Memu. but my favorite emulator is iTools. Thank you.
  4. Hi dear donator. I was searching for somthing and I saw your post here. if you still want to have it, after download last version, (now is MBRv7.7) Open file "COCBot\functions\Attack\AttackCSV\ParseAttackCSV.au3" and change the Line 293 with content: DropTroopFromINI($value1, $index1, $index2, $indexArray, $qty1, $qty2, $value4, $delaypoints1, $delaypoints2, $delaydrop1, $delaydrop2, $sleepdrop1, $sleepdrop2, $debug) To: ; REMAIN Command If $value4 = "REMAIN" Then SetLog("Drop|Remain: Dropping left over troops", $COLOR_INFO) ; Let's get the troops again and quantities If PrepareAttack($g_iMatchMode, True) > 0 Then ; a Loop from all troops For $ii = $eBarb To $eIceG ; lauch all remaining troops ; Loop on all detected troops For $x = 0 To UBound($g_avAttackTroops) - 1 ; If the Name exist and haves more than zero is deploy it If $g_avAttackTroops[$x][0] = $ii and $g_avAttackTroops[$x][1] > 0 Then Local $plural = 0 If $g_avAttackTroops[$x][1] > 1 Then $plural = 1 Setlog("Qty: " & $g_avAttackTroops[$x][1], $COLOR_DEBUG) DropTroopFromINI($value1, $index1, $index2, $indexArray, $g_avAttackTroops[$x][1], $g_avAttackTroops[$x][1], $g_asTroopShortNames[$ii], $delaypoints1, $delaypoints2, $delaydrop1, $delaydrop2, $sleepdrop1, $sleepdrop2, $debug) CheckHeroesHealth() If _Sleep($DELAYALGORITHM_ALLTROOPS5) Then Return EndIf Next Next EndIf Else DropTroopFromINI($value1, $index1, $index2, $indexArray, $qty1, $qty2, $value4, $delaypoints1, $delaypoints2, $delaydrop1, $delaydrop2, $sleepdrop1, $sleepdrop2, $debug) EndIf
  5. Replace this hotfix (by @ChacalGyn) with the original one. After replace, recompile sctipt "MyBot.run.au3" or run the bot by "MyBot.run.au3" VillageSearch.au3