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  1. When will the new update be released?
  2. Bot 7.7.7 Not Working #2 hi again @demen We talked before u say: 1. Using custom train, or 2. If you guys still want to experience quick train, please set the same troops combo in custom train, or 3. Open file TrainSystem.au3 for editing. Find the line 120: "If Not $g_bFullArmy Then" and replace it with: "If Not $g_bFullArmy And Not $g_bQuickTrainEnable Then" but None of these 3 solutions work PLEASE New UPDATE For But
  3. I've been using your robot for years and I'm completely familiar with its settings In any case, the forces are cleared It is cleared before it becomes full
  4. i use Quick And Custom To But Still having trouble
  5. remove troops! in V 7.7.7 My bot v 7.7.7 is not working. Continuously erases forces Please return the troops section to the previous state
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