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  1. Townhall level: 9Troop and Spell Level:- Lava Hound (level 1 and currently upgrading to 2) - Balloon (Level 6) - Rage (Level Max) - Haste (Level 1)How many hours do you bot: 12 - 18 Hours per day
  2. Town Hall Level = 9 League = Currently Crystal 2 but will push after join this clan Level of Heroes King/Queen/Warden = BK,11 and AQ, currently 10 upgrading to 11 Level of Balloon/Lava Hound/Rage/Haste = Balloon 6, Lava Hound 1, Rage 5 and Haste 1
  3. the bot don donate, the bot open the donate window first, detect the word then just close it. The word is already right and troop were available but still not donating.
  4. [1:33:36 PM] Error: Spells size for all available Unit: 1 - Camp: 3 [1:33:36 PM] Spells: 3/9 [1:33:38 PM] Max Spells: 3/18 [1:33:38 PM] Start check available spell unit... [1:33:38 PM] - No. of Available Earthquake Spell: 1 [1:33:38 PM] Error: Spells size for all available Unit: 1 - Camp: 3 I have this problem and it always open training window and go to brew spell and train unit endlessly.
  5. I'm not rushed, I just newly TH9. Currently upgrading to unlock Witch and will unlock Lava Hound soon
  6. Townhall level: 9 How many hours a day do you run your bot? 16 hours per day XP Level: 100 Hound & Balloons level: will unlock hound soon and level 4 (Upgrading) Golem & Wizard level: 2 and 4 Screenshots of your base/profile (with name, loot, etc blurred out)? Will upload after you P.M me Note : I just want to donate and request for wizard. I will donate and request hound and balloon soon
  7. Th 9 lvl 100 lvl 6 barch im 12 hours per day botting FWA Clan
  8. Your Level: 100 Town Hall Level: 9 Barch Level: both Level 6 How long have you been botting: almost 1 year but I quit COC for 1 year and a half and want to join back